William Kerwin

Place of birth:
San Diego, California, USA:


Bomber Harris (1989)
as Fred Walsh
Dreams Lost, Dreams Found (1987)
as Edward
P.I. Private Investigations (1987)
as Anthony
Sno-Line (1985)
as Max McClain
Porky's II: The Next Day (1983)
as Boa Man (as Rooney Kerwin)
The Evictors (1979)
as Harry Richardson
Barracuda (1978)
as Sheriff Ben Williams
Convention Girls (1978)
Doctors' Private Lives (1978)
as Dr. George Bana
Whiskey Mountain (1977)
as Homer
Tomcats (1977)
as Detective Tom Garrett
No Way Back (1976)
The Godmothers (1975)
as Speedboat Owner
God's Bloody Acre (1975)
as Monroe (as Thomas Wood)
Impulse (1974)
as Soldier
Ride in a Pink Car (1974)
as Earl
All My Darling Daughters (1972)
as Lester (uncredited)
Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things (1971)
as Detective (as Thomas Wood)
Sweet Bird of Aquarius (1970)
as Steve Bradford
Childish Things (1969)
as Mr. Sullivan
Playgirl Killer (1968)
as Bill
Suburban Roulette (1968)
as Marty Conley (as Thomas Wood)
My Third Wife, George (1968)
as Ralph Higbee
A Taste of Blood (1967)
as Dr. Hank Tyson (as Thomas Wood)
Winchester '73 (1967)
as Roland Harcourt
Sex and the College Girl (1964)
as Tentor
Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964)
as Tom White
Scum of the Earth! (1963)
as Harmon Johnson
Bell, Bare and Beautiful (1963)
as Rick Bradshaw
Goldilocks and the Three Bares (1963)
as Tommy Sweetwood
Blood Feast (1963)
as Detective Pete Thornton
Boin-n-g (1963)
as Al Harding
The Adventures of Lucky Pierre (1962)
as The Plumber
Five Finger Exercise (1962)
as Mark
Babes in the Woods (1962)
The Fiercest Heart (1961)
as Bart
Living Venus (1961)
as Jack Norwall
The Long Rope (1961)
as Steve Matthews
Carving Magic (1959)
as Charlie
Tread Softly Stranger (1958)
as Michael
Thundering Jets (1958)
as Gary
The Eternal Sea (1955)
as Cole
Dragon's Gold (1954)
as Gene
The Moonlighter (1953)
as Tony
Everything I Have Is Yours (1952)
as Larry

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