Percy Walsh



Dick Barton at Bay (1950)
as Professor Mitchell
The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950)
as Monsieur Joue: Staff of Nutbourne
Stop Press Girl (1949)
as Editor, Evening Comet
Now Barabbas (1949)
Train of Events (1949)
as District Superintendent
Scott of the Antarctic (1948)
as Chairman of Meeting
The Guinea Pig (1948)
as Alec Stevens
Fame Is the Spur (1947)
as Suddaby
The Courtneys of Curzon Street (1947)
as Sir Frank Murchison
I Live in Grosvenor Square (1945)
as Merridew
The Adventures of Tartu (1943)
as Dr. Willendorf
They Met in the Dark (1943)
as Police Sergeant
Thursday's Child (1943)
Much Too Shy (1942)
Secret Mission (1942)
as Monsieur Fayolle
Adventure in Blackmail (1942)
as Saxon Rose
Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light (1941)
as Officer
The Common Touch (1941)
as McFarlane
Jeannie (1941)
as French Customs Man
'Pimpernel' Smith (1941)
as Dvorak
Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It (1941)
as Inspector Blow
Old Bill and Son (1941)
as Gustave
The Dawn Guard (1941)
as Bert
Let George Do It! (1940)
as Schwartz, spy chieftain
Ten Days in Paris (1940)
Pastor Hall (1940)
as Herr Veit
Traitor Spy (1939)
as Otto Lemnel
The Four Just Men (1939)
as Prison Governor
Oh, Mr. Porter! (1937)
as Superintendent
Dark Journey (1937)
as Captain of Swedish Packet
Windbag the Sailor (1936)
as Captain of the 'Rob Roy'
Educated Evans (1936)
as Capt. Reid
The Marriage of Corbal (1936)
as Gamekeeper
Annie Laurie (1936)
as Alec Laurie
King of the Damned (1935)
as Capt. Perez
Checkmate (1935)
as Mr. Curtail
Me and Marlborough (1935)
as Naylor
Brown on Resolution (1935)
as Kapitan von Lutz
The Case of Gabriel Perry (1935)
as William Read
Death Drives Through (1935)
as Mr. Lord
Admirals All (1935)
as Adm. Westerham
Dirty Work (1934)
as Customer With Umbrella
The Green Pack (1934)
as Monty Carr
The Wrong Mr. Perkins (1931)
as Mr. Mellows
Enter the Queen (1930)
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