William Worthington

Place of birth:
Troy, New York, USA:


Law and Order (1940)
as Judge Williams
Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940)
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Rio (1939)
as American Banker (uncredited)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
as Committeeman (uncredited)
Espionage Agent (1939)
as Instructor in Montage
The Girl from Mexico (1939)
as Mr. Patton
Union Pacific (1939)
as Oliver Ames (uncredited)
Zenobia (1939)
as Townsman
Dark Victory (1939)
as Specialist #1 (uncredited)
They Made Her a Spy (1939)
as Senator in the Dome Cafe
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939)
as Man Reading Newspaper (uncredited)
Homicide Bureau (1939)
as Citizen League Member
Young Dr. Kildare (1938)
as Board Member
Boys Town (1938)
as Governor (uncredited)
The Chaser (1938)
as Dr. Matthews
Hold That Kiss (1938)
as Dog Show Judge
The Beloved Brat (1938)
as Dr. Reynolds
Walking Down Broadway (1938)
as Judge
Hollywood Hotel (1937)
as Man at Premiere (uncredited)
Live, Love and Learn (1937)
as Mr. Killy (uncredited)
Music for Madame (1937)
as Bus Passenger (Uncredited)
Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937)
as Theatrical Agent in Montage (uncredited)
The Great Gambini (1937)
as Elderly Man
Penny Wisdom (1937)
as Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Ready, Willing and Able (1937)
as Elderly Man in Hallway
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937)
as Ship Passenger (uncredited)
Man Of The People (1937)
as Judge (uncredited)
Devil's Playground (1937)
as Vice Admiral
Battle of Greed (1937)
as Judge William H. Avery
That Girl From Paris (1936)
as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Give Me Liberty (1936)
as Pendleton (uncredited)
The Accusing Finger (1936)
as Senator
Alibi for Murder (1936)
as John J. Foster (Uncredited)
Champagne Charlie (1936)
as Board Member
If You Could Only Cook (1935)
as Mr. Fletcher (uncredited)
Diamond Jim (1935)
as Man at Bar
The Keeper of the Bees (1935)
as Colonel
Public Hero Number 1 (1935)
as Prison Board Member (uncredited)
Cardinal Richelieu (1935)
as King's Chamberlain
A Night at the Ritz (1935)
as Banker
Grand Old Girl (1935)
as School Board Member
The President Vanishes (1934)
as Legislator
His Greatest Gamble (1934)
as Dinner Guest (uncredited)
The Gold Ghost (1934)
as Gloria's Father, Jim
Design for Living (1933)
as Theater Patron
Duck Soup (1933)
as First Minister of Finance (uncredited)
The Keyhole (1933)
as Ship Passenger (uncredited)
The Man Who Came Back (1931)
as Captain Gallon
Half a Bride (1928)
The Return of Boston Blackie (1927)
as John Markham
Kid Boots (1926)
as Eleanor's Father
The Awful Truth (1925)
as Jonathan Sims
The Green Goddess (1923)
as The High Priest
The Black Box (1915)
Damon and Pythias (1914)
The Spy (1914)

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