Joe Estevez

Joe Estevez' first time on the stage was as a 6-year-old playing the "Evil Inn Keeper" in a Christmas Nativity play, and as an actor he has never looked back. Born the last of ten children to an Irish immigrant mother and a Spanish immigrant father, Joe was raised in Dayton Ohio to be a factory worker but he had other plans for himself, and two hundred and thirty some films later Joe feels his decision was correct. For most actors the road is never easy, but through perseverance, faith and talent Joe has become an accomplished actor, and in Hollywood today he is one of the busiest actors for one reason: He is one of the best at what he does. Joe can be seen weekly on the T.V. series "Hollywood Joe" and as the host of the critically acclaimed Faith Film Festival in N.Y.C. And if you want to read about Joe, pick up a copy of his book "Wiping off the Sheen".


My Brothers' Crossing (2020)
as Bobby Clark
The Animated Adventures of Jack Decker (2020)
as President Davidson (voice)
Urban Myths (2020)
as Dr. Anderson
The 7th Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (2020)
as Joe Estevez
A Walk with Grace (2019)
as Dale
Mister America (2019)
as Joe Estevez
Kayla (2019)
as Thomas
High on the Hog (2019)
as Agent Dick
The 6th Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (2019)
as Joe Estevez
Syndicate Smasher (2018)
as Det James Beattie
The 5th Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (2018)
as Joe Estevez
Deadtime Tales (2018)
as Art (segment "The Antique") / Investor (segment "Million Dollar Death") (archive footage)
Revenge of the Samurai Cop (2017)
as Robert
The Mitchell Tapes (2017)
as Sheriff Logan
Precious Mettle (2016)
as Larry
The 4th Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (2016)
as Joe Estevez
Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015)
as Captain Harmon
Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii - The Movie (2015)
as President Jason Davidson
Bikini Inception (2015)
The 3rd Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (2015)
as Joe Estevez
The Caretakers (2014)
as Parker
A Cold Day in Hell (2014)
as God
The 2nd Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (2014)
as Joe Estevez
Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami (2013)
as Colonel Brayman
Doonby (2013)
as Cyrus Reaper
Axe Giant - The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)
as Meeks
The Appearing (2013)
as Mental Man
The Haunting of Pearson Place (2012)
as Bob Osberg
The Perfect Candidate (2012)
as Joe Estevez
Gunfight at Yuma (2012)
as Reverend Hearting
Horrorween (2012)
as Neighbor
Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas (2012)
as Joe
Little Creeps (2012)
as Professor Vern Drake
Sebastian (2012)
as Conrad Barnes
The Voices from Beyond (2012)
as Agent Milligan
قفس طلائی (2012)
as Gang Leader
A Perfect Life (2011)
as Mr. Samuels
Not Another B Movie (2011)
as Joe
Doctor Spine (2011)
as Doctor Spine Sr.
Omerta (2011)
Iron Soldier (2010)
as General Brooks
The Apparition Of Roxanne (2010)
Corruption.Gov (2010)
as President James Marshall
The Lights (2009)
as Cade
Meltdown (2009)
as Agent Winslow
Flesh, TX (2009)
as Henry
Lost Girls (2009)
as Joe
Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre (2009)
as Job Counselor Estevez
Untitled Horror Comedy (2009)
as Chips Fisher
See Jane Run (2007)
as Andrew Kessler Sr.
Cake: A Wedding Story (2007)
as Ken Willoughby
I.R.A. King of Nothing (2007)
as Seamus
Mexican American (2007)
as Diego
Zombie Farm (2007)
as Anchor Man
Death Row (2007)
as Thornton
Flatland: The Film (2007)
as Another Square
Sigma Die! (2007)
as Officer Brubek
Cordoba Nights (2007)
as Sal
Flatland (2007)
as Abbott Square (voice)
San Franpsycho (2006)
as Detective Bill Culp
Shut Up and Shoot! (2006)
as Frank Warburg
Evil Ever After (2006)
as Narrator
Voices from the Graves (2006)
as Agent Bradley Mulligan
Inner Rage (2006)
as Sheriff McCarthy
Resurrection Mary (2005)
as Wilkes
Scar (2005)
as Sheriff
Dead Things (2005)
as Sam / Street Guy
Drawing Blood (2005)
as Chief O'Rielly
Curse of the Maya (2004)
as Jeffrey Morgan
The Rockville Slayer (2004)
as Sheriff Duncan
Killer Story (2004)
as Fortunato
Vampire Boulevard (2004)
as Mr. Big Shot
Rice Girl (2003)
as Alan
Zombiegeddon (2003)
as Brooks
Minds of Terror (2003)
as Kyle
Got Papers? (2003)
as Epstein
Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow (2003)
as Desk Clerk
Tales from the Grave (2003)
as Vinnie
Jumping For Joy (2002)
as Coach Layden
Max Hell Frog Warrior (2002)
as Mickey O'Malley
Mob Daze (2002)
as Uncle Mel
DeathBed (2002)
as Art
Autopsy: A Love Story (2002)
Hell Asylum (2002)
as Stan
Psychotic (2002)
as Cpt. Riley
Pacino is Missing (2002)
as Joe Cicero
Two Coyotes (2001)
as Sr. Acosta
The Remnant (2001)
as Chief Wilson Tyler
The Catcher (2000)
as Father / Umpire
Double Deception (2000)
as Burt Chapman
The Ultimate Prey (2000)
as Richard Walton
Stolen from the heart (2000)
as Phil
Flat Out (1999)
as Sam
Memorial Day (1999)
as Agency / Willard's Contact (uncredited)
No Code of Conduct (1998)
as Pappy
I Got the Hook Up (1998)
as Lamar Hunt
Guns of El Chupacabra 2: The Unseen (1998)
as Rocket Ranger Dan Danger
The Waterfront (1998)
Lola's Game (1998)
as Captain Riley
Together and Alone (1998)
as Blaine
No Rest for the Wicked (1998)
as Eric Lousel
Acts of Betrayal (1997)
as Winford Scott
Lethal Seduction (1997)
as Gus Gruman
Bimbo Movie Bash (1997)
as Joe (archive footage)
Guns of El Chupacabra (1997)
as Rocket Ranger Dan Danger
Gator King (1997)
as The Sheriff
Quiet Days in Hollywood (1997)
as Pick-Up Guy
Breakaway (1996)
as Grey
Rollergator (1996)
as Chico Dennis
Toad Warrior (1996)
as Mickey O'Malley
Dark Secrets (1996)
as Larry
Lethal Orbit (1996)
as NSC Chairman
The Searcher (1996)
American Tigers (1996)
as General Clay
Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf (1996)
as Joe Estevez
Carnival of Wolves (1996)
as Al
Demolition Highway (1996)
as Xavier Cardone
Red Line (1995)
as Tow Truck Driver
Blonde Heaven (1995)
as Carl Bibbs
Guns & Lipstick (1995)
as Sanders
Broken Bars (1995)
Baby Ghost (1995)
as Winslow Cobblepott
Fatal Pursuit (1995)
as Morier
Point Dume (1995)
as Lt. McSorley
Little Lost Sea Serpent (1995)
as Harry Rockwell
Equal Impact (1995)
as Donald Moss
Dillinger and Capone (1995)
as Roy
Starstruck (1995)
as Detective Miller
Karate Raider (1995)
as Bill Digger
Werewolf (1995)
as Joel
With Criminal Intent (1995)
Inner Sanctum II (1994)
as Detective Lane
Young Blood, Fresh Meat (1994)
The Mosaic Project (1994)
as Fred
Double Blast (1994)
as Nadir
Fatal Justice (1994)
as Ian 'Mars' Connor
The Art of Passion (1994)
as Ron Chambers
Body Count (1994)
as Darren Schwartz
Dark Universe (1993)
as Rod Kendrick
Beach Babes from Beyond (1993)
as Uncle Bud
Legend of The Roller Blade Seven (1993)
as Saint O'ffender
L.A. Goddess (1993)
as Walt
Return of the Roller Blade Seven (1993)
as Saint O'ffender
Expert Weapon (1993)
as Magnet
The Flesh Merchant (1993)
as Captain Jameson
Eye of the Stranger (1993)
as Sheriff
Cyber Seeker (1993)
as Michael Slade
Squanderers (1993)
as Lt. Ford
In a Moment of Passion (1993)
as Frederick Walther
Eddie Presley (1992)
as Eddie's Father
Armed for Action (1992)
as Detective West
Another Time, Another Place (1992)
Boiler Room (1992)
as Attorney General
Demon Lover (1992)
as Tom Baldwin
Blood on the Badge (1992)
as Captain Burton
The Roller Blade Seven (1991)
as Saint O'ffender
Dark Rider (1991)
as Anthony Sandini
Lockdown (1991)
as Dieter
The Platinum Triangle (1990)
as Roland Geiger
Soultaker (1990)
as The Man / Soultaker
Murder in Law (1989)
as Bill
South of Reno (1988)
as Hector
Fatal Pulse (1988)
as Ernie (as Joe Phelan)
Human Error (1988)
as Phil Martins
Terminal Exposure (1987)
as Eskenezy
The Zero Boys (1986)
as Killer
The Fourth Wise Man (1985)
as Townsperson
I Married a Centerfold (1984)
as Reporter #2
The Invisible Woman (1983)
as 2nd Cop
The First Time (1982)
as Sailor
Apocalypse Now (1979)
as Captain Benjamin L. Willard (voice) (uncredited)
Anatomy of a Seduction (1979)
as Roger
Flatbed Annie & Sweetie Pie: Lady Truckers (1979)
as Attendant
Lucky Lady (1975)
as American Kid
The Hatfields and the McCoys (1975)
as Troy Hatfield
The California Kid (1974)
as Don McCord
The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd (1974)
as E.W. Floyd
The Deadly Secret
as Randall Parks
Life in Reverse
as Emmanuelle © 2021

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