Edward Lexy

Place of birth:
London, England, UK:


The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1958)
as Hobbs
Where There's a Will (1955)
as Mafeking Brewer
Orders Are Orders (1954)
as Capt. Ledger
Miss Robin Hood (1952)
as Wilson
Night Was Our Friend (1951)
as Arthur Glanville
The Lady with a Lamp (1951)
You're Only Young Twice (1951)
as Lord Carshennie
Smart Alec (1951)
as Inspector Ashley
Cloudburst (1951)
as Cardew
The Twenty Questions Murder Mystery (1950)
as Det. Insp. Charlton
Golden Arrow (1949)
as The Colonel
For Them That Trespass (1949)
as Second Prison Warden
It's Not Cricket (1949)
as Brig. Falcon
The Winslow Boy (1948)
as First Elderly Member
Good-Time Girl (1948)
as Mr. Morgan
Blanche Fury (1948)
as Col. Jenkins
Captain Boycott (1947)
as Sgt. Dempsey
School for Secrets (1946)
as Sir Desmond Prosser
Piccadilly Incident (1946)
Medal for the General (1944)
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Old Bill and Son (1941)
as Soldier
Spare a Copper (1940)
as Night Watchman
Convoy (1940)
as Merchantman Skipper
Dangerous Comment (1940)
as Percival
Mrs Pym of Scotland Yard (1940)
as Det-Inspector Shott
The Proud Valley (1940)
as Commissionaire
Laugh It Off (1940)
as Sgt. Maj. Slaughter
Traitor Spy (1939)
as Det. Insp. William Barnard
This Man in Paris (1939)
as Holly
Sixty Glorious Years (1938)
as Dorset Soldier in Crimea
St. Martin's Lane (1938)
as Mr. Such
This Man Is News (1938)
as Inspector Hollis
South Riding (1938)
as Mr. Holly
Second Best Bed (1938)
as Murdock
The Terror (1938)
as Inspector Dobie
Kate Plus Ten (1938)
as Sergeant
Under Secret Orders (1937)
as Carr's Orderly
The Green Cockatoo (1937)
Smash and Grab (1937)
as Inspector McInerney
Action for Slander (1937)
as Minor Role
Farewell Again (1937)
as Sgt. Brough

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