Bud Jamison

Place of birth:
Vallejo, California, USA:


Off Again, on Again (1945)
as Hotel Detective (uncredited)
Lost in a Harem (1944)
as Overlord (uncredited)
Casanova Brown (1944)
as Father at Baby Window (uncredited)
Crash Goes the Hash (1944)
as Flint (Butler)
Double Up (1943)
as Joe Potts
True to Life (1943)
as Uncle Jim Farmer (uncredited)
Phony Express (1943)
as Red Morgan
I Can Hardly Wait (1943)
as Dr. A. Yank (uncredited)
Hot Foot (1943)
as Sam
Dizzy Detectives (1943)
as Police Commissioner I. Doolittle (uncredited)
A Blitz on the Fritz (1943)
as Spy Gang Member
Sock-a-Bye Baby (1942)
as ete - Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Dear! Deer! (1942)
as Judson, the butler
Three Smart Saps (1942)
as Party Guest
Holiday Inn (1942)
as Santa Claus (uncredited)
Tireman, Spare My Tires (1942)
as Mr. Springer - Fay's Father
Her Cardboard Lover (1942)
as George - Casino Doorman (uncredited)
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! (1942)
as Fat Man
Girls' Town (1942)
as 'Miss Ohio Valley' Beauty Contest Announcer (uncredited)
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)
as Casino Singer
Sweet Spirits of the Nighter (1941)
as Purdy
She's Oil Mine (1941)
as Second
General Nuisance (1941)
as Sergeant
The Monster and the Girl (1941)
as Jim - Monarch Hotel Doorman
Little Men (1940)
as Cop
Li'l Abner (1940)
as Hairless Joe
Cold Turkey (1940)
as Policeman
Captain Caution (1940)
as Blinks
Boobs in the Woods (1940)
as A. Livingstone (uncredited)
Money Squawks (1940)
as Sheriff (uncredited)
Pardon My Berth Marks (1940)
as Train Conductor
The Heckler (1940)
as Baseball Spectator
Nothing But Pleasure (1940)
as Cop in Detroit
Slightly Honorable (1939)
as Humboldt, the Cop
Three Sappy People (1939)
as Williams - Butler
Mooching Through Georgia (1939)
as Titus Cobb aka Pa
Rattling Romeo (1939)
as Friendly conductor
Pest from the West (1939)
as Neighbor Taking Siesta (uncredited)
Pest from the West (1939)
as Neighbor taking siesta
A Ducking They Did Go (1939)
as Police Chief
Almost a Gentleman (1939)
as Dog Show Announcer
We Want Our Mummy (1939)
as Dr. Crowell (uncredited)
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939)
as Nightclub Bartender
Crime Rave (1939)
A Doggone Mixup (1938)
as Dog-biscuit salesman
Blondie (1938)
as Repossessor (uncredited)
Tarnished Angel (1938)
as Man with Pocket Watch
Sue My Lawyer (1938)
as O. T. Hill, the D.A.
Violent Is the Word for Curly (1938)
as Acme Service Station Owner (uncredited)
Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb (1938)
as House Detective (uncredited)
There's Always a Woman (1938)
as Jim - Bartender (uncredited)
Man Bites Lovebug (1937)
as Cop
Murder in Greenwich Village (1937)
as Cop
Life Begins with Love (1937)
as Detective (uncredited)
Forty Naughty Girls (1937)
as Theatre Doorman
Super-Sleuth (1937)
as Man whose beard catches fire
New News (1937)
as Blodgett, the Butler
Love Nest on Wheels (1937)
as The Mortgage Holder
Jail Bait (1937)
Ay Tank Ay Go (1936)
as Stoney Carson
So and Sew (1936)
as Whiters, Campbell's Butler (as Bud Jameson)
Disorder in the Court (1936)
as Defense Attorney
On the Wrong Trek (1936)
as Gang Leader (uncredited)
Doughnuts and Society (1936)
as Mover #1 (uncredited)
An All American Toothache (1936)
as Plumber #2 (uncredited)
Hot Paprika (1935)
as Dr. Van Buren
Three Little Beers (1935)
as A. Panther
In Person (1935)
as Man in Elevator
It Always Happens (1935)
as Edward Smith
Gobs of Trouble (1935)
The Captain Hits the Ceiling (1935)
as Captain Bowen
Alibi Bye Bye (1935)
as Bud Nimrod
Stage Frights (1935)
The Leather Necker (1935)
Wig-Wag (1935)
as Meadows - the Butler
His Bridal Sweet (1935)
as Host Salesman
The Payoff (1935)
as Waiter
Super Stupid (1934)
Contented Calves (1934)
as Cop in Park
A Very Honorable Guy (1934)
as Jerry the Waiter
Wonder Bar (1934)
as Bartender #3 (uncredited)
Rafter Romance (1933)
as Morton McGillicuddy (uncredited)
Quiet Please! (1933)
as Lawman with prisoner
Thundering Taxis (1933)
as Boss of Black & Blue Cab Company
Too Many Highballs (1933)
as Arresting Policeman
Don't Play Bridge With Your Wife (1933)
as Kibitzer
The Dentist (1932)
as Charley Frobisher
False Impressions (1932)
as Cop
The Soilers (1932)
as Detective Jamison (as Bud Jameison)
The Giddy Age (1932)
as Mabel's 2nd Accomplice
Strange Innertube (1932)
as Taxi Academy Professor
What Price Taxi (1932)
as Taxi Company Dispatcher (uncredited)
A Slip at the Switch (1932)
as First Tramp
Strictly Unreliable (1932)
as Bud (as Bud Jamieson)
Guests Wanted (1932)
as Jimmy
Selling Shorts (1931)
Sweepstakes (1931)
as Singing Waiter in Cantina
The Messenger Boy (1931)
as Ed
Moby Dick (1930)
as Shipping Agent - 'Boston Lass'
Bulls and Bears (1930)
as Harold Quigley
Her Man (1930)
as Man in Derby
Heart Trouble (1928)
as Contractor
His Unlucky Night (1928)
as Hotel Detective
Bear Knees (1928)
The Chaser (1928)
as The Husband's Buddy
Chasing Choo Choos (1927)
as Big Bill
His First Flame (1927)
as Hector Benedict
Just a Husband (1927)
as Hobo
Smith's Uncle (1926)
as Claude - the Vamp's Brother
Kick Me Again (1925)
as Edward Jamison - Jealous Husband
The Arizona Express (1924)
as Thug Driver
Brownie's Little Venus (1921)
Don't Shove (1919)
as Harold's rival
Count Your Change (1919)
Back to the Woods (1919)
Ring Up the Curtain (1919)
as An Actor
Young Mr. Jazz (1919)
as The Girl's Daddy (uncredited)
Look Out Below (1919)
Ask Father (1919)
as Guardian at the door
Hustling for Health (1919)
as Mr. Spotless
Do You Love Your Wife? (1919)
as Man tending dog
Take a Chance (1918)
Just Rambling Along (1918)
as Chef
Triple Trouble (1918)
as Tramp
His Busy Day (1918)
A Dog's Life (1918)
as Thief (uncredited)
Bashful (1917)
We Never Sleep (1917)
Clubs Are Trump (1917)
Love, Laughs and Lather (1917)
From Laramie to London (1917)
Birds of a Feather (1917)
Lonesome Luke Loses Patients (1917)
Over the Fence (1917)
as The Boss
Lonesome Luke's Wild Women (1917)
Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley (1917)
as Cafe owner
Lonesome Luke's Lively Life (1917)
Luke's Trolley Troubles (1917)
Luke Locates the Loot (1916)
Luke's Fireworks Fizzle (1916)
Luke, Rank Impersonator (1916)
Luke, Patient Provider (1916)
Luke and the Bang-Tails (1916)
Luke's Speedy Club Life (1916)
Luke and the Mermaids (1916)
Luke Joins the Navy (1916)
Luke Does the Midway (1916)
Luke's Lost Lamb (1916)
Police (1916)
as Third Flophouse Customer
The Floorwalker (1916)
as Minor Role (uncredited)
A Burlesque on Carmen (1915)
as Soldier of the Guard
Shanghaied (1915)
as Second Mate, The Other Man
His Regeneration (1915)
By the Sea (1915)
as Man in Top Hat
The Tramp (1915)
as Third Thief
A Jitney Elopement (1915)
as Cop with Baton
In the Park (1915)
as Edna's Beau
The Champion (1915)
as Bob Uppercut, Champion
A Night Out (1915)
as Headwaiter
'Taint Legal
as Cop

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