William Gargan

Place of birth:
Brooklyn, New York, USA:
William Gargan, born William Dennis Gargan July 17, 1905 in Brooklyn, New York, USA and died February 17, 1979 aged 73 on a flight between New York and San Diego. He was an American motion picture, television and radio actor. Gargan played character roles in many Hollywood productions, including two appearances as detective Ellery Queen, but was best known for his role as Detective Martin Kane in the 1949-51 radio-television series, Martin Kane, Private Eye, sponsored by U.S. Tobacco. He also appeared as a private detective in the NBC radio show Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator, which ran from 1951 to 1955.


Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn (2015)
as Himself (archive footage)
Complicated Women (2003)
as Himself (archive footage)
The Rawhide Years (1956)
as Marshal Sommers
Miracle in the Rain (1956)
as Harry Wood
Dynamite (1949)
as 'Gunner' Peterson
Waterfront at Midnight (1948)
as Mike Hanrohan
The Argyle Secrets (1948)
as Harry Mitchell
Swell Guy (1946)
as Martin Duncan
Till the End of Time (1946)
as Sgt. Gunny Watrous
Murder in the Music Hall (1946)
as Inspector Wilson
Night Editor (1946)
as Tony Cochrane
Strange Impersonation (1946)
as Dr. Stephen Lindstrom
Behind Green Lights (1946)
as Lt. Sam Carson
The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)
as Joe Gallagher
Follow That Woman (1945)
as Sam Boone
Midnight Manhunt (1945)
as Pete Willis
Song of the Sarong (1945)
as Drew Allen
She Gets Her Man (1945)
as 'Breezy' Barton
The Canterville Ghost (1944)
as Sergeant Benson
Swing Fever (1943)
as 'Waltzy' Malone
Harrigan's Kid (1943)
as Tom Harrigan
No Place for a Lady (1943)
as Jess Arno
Who Done It? (1942)
as Police Lt. Lou Moran
The Mayor of 44th Street (1942)
as Tommy Fallon
Destination Unknown (1942)
as Briggs Hannon - aka Terry Jordan
Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)
as Ellery Queen
Miss Annie Rooney (1942)
as Mr. Timothy Rooney
A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen (1942)
as Ellery Queen
A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942)
as Ellery Queen
Bombay Clipper (1942)
as James Montgomery 'Jim' Wilson
Sealed Lips (1942)
as Lee Davis
Keep 'Em Flying (1941)
as Craig Morrison
I Wake Up Screaming (1941)
as Jerry 'Mac' MacDonald
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 1 (1941)
as Himself
Cheers For Miss Bishop (1941)
as Sam Peters
They Knew What They Wanted (1940)
as Joe
Sporting Blood (1940)
as Duffy
Turnabout (1940)
as Joel Clare
Star Dust (1940)
as Dane Wharton
Isle Of Destiny (1940)
as Stripes Thornton
Double Alibi (1940)
as Walter Gifford
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President (1939)
as Joe Turp
The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939)
as Ed O'Malley
Three Sons (1939)
as Thane Pardway
The House of Fear (1939)
as Arthur McHugh
Women in the Wind (1939)
as Ace Boreman
Broadway Serenade (1939)
as Bill Foster
The Adventures of Jane Arden (1939)
as Ed Towers
Within the Law (1939)
as Police Sergeant Cassidy
Personal Secretary (1938)
as Marcus 'Mark' Farrell
The Crowd Roars (1938)
as Johnny Martin
The Devil's Party (1938)
as Mike O'Mara
The Crime of Doctor Hallet (1938)
as Dr. Jack Murray
You're a Sweetheart (1937)
as Fred Edwards
Some Blondes Are Dangerous (1937)
as George Regan
Behind the Mike (1937)
as George Hayes
Reported Missing (1937)
as Steve Browning
Wings Over Honolulu (1937)
as Jack Furness
Breezing Home (1937)
as Steve Rowan
You Only Live Once (1937)
as Father Dolan
Flying Hostess (1936)
as Hal Cunningham
Alibi for Murder (1936)
as Perry Travis
Fury and the Woman (1936)
as Bruce Corrigan
Blackmailer (1936)
as Peter Cornish
Navy Born (1936)
as Lt. Red Furness
The Milky Way (1936)
as Speed McFarland
Man Hunt (1936)
as Henry Wadsworth 'Hank' Dawson
Things You Never See on the Screen (1935)
as Himself
Bright Lights (1935)
as Dan Wheeler
Broadway Gondolier (1935)
as Cliff Stanley
Don't Bet on Blondes (1935)
as Numbers
Things Are Looking Up (1935)
as Van Gaard
Black Fury (1935)
as Slim Johnson, Company Policeman
Traveling Saleslady (1935)
as Pat O'Connor
A Night at the Ritz (1935)
as Duke Regan
The Hollywood Gad-About (1934)
as Himself (uncredited)
British Agent (1934)
as Bob Medill
Strictly Dynamite (1934)
as Georgie
Four Frightened People (1934)
as Stewart Corder
Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men (1933)
as Red Branahan
Night Flight (1933)
as Brazilian Pilot
Headline Shooter (1933)
as Bill Allen
Emergency Call (1933)
as Steve Brennan
The Story of Temple Drake (1933)
as Stephen Benbow
Sweepings (1933)
as Gene Pardway
Lucky Devils (1933)
as Bob Hughes
The Animal Kingdom (1932)
as Regan, Le majordome
The Sport Parade (1932)
as Johnny Baker
Rain (1932)
as Sergeant Tim O'Hara
The Misleading Lady (1932)
as Fitzpatrick
Follow the Leader (1930)
as A Gangster

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