Russell Simpson

Place of birth:
Danville, California, USA:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Russell McCaskill Simpson (June 17, 1880, Danville, California – December 12, 1959, Woodland Hills, California) was an American character actor who appeared in over 500 movies. He is best known for his "grizzled old man" appearances. Gaunt, lanky, and rustic-sounding, Simpson was a familiar character actor for almost forty-five years, particularly as a member of the John Ford Stock Company. At age 18 Simpson prospected for gold in Alaska. He began taking acting classes in Seattle, Washington. In 1910 he married Gertrude Alter from New York City. By 1909, he had gone into the theatre. He appeared in at least two plays on Broadway between 1909 and 1912, and made his motion picture debut in Cecil B. DeMille's 1914 original film version of The Virginian in a bit part. By 1923, when the film was remade, Simpson had progressed to playing the lead villain. Throughout his career, Simpson worked for 12 years in road shows, stock companies, and on Broadway. He didn't usually perform lead roles, but he did star in many movies throughout the silent movie era. He performed a lead role as the grandfather in Out of the Dust (1920). Simpson is best known for his work in the films of John Ford and, in particular, for his portrayal of Pa Joad in The Grapes of Wrath (1940). His final film was The Horse Soldiers, his tenth film for Ford. Simpson worked up to 1959, the year of his death. He was the president of the Overseas Phonograph Accessories Corporation.


The Horse Soldiers (1959)
as Henry Goodbody
The Tin Star (1957)
as Clem Hall
The Brass Legend (1956)
as Deputy 'Pop' Jackson
The Tall Men (1955)
The Last Command (1955)
as The Parson
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
as Fred Bixby
The Sun Shines Bright (1953)
as Lewt Lake
Meet Me at the Fair (1953)
as Sheriff Evans
The Ghost of Crossbones Canyon (1952)
as Sam Stanton
Lone Star (1952)
as Maynard Cole
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair (1952)
as Clem Johnson
Comin' Round the Mountain (1951)
as Judge
Call of the Klondike (1950)
as Andy McKay
Saddle Tramp (1950)
as Pop
Wagon Master (1950)
as Adam Perkins
The Outriders (1950)
as Farmer (uncredited)
Free For All (1949)
as Farmer
The Gal Who Took the West (1949)
as Bartender
Tuna Clipper (1949)
as Capt. Fergus MacLennan
Sundown in Santa Fe (1948)
as Sheriff Jim Wyatt
The Untamed Breed (1948)
as Minister
Tap Roots (1948)
as Big Sam Dabney
Coroner Creek (1948)
as Walt Hardison
Albuquerque (1948)
as Abner Huggins
Bowery Buckaroos (1947)
as Luke Barlow
The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947)
as Dan Yeary
A Boy and His Dog (1946)
as Mr. Thornycroft
My Dog Shep (1946)
as Mathew Hodgkins
My Darling Clementine (1946)
as John Simpson
Death Valley (1946)
as Old Silas Bagley
Bad Bascomb (1946)
as Elijah Walker
California Gold Rush (1946)
as Colonel Parker
They Were Expendable (1945)
as 'Dad' Knowland
Along Came Jones (1945)
as Pop de Longpre
The Big Bonanza (1944)
as Adam Parker
Roaring Guns (1944)
as Farmer MacKenzie
Texas Masquerade (1944)
as J.K. Trimble
The Woman of the Town (1943)
as Sime
Riding High (1943)
as Frenchy McGuire
Colt Comrades (1943)
as Sheriff
Border Patrol (1943)
as Orestes Krebs
Tennessee Johnson (1942)
as Kirby
The Spoilers (1942)
as Flapjack Sims
Lone Star Ranger (1942)
as Tom Duane
Shut My Big Mouth (1942)
as Mayor Potter
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)
as Ned Nolan
Swamp Water (1941)
as Marty McCord
Wild Geese Calling (1941)
as Marshal Len Baker
Bad Men of Missouri (1941)
as Hank Younger
Citadel of Crime (1941)
as Jess Meekins
Tobacco Road (1941)
as Chief of Police
Santa Fe Trail (1940)
as Shubel Morgan
Brigham Young (1940)
as U.S. Army Major
Wyoming (1940)
as Mr. Bronson
Three Faces West (1940)
as Minister
Virginia City (1940)
as Gaylord
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
as Pa Joad
Geronimo (1939)
as Scout
Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)
as Dr. Petry
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
as Kenneth Allen (uncredited)
Desperate Trails (1939)
as Sheriff Big Bill Tanner
The Bill of Rights (1939)
as Frontiersman
Western Caravans (1939)
as Winchester Thompson
Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)
as Woolridge
Dodge City (1939)
as Orth
Heart of the North (1938)
as Dave MacMillan
Valley of the Giants (1938)
as McKenzie
The Girl of the Golden West (1938)
as Fred - Outrider in Prologue
Gold Is Where You Find It (1938)
as MacKenzie
That I May Live (1937)
as Bish Plivens
Paradise Isle (1937)
as Baxter
Wild West Days (1937)
as Matt Keeler
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge (1937)
as Bayliss Baynum
Mountain Justice (1937)
as Matthew Turnbull
Green Light (1937)
as Sheep Man
Maid of Salem (1937)
as Village Marshal (Uncredited)
Ramona (1936)
as Scroggs
Back to Nature (1936)
as Sheriff
San Francisco (1936)
as 'Red' Kelly
Girl of the Ozarks (1936)
The Harvester (1936)
as Abner Prewett
Man Hunt (1936)
as Jeff Parkington
Paddy O'Day (1936)
as Benton
Way Down East (1935)
as Squire Amasa Bartlett
Motive for Revenge (1935)
as McAllister
West of the Pecos (1934)
as Roy Neal
The World Moves On (1934)
as Notary (1825)
Ever Since Eve (1934)
as Jim Wood
Three on a Honeymoon (1934)
as Ezra MacDuff
Frontier Marshal (1934)
as Editor Pickett
Sixteen Fathoms Deep (1934)
as A.B. Crockett
The Power and the Glory (1933)
as Professor (uncredited)
Face in the Sky (1933)
as Pa Nathan Brown
Silver Dollar (1932)
as Hamlin
Call Her Savage (1932)
as Old Man in Wagon Train
The Cabin in the Cotton (1932)
as Uncle Joe
The Honor of the Press (1932)
as Dan Perkins
Flames (1932)
as Jake
The Riding Tornado (1932)
as Sheriff
The Famous Ferguson Case (1932)
as Banker Craig
Lena Rivers (1932)
as Grandfather Nichols
Law and Order (1932)
as Judge R.W. Williams
Ridin' for Justice (1932)
as Marshal Joseph Slyde
Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) (1931)
as Doctor
Alexander Hamilton (1931)
as Harvey Taylor - First Ex-Soldier
Man to Man (1930)
as Uncle Cal
Billy the Kid (1930)
as Angus McSween
Abraham Lincoln (1930)
as Lincoln's Employer
The Lone Star Ranger (1930)
as Colonel John Aldridge
After the Fog (1929)
as Joshua Barker
My Lady's Past (1929)
Innocents of Paris (1929)
as Emile Leval
Tropical Nights (1928)
Wild Geese (1927)
as Caleb Gare
The First Auto (1927)
as Hank Armstrong
The Frontiersman (1927)
as Andrew Jackson
Annie Laurie (1927)
as Sandy
Why Women Love (1925)
as Silas Martin
Paint and Powder (1925)
Faint Perfume (1925)
Old Shoes (1925)
The Narrow Street (1925)
Painted People (1924)
as Fred Lane
Defying Destiny (1923)
as Mr. Wilkens
The Virginian (1923)
as Trampas
The Huntress (1923)
as Big Jack Skinner
Circus Days (1923)
The Girl of the Golden West (1923)
Peg o' My Heart (1922)
as Jim O'Connell
Rags to Riches (1922)
as The Sheriff
Human Hearts (1922)
as Paul Logan
Under the Lash (1921)
as Simeon Krillet
Godless Men (1920)
as 'Black' Pawl
The Branding Iron (1920)
as John Carver
The Deadlier Sex (1920)
Bill Apperson's Boy (1919)
Riders of the Night (1918)
A Weaver of Dreams (1918)
Blue Jeans (1917)
as Jacob Tutwiler
The Virginian (1914)
as Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited) © 2021

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