Rie Kugimiya

Place of birth:
Kumamoto, Japan:
Rie Kugimiya is a Japanese singer and voice actress affiliated with I'm Enterprise. Some of Kugimiya's most prominent roles include Alphonse Elric in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Kagura in Gin Tama, and Happy in Fairy Tail. Because of her voicing of lead characters such as Shana in Shakugan no Shana, Louise in The Familiar of Zero, Nagi Sanzenin in Hayate the Combat Butler, Taiga Aisaka in Toradora!, and Aria Holmes Kanzaki in Aria the Scarlet Ammo, some of her fans have nicknamed her the "Queen of Tsundere." Within the Tamagotchi fandom she is known for her role in the Tamagotchi movies and anime as Mametchi. She has also contributed her voice to various merchandise such as Mugen Puchipuchi Moe, a virtual keychain bubble-wrap popping game. She was nominated for Best Actress in Leading Role in the first Seiyu Awards for the role of Louise in The Familiar of Zero and for Best Actress in Supporting Role for the role of Kagura in Gintama, and jointly won Best Actress in a Supporting Role with Mitsuki Saiga at the second Seiyu Awards. Kugimiya won Best Actress in the third Seiyu Awards for the roles as Taiga Aisaka in Toradora! and her work in Nabari no Ou


Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur (2020)
as Myu (voice)
サンタ・カンパニー ~クリスマスの秘密~ (2019)
as Thomas Dow (voice)
ハロー・ワールド (2019)
as Crow
ルパンレンジャーVSパトレンジャーVSキュウレンジャー (2019)
as Jim Carter (voice)
ペンギン・ハイウェイ (2018)
as Uchida
快盗戦隊ルパンレンジャーVS警察戦隊パトレンジャー en film (2018)
as Jim Carter (voice)
ニンジャバットマン (2018)
as Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel (voice)
ノーゲーム・ノーライフ ゼロ (2017)
as Teto
帰ってきた動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー お命頂戴! 地球王者決定戦 (2017)
as Lilian (voice)
as Happy
エンシェンと魔法のタブレット~もうひとつのひるね姫~ (2017)
as Joy (voice)
ひるね姫~知らないワタシの物語~ (2017)
as Joi (Joy) (voice)
映画ドラえもん のび太の南極カチコチ大冒険 (2017)
as Kaara (voice)
劇場版 トリニティセブン -悠久図書館と錬金術少女- (2017)
as Sora
ぐだぐだオーダー (2016)
as ノッブ
劇場版 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ ‐アルス・ノヴァ‐ Cadenza (2015)
as Musashi
ポケモン・ザ・ムービーXY 光輪の超魔神 フーパ (2015)
as Bound Hoopa (voice)
劇場版 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ -アルス・ノヴァ - DC (2015)
as Musashi
百花繚乱 サムライアフター (2015)
as Yukimura Sanada
楽園追放 (2014)
as Angela Balzac (Voice)
Santa Company (2014)
as Thomas Dou
私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い! 未放送第13話 (2014)
as Kiko
THE iDOLM@STER MOVIE 輝きの向こう側へ! (2014)
as Iori Minase (voice)
ひだまりスケッチ 沙英・ヒロ卒業編 (2013)
as Chika
映画ドキドキ!プリキュア マナ結婚!!?未来につなぐ希望のドレス (2013)
as Aguri Madoka/Cure Ace
銀魂 完結篇 万事屋よ永遠なれ (2013)
as Kagura
Gintama: Yorinuki Gintama-san on Theater 2D (2012)
as Kagura (voice)
こいけん! 〜私たちアニメになっちゃった!〜 (2012)
as Mari Kikui
劇場版 FAIRY TAIL 鳳凰の巫女 (2012)
as Happy
魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 2nd A's (2012)
as Alisa Bannings
女神异闻录4 剧场版 (2011)
as 久慈川りせ
Hāto no Kuni no Arisu: Wonderful Wonder World (2011)
as Alice Liddell
鋼の錬金術師 嘆きの丘(ミロス)の聖なる星 (2011)
as Alphonse Elric
京騒戯画 (2011)
as Koto
万能野菜 ニンニンマン (2011)
as Piiman
劇場版イナズマイレブン 最強軍団オーガ襲来 (2010)
劇場版 BLEACH 地獄篇 (2010)
as Karin Kurosaki (voice)
劇場版 機動戦士ガンダムOO -A wakening of the Trailblazer- (2010)
as Meena Carmine
劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール 幻影の覇者 ゾロアーク (2010)
as Celebi (voice)
銀幕ヘタリア Axis Powers Paint it, White (白くぬれ!) (2010)
as Liechtenstein
銀魂 新訳紅桜篇 (2010)
as Kagura
魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st (2010)
as Alisa Bannings
Hidamari Sketch × 365 special (2009)
as Chika (voice)
劇場版 BLEACH Fade to Black 君の名を呼ぶ (2008)
as Nemu Kurotsuchi
メジャー 友情の一球 (2008)
as Daisuke Komori
劇場版 BLEACH The DiamondDust Rebellion もう一つの氷輪丸 (2007)
as Karin Kurosaki
Eiga de tôjô! Tamagotchi dokidoki! Uchû no maigotchi?! (2007)
as Mametchi
劇場版 灼眼のシャナ (2007)
as Shana (voice)
as Karin Kurosaki
劇場版 鋼の錬金術師 シャンバラを征く者 (2005)
as Alphonse Elric
Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy (2005)
as Karin Kurosaki (voice)
Bleach: Memories in the Rain (2004)
as Karin Kurosaki (voice)
一撃殺虫!! ホイホイさん (2004)
as Hoihoi-san

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