Joe Cortese

Place of birth:
Paterson - New Jersey - USA:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joseph Cortese (born 22 February 1949) is an American actor who has been in Evilspeak and American History X. He was married to Kim Delaney from 1989 to 1994.


The Last Big Save (2020)
as Frank Zimmer
Making a Deal with the Devil (2019)
as Frankie
Green Book (2018)
as Joey Loscudo
Doobious Sources (2017)
as Magnus Martindale
The Bronx Bull (2016)
as Vito Lazio
Go Go Tales (2007)
as Danny Cash
Shut Up and Shoot! (2006)
as Spencer Spector
Against the Ropes (2004)
as Irving Abel
Nowhere Land (2000)
as Luke Santelli
Malevolence (1999)
as Billy Bob Jones
American History X (1998)
as Rasmussen
The Last Word (1995)
as Jimmy
Beauty and the Bandit (1994)
as Slade
Illicit Dreams (1994)
as Daniel Davis
Born to Run (1993)
as Phil
Lady Boss (1992)
as Santino Bonnatti
Exclusive (1992)
as Oliver
Ruby (1992)
as Louie Vitali
To Protect and Serve (1992)
as Kazinski
Dragonfight (1990)
as Baybington
Object of Desire (1990)
C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf (1988)
as Doc Burkholder
C.A.T. Squad (1986)
as John 'Doc' Burkholder
Letting Go (1985)
as Neil (as Joseph Cortese)
Gone Are the Dayes (1984)
as Frank Delgado
Monsignor (1982)
as Ludovico 'Lodo' Varese
Computercide (1982)
as Lisa Korter
Evilspeak (1981)
as Reverend Jameson
Worlds Apart (1980)
as Ram
Windows (1980)
as Bob Luffrono
The Death Collector (1976)
as Jerry Bolanti
Jessi's Girls (1975)
as Baldry (as Joseph Cortese)
Arizona Slim
as Reggie © 2020

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