Darryl Hickman

Place of birth:
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA:
Darryl Gerard Hickman (28 July 1931) is an American film and television actor, television executive, and acting coach.


Tab Hunter Confidential (2015)
as Himself
The Tragedy of King Lear (1982)
as Earl of Kent
Sharky's Machine (1981)
as Smiley
Looker (1981)
as Dr. Jim Belfield
Network (1976)
as Bill Herron
Johnny Shiloh (1963)
as Lieutenant Jeremiah Sullivan
Texas John Slaughter: Geronimo's Revenge (1960)
as Ashley Carstairs
The Tingler (1959)
as David Morris
The Persuader (1957)
as Toby Bonham
The Iron Sheriff (1957)
as Benjie Galt
Tea and Sympathy (1956)
as Al
Ricochet Romance (1954)
as Dave King
Southwest Passage (1954)
as Jeb
Sea of Lost Ships (1953)
as Senior Cadet Pete Bennett
Island in the Sky (1953)
as Swanson
Destination Gobi (1953)
as Wilbur "Coney" Cohen
Submarine Command (1951)
as Ens. Jack Wheelwright
Criminal Lawyer (1951)
as Bill Webber
Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)
as String
The Happy Years (1950)
as George 'Tough' McCarty
A Kiss for Corliss (1949)
as Dexter Franklin
Any Number Can Play (1949)
as Paul Enley Kyng
The Set-Up (1949)
as Shanley
Alias Nick Beal (1949)
as Larry Price
Big Town Scandal (1948)
as Harold 'Skinny' Peters
Fighting Father Dunne (1948)
as Matt Davis
The Sainted Sisters (1948)
as Jud Tewilliger
Dangerous Years (1947)
as Leo Emerson
Black Gold (1947)
as Schoolboy
The Devil On Wheels (1947)
as Michael 'Micky' Clark
Two Years Before the Mast (1946)
as Sam Hooper
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)
as Young Sam
Boys Ranch (1946)
as Hank
Leave Her to Heaven (1945)
as Danny Harland
Kiss and Tell (1945)
as Raymond Pringle
Rhapsody in Blue (1945)
as Ira Gershwin as a Boy
Captain Eddie (1945)
as Eddie Rickenbacker as a boy
Salty O'Rourke (1945)
as Sneezer
And Now Tomorrow (1944)
as Joe
Song of Russia (1944)
as Peter Bulganov
Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout (1944)
as Peter Kent
Keeper of the Flame (1943)
as Jeb Rickards
Assignment in Brittany (1943)
as Etienne
The Human Comedy (1943)
as Lionel
Northwest Rangers (1942)
as 'Blackie' - as a Boy
Jackass Mail (1942)
as Tommy Gargan
Going to Press (1942)
as Frank
Young America (1942)
as David Engstrom
Joe Smith, American (1942)
as Johnny Smith
Glamour Boy (1941)
as Billy Doran
Mob Town (1941)
as Butch "Shrimp" Malone
Coffins on Wheels (1941)
as Billy Phillips
Men of Boys Town (1941)
as Flip
Sign of the Wolf (1941)
as Billy Freeman
Mystery Sea Raider (1940)
as Benny
Untamed (1940)
as Mickey Moriarty
Young People (1940)
as Tommy
The Way of All Flesh (1940)
as Victor as a boy
Prairie Law (1940)
as Homesteader's Son (uncredited)
The Farmer's Daughter (1940)
as Billy Bingham
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
as Winfield
Emergency Squad (1940)
as Bob
If I Were King (1938)
as Child

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