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Place of birth:
Albany, New York, USA:
Michael Fitzgerald Wong aka Wong Man-Tak (born in Troy, New York, 16 April 1965) is a Chinese-American and a Hong Kong based actor, director, singer and producer. He is fluent in English, but not so in Chinese, which is reflected in many of the characters he has portrayed. His most notable film is the 1998 film Beast Cops which won a Hong Kong Film Award with Wong in the lead role. As of 2004, he has appeared in over fifty films in twenty-one years, often in very minor roles. Description above from the Wikipedia article Michael Wong, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


宗师叶问 (2019)
追龍II:賊王 (2019)
Triple Threat (2019)
as Old Man
逆向誘拐 (2018)
棟篤特工 (2018)
as Arcaba
Skiptrace (2016)
as Capt. Tang
屍城 (2014)
as Captain Ma
Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
as Hong Kong Police Chief
Z 風暴 (2014)
as Malcolm Wu
Delete愛人 (2014)
as ''Delete to'' Rich Ma
賭城風雲 (2014)
as Officer Lee
風暴 (2013)
as Chief Superintendant Choi
Something Good: The Mercury Factor (2013)
as Commissario di polizia Xi Chan
飛虎出征 (2013)
as Stone, SDU officer
光辉岁月 (2013)
as Peter Fong
寒戰 (2012)
as York Tsang Sheung-wing
大追捕 (2012)
as Han Tsui
亲密敌人 (2011)
as Owen
鎗王之王 (2010)
as Mr Kong
竊聽風雲 Overheard (2009)
as Willie Ma
PTU neui ging ji ngau yin haam jing (2005)
as Sgt. Peter Wong
七劍 (2005)
as Prince Dokado
精武家庭 (2005)
as Rocco
魔幻廚房 (2004)
as Mook
The New Option: The Final Showdown (2003)
as Stone
The New Option: The Syndicate (2003)
as Stone
The New Option: The Campaign (2003)
as Stone
The New Option: Confrontation (2003)
as Stone
The New Option: Saviour (2003)
as Stone
The New Option: The Revenge (2003)
as Stone
The New Option: Gold Rush (2003)
as Stone
The New Option: Puppet Hon (2003)
as Stone
Mu hou sha shou (2003)
as Wong
The New Option: Run and Shoot (2002)
as Stone
當男人變成女人 (2002)
as Michael Niu
橫行霸盜 (2002)
as Rick
The New Option (2002)
as Stone
Kun shou (2001)
冷静と情熱のあいだ (2001)
as Marvin Lai
Manhattan Midnight (2001)
as Ken
殺夫遊戲 (2001)
as Wu Man-He
人頭豆腐湯 (2001)
as Police officer
行規 Hang Kwai (2000)
賤男特警 (2000)
暴力刑警 (2000)
as Cuba Koo
Wu fa wu tian (2000)
as Vodka Mak
賊公子 (2000)
as Michael
陰魂不散 (1999)
as Mike Cheung
Gui pian wang zhi zai xian xiong bang (1999)
as Police Inspector Wong / Inspector Ho
渾身是膽 (1998)
as Marty
Knock Off (1998)
as Han
野獸刑警 (1998)
as Michael Cheung
豹妹 (1998)
as John Cannon
Once a Thief: Brother Against Brother (1997)
as Michael Tang
豪情蓋天 (1997)
as Dan Peterson
完全結婚手冊 (1997)
as Sam Wong
至激殺人犯 (1997)
G4 te gong (1997)
as G4 Trainer
天涯海角 (1996)
as Ted
Once a Thief (1996)
as Michael Tang
飛虎 (1996)
as Officer Don Wong
3個受傷的警察 (1996)
as Dixon
運財智叻星 (1996)
as St. Michael
國產雪蛤威龍 (1996)
as Chim Si/Superintendent James Fok
不道德的禮物 (1995)
as Honey Chan
Three Wishes (1995)
as Additional Ball Player
霹靂火 (1995)
as Steve Cannon
月黑風高 (1995)
as Jerk Sir / Michael Cheung Fat-Loin
狼吻夜驚魂 (1995)
as Officer Wong Tam-Cheung
追女仔95之綺夢 (1995)
as Gwok Bing Tak
蜘蛛女 (1995)
as Michael
狂野生死恋 (1995)
野性的邂逅 (1995)
as Joe Cheng
珠光寶氣 (1994)
as Bolobolo
錦繡前程 (1994)
as Joe Ma
新英雄本色 (1994)
as Duke Simon
戀愛的天空 (1994)
as Dino
飛虎雄心 (1994)
as Stone Wong
花旗少林 (1994)
as Michael
無盡的慾 (1994)
芝士火腿 (1993)
as Michael
危情 (1993)
as Law Fuk-Tin
挡不住的风情 (1993)
as Charlie Fok
風塵三俠 (1993)
城市獵人 (1993)
as Mikamura
白玫瑰 (1992)
as Brian
Hei xue (1991)
as Michael
冷面狙擊手 (1991)
as John
望夫成龍 (1990)
as Ms Kuan's new boyfriend
大男人小傳 (1989)
皇家師姐IV直擊證人 (1989)
as Captain Michael Wong
The Vineyard (1989)
as Jeremy Young
Dan shen gui zu (1989)
as Michael Yuen
Ching yi sam (1988)
as Lucky
神奇兩女俠 (1987)
as Hon-del-ly
龍在江湖 (1986)
as Michael
痴心的我 (1986)
as Michael
皇家戰士 (1986)
as Michael Wong
Fei hu ji bing (1985)
as Wealthy
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