Jaycee Chan

Place of birth:
Los Angeles, California, USA:
Jaycee Chan (Chinese: 房祖名, born 3 December 1982) is an American-born Hong Kong actor. He is the son of martial artist and actor Jackie Chan.


鐵道飛虎 (2016)
as Rui Ge
道士下山 (2015)
as Peng Qizi
意外的恋爱时光 (2013)
as 周同
一座城池 (2013)
as 林夕
给野兽献花 (2012)
as Liu Meili
爱谁谁 (2012)
as Li Shimin
宝岛双雄 (2012)
as Jay
Dung sing sai tsau 2011 (2011)
Lee's Adventure (2011)
as Li Xian Ji
辛亥革命 (2011)
as Zhang Zhenwu
分手說愛你 (2010)
as Joe
花木兰 (2009)
as Fei XiaoHu
Zhui Ying (2009)
as Xu San Guan
Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five (2008)
as Young Monkey (voice)
Orchestrated Mayhem: The Making of Invisible Target (2008)
as Himself
PK.COM.CN (2008)
as Zhang Wenli
太阳照常升起 (2007)
as The son
戰·鼓 (2007)
as Sid
男兒本色 (2007)
as Officer Wai King Ho
春田花花同學會 (2006)
as Office worker cooking eggs
2 Young (2005)
as Fu
千機變II花都大戰 (2004)
as Charcoal Head
The Diary
as Fan

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