Bryan Genesse

Place of birth:
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada:


Edison (2005)
as Campos
Nature Unleashed: Fire (2004)
as Jake
Sometimes a Hero (2003)
Death Train (2003)
as Ryan
We'll Meet Again (2002)
as Tim
The Circuit (2002)
as Vixton Hack
The Alternate (2000)
as The Leader
The Guardian (2000)
as Steve Layton
Traitor's Heart (1999)
as Nick
Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target (1999)
as Hutch
Cold Harvest (1998)
as Little Ray
Spoiler (1998)
as Bounty #1
Deadly Reckoning (1998)
as Lewis
Live Wire: Human Time Bomb (1996)
as Parker
Cyborg Cop III (1995)
as Max
Terminal Virus (1995)
as Joe Knight
Project Shadowchaser II (1994)
as Frank Meade
California Casanova (1991)
as Leech
Skin Deep (1989)
as Rick
Loose Screws (1985)
as Brad Lovett © 2020

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