Ken Pogue

Place of birth:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada:


Deck the Halls (2005)
as Jack Hall
Distant Drumming: A North of 60 Mystery (2005)
as Francis Gilmore
Monte Walsh (2003)
as Old Doctor
Love and Treason (2001)
as Ace Timmons
Crossfire Trail (2001)
as Gene Thompson
Flight of the Reindeer (2000)
as Dr Norman Ferguson
The 6th Day (2000)
as Speaker Day
Out of Time (2000)
as Morgan Sutter
Brotherhood of Murder (1999)
as Tom Sr.
An Unexpected Life (1998)
as Judge Whitlock
Final Descent (1997)
as Ian Pryce
All the Winters that Have Been (1997)
Contagious (1997)
as George Ryburn
An Unexpected Family (1996)
as Judge Whitlock
Bad Moon (1996)
as Sheriff Jenson
Guillaumet, les ailes du courage (1996)
as Pierre Deley
Someone Else's Child (1994)
as Jack Maddox
Harvest for the Heart (1994)
as James Hansen, Sr.
Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993)
as James Moriarty Booth
The Amy Fisher Story (1993)
as Elliot Fisher
Sexual Advances (1992)
as Treadway
Blind Man's Bluff (1992)
as Sergeant Grady
Still Not Quite Human (1992)
as Bundy
My Son Johnny (1991)
as Judge Burke
The Hitman (1991)
as Chambers
Run (1991)
as Halloran
Where the Heart Is (1990)
as Hamilton
Perfect Witness (1989)
as Woods
Day One (1989)
as Dwight D. Eisenhower
Hitting Home (1988)
as Detective Sergeant Sullivan
Crazy Moon (1987)
as Alec
The Liberators (1987)
as oncle Avery
Dead of Winter (1987)
as Officer Mullavy
Keeping Track (1987)
as Capt. McCullough
Act of Vengeance (1986)
as Earl Skidmore
Miracle at Moreaux (1986)
The Climb (1986)
as Peter Aschenbrenner
Perry Mason Returns (1985)
as Frank Lynch
A Time to Live (1985)
as Dr. Doran
The Suicide Murders (1985)
as Joe Harrow
Louisiana (1984)
as Dr. Murphy
In Defense of Kids (1983)
as Mr. Shurtleff
The Grey Fox (1982)
as Jack Budd
Murder by Phone (1982)
as Fil Thorner
Suzanne (1981)
as Andrew McDonald
The July Group (1980)
as Marcus
復活の日 (1980)
as Dr. Krause
Lost and Found (1979)
as Julian Scott
The Silent Partner (1978)
as Detective Willard
Second Wind (1976)
as Pete
The Ottawa Valley (1974)
as James © 2021

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