Gordon Hart

Place of birth:
Devon, England, UK:


I Am an American (1944)
as Judge Kanowski (uncredited)
Secrets of the Wastelands (1941)
as Malcolm Birdsall
A Dispatch from Reuter's (1940)
as Board Member (uncredited)
The Shadow (1940)
as Albert Hill
Rovin' Tumbleweeds (1939)
as Congressman Fuller
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)
as Guard (uncredited)
Should a Girl Marry? (1939)
as Mr. Wilson
Women in the Wind (1939)
as Air Races Official
On Trial (1939)
as Dr. Morgan
Lincoln in the White House (1939)
as Edward Everett (uncredited)
Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939)
as Minister
The Spider's Web (1938)
as J. Mason
Man from Music Mountain (1938)
as Madame Fatima's Confederate (uncredited)
Racket Busters (1938)
as Minister (uncredited)
Kidnapped (1938)
as Turnkey
The Beloved Brat (1938)
as Trial Judge
The Lady in the Morgue (1938)
as Colonel Black
Cassidy of Bar 20 (1938)
as Judge Belcher
Blondes at Work (1938)
as Jury Foreman
Romance Road (1938)
as Angus MacDonald (uncredited)
West Of Shanghai (1937)
as Dr. Abernathy
The Wrong Road (1937)
as Headwaiter (uncredited)
Radio Patrol (1937)
as W.H. Harrison
Back in Circulation (1937)
as Dr. Hanley
The Devil's Saddle Legion (1937)
as John Ordley
White Bondage (1937)
as Huxley
Public Wedding (1937)
as Mr. Spencer - the Art Dealer
Fly Away Baby (1937)
as Mr. Sills
Blazing Sixes (1937)
as Gore - U. S. Mint Official
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937)
as Judge Knox
The Cherokee Strip (1937)
as Judge Ben Parkinson
Melody For Two (1937)
as Mr. Woodruff
The Romance Of Robert Burns (1937)
as Donald Armour (uncredited)
Marked Woman (1937)
as 1st Judge (uncredited)
Land Beyond the Law (1937)
as Maj. Daniel Adair
Midnight Court (1937)
as Superior Court Judge
Her Husband's Secretary (1937)
as Mr. Blake
Under Southern Stars (1937)
as Major Hawks
The Great O'Malley (1937)
as Doctor Attending O'Malley
Once a Doctor (1937)
as Harry Lewis
Guns of the Pecos (1937)
as Major Burton
Give Me Liberty (1936)
as Anti-Rebel Delegate Speaker
King of Hockey (1936)
as Dr. Vernon Noble
Fugitive in the Sky (1936)
as Charles Holmberg
The Captain's Kid (1936)
as Mayor Bart Cabot
The Case of the Black Cat (1936)
as Dr. Jacobs
Isle of Fury (1936)
as Antvar 'Chris' Anderson
Down the Stretch (1936)
as Judge Adams
Jailbreak (1936)
as Parole Board Member
The White Angel (1936)
as War Minister (uncredited)
Dracula's Daughter (1936)
as Mr. Graham

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