Horst Buchholz

Place of birth:
Berlin, Germany:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Horst Werner Buchholz  (4 December 1933 – 3 March 2003) was a German actor, remembered for his part in The Magnificent Seven and Nine Hours to Rama. He appeared in over sixty films during his acting career from 1952–2002. He was married to French actress Myriam Bru from 1958 to his death, and one of their two children is the actor Christopher Buchholz.


Horst Buchholz... mein Papa (2005)
as Himself
In der Mitte eines Lebens (2003)
as Albert Ambach
Sterne, die nie untergehen - Atlantic Affairs (2002)
as Maitre de Plaisir
Detective Lovelorn und die Rache des Pharao (2002)
as Prof. Svedenborg
Traumfrau mit Verspätung (2001)
as Leon
Der Club der grünen Witwen (2001)
as Fritz Pohlmann
The Enemy (2001)
as Dr. George Ashton
Guns for Hire: The Making of 'The Magnificent Seven' (2000)
as Himself
Heller als der Mond (2000)
as Erster Gast
Kinderraub in Rio - Eine Mutter schlägt zurück (2000)
as Dr. Lopez
Dunckel (1999)
as Jean
Voyage of Terror (1998)
La vita è bella (1997)
as Dottore Lessing
Pták Ohnivák (1997)
as King Jorgen
Geisterstunde - Fahrstuhl ins Jenseits (1997)
as Bettinas Vater
Der kleine Unterschied (1997)
as Wolfhart Perl
Tödliches Erbe (1995)
as Wolfgang Olmer
Fantaghirò 4 (1994)
as Darken
In weiter Ferne, so nah! (1993)
as Tony Baker
Iron Eagle III (1992)
as Leichmann
Touch and Die (1991)
as Limey Pimlet
Fuga dal paradiso (1990)
as Thor
I skrzypce przestaly grac (1988)
as Dymitr Mirga
Die Fräulein von damals (1986)
Code Name: Emerald (1985)
as Walter Hoffman
Wenn ich mich fürchte (1984)
Funkeln im Auge (1984)
as Ernst
Sahara (1983)
as Von Glessing
Aphrodite (1982)
as Harry Laird
Berlin Tunnel 21 (1981)
as Emerich Weber
Avalanche Express (1979)
as Schotten
From Hell to Victory (1979)
as Jürgen Dietrich
The Amazing Captain Nemo (1978)
as König Tabor
Frauenstation (1977)
as Dr. Schumann
Dead of Night (1977)
as Michael
Raid on Entebbe (1976)
as Wilfred Boese
The Savage Bees (1976)
Pittsville - Ein Safe voll Blut (1975)
as Mark Kalvin
...aber Jonny! (1973)
as Jonny
The Great Waltz (1972)
as Johann Strauss Jr.
Le Sauveur (1971)
as Claude
La colomba non deve volare (1970)
as Pablo Vallajo
Come, quando, perché (1969)
as Alberto
L'Astragale (1968)
as Julien
Cervantes (1967)
as Miguel de Cervantes
Johnny Banco (1967)
as Johnny Banco
Estambul 65 (1965)
as Tony Mecenas
La fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo (1965)
as Marco Polo
The Love Goddesses (1965)
La Noia (1963)
as Dino
Nine Hours to Rama (1963)
as Naturam Godse
One, Two, Three (1961)
as Otto Ludwig Piffl
Fanny (1961)
as Marius
The Magnificent Seven (1960)
as Chico
Das Totenschiff (1959)
as Philip Gale, Amerikanischer Seeman
Tiger Bay (1959)
as Korchinsky
Auferstehung (1958)
as Iwanowitsch Nechljudoff
Nasser Asphalt (1958)
as Greg Bachmann
Endstation Liebe (1958)
as Mecky Berger
Ein Stück vom Himmel (1958)
as Cabrio-Fahrer
Monpti (1957)
as Monpti (young)
Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull (1957)
as Felix Krull
Robinson soll nicht sterben (1957)
as Tom
Herrscher ohne Krone (1957)
as King Christian
Die Halbstarken (1956)
as Freddy Borchert
Regine (1956)
as Karl Winter
Himmel ohne Sterne (1955)
as Mischa Bjelkin
Die Schule der Väter (1955)
Marianne de ma jeunesse (1955)
as Vincent Loringer
Die Spur führt nach Berlin (1952)
as Junger Mann am Funkturm

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