Morland Graham

Place of birth:
Patrick, Scotland, UK:
Morland Graham was a British film actor, with a career on stage and screen spanning over 35 years. He died on 8 April 1949 after taking an overdose of aspirin while suffering from ill health and "nervous depression".


Whisky Galore! (1949)
as The Biffer
Bonnie Prince Charlie (1948)
as Donald MacDonald of Eriskay
Esther Waters (1948)
as Ketley
The Upturned Glass (1947)
as Clay
Gaiety George (1946)
as Morris
Medal for the General (1944)
as Bates
The Shipbuilders (1943)
as Danny Shields
Tower of Terror (1941)
as Harbor Master Kleber
Ships with Wings (1941)
as C.P.O.Marsden
This England (1941)
as Doctor
Old Bill and Son (1941)
as Old Bill
Freedom Radio (1941)
as Father Landbach
The Ghost Train (1941)
as Dr. Sterling
Night Train to Munich (1940)
as Teleferic Attendant
Full Speed Ahead (1940)
as Gordon Tweedie
Q Planes (1939)
as Minor Role
Jamaica Inn (1939)
as Sea Lawyer Sydney
Whom the Gods Love: The Original Story of Mozart and His Wife (1936)
Get Off My Foot (1935)
as Major Rawlingcourt
Moscow Nights (1935)
as Brioukow's Servant
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934)
as Treadle
The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)
as Hector, Don Juan's Cook © 2021

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