Jeff Kober

Place of birth:
Billings, Montana, USA:


Topology of Sirens (2020)
as Cas's Dad
Char Man (2019)
as Kent Bridewell
What Still Remains (2018)
as Zack
Block Island (2018)
as Stone
Leave No Trace (2018)
as Mr. Walters
Beauty Mark (2017)
as Bruce
Lost Cat Corona (2017)
as Sue
Sully (2016)
as L. T. Cook
Perfection (2014)
as Harry
Dystopia (2013)
as Joseph
Aces 'N' Eights (2008)
as Tate
The Hills Have Eyes II (2007)
as Redding
A Man Apart (2003)
as Pomona Joe
Windfall (2002)
as Bennett
Enough (2002)
as FBI Agent
Lost Voyage (2001)
as Dazinger
Inferno (1999)
as Beserko
Logan's War: Bound by Honor (1998)
as Sal Mercado
The Advanced Guard (1998)
as Desmond, captive Red Neck
The Maker (1997)
as Rubicon Beziqui
The Big Fall (1997)
as Johnny 'Axe' Roosevelt
Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast (1997)
as Roland Crowe
One Man's Justice (1996)
as Marcus
Demolition High (1996)
as Luther
Automatic (1995)
as Major West
Tank Girl (1995)
as Booga
Desperate Rescue: The Cathy Mahone Story (1993)
as J.D. Roberts
The Hit List (1993)
as Richard Cordon
The Baby Doll Murders (1993)
as Louis
Keep the Change (1992)
Session Man (1991)
as Dean Storm
The First Power (1990)
as Patrick Channing
Lucky Stiff (1988)
as Ike
Alien Nation (1988)
as Joshua Strader
Viper (1988)
as Matt Thomas / Richard Gelb
Laguna Heat (1987)
as Vic Harmon
Out of Bounds (1986)
as Roy Gaddis © 2019

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