Olek Krupa

Place of birth:
Rybnik - Slaskie - Poland:
Aleksander Krupa, often credited as Olek Krupa, born August 31, 1955, is a Polish actor best known for playing villains and/or criminals, such as in Blue Streak and Home Alone 3. He also notably portrayed a Serb general engaged in genocide against Bosnian Muslims in 2001's Behind Enemy Lines. On television he appears in many Law & Order episodes.


as Russian Minister of Defense
as Karl Zielinski
as Dr. Burzeckaia
as Stanislaw
as Tommy
as Polokov
as Henryk Maria
as Russian President Matveyev
as Morgenstern
as Krapotkin
as Julian Nabokov
as Mashkov
as Miroslav Lokar
as Leonard
as Madeline's Lover
as Jean LaFleur
as Valderon
as Yannick
as Karol Wasacz
as Peter Beaupre
as Borko
as Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky
as Zhukov
as Tad
as Jacek's father
as Edward Teller

as Fyodorov

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