Gabriel Byrne

Place of birth:
Dublin, Ireland :
Gabriel James Byrne (born 12 May 1950) is an Irish actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, cultural ambassador and audiobook narrator. His acting career began in the Focus Theatre before he joined London’s Royal Court Theatre in 1979. Byrne's screen début came in the Irish soap opera The Riordans and the spin-off show Bracken. The actor has now starred in over 35 feature films, such as The Usual Suspects, Miller's Crossing and Stigmata, in addition to writing two. Byrne's producing credits include the Academy Award-nominated In the Name of the Father. Currently, he is receiving much critical acclaim for his role as Dr. Paul Weston in the HBO drama In Treatment.


Death of a Ladies' Man (2020)
as Samuel O'Shea
Michael Des Barres: Who Do You Want Me To Be? (2020)
Lost Girls (2020)
as Richard Dormer
An L.A. Minute (2018)
as Ted Gold
Hereditary (2018)
as Steve Graham
My Astonishing Self: Gabriel Byrne on George Bernard Shaw (2018)
as Narratore/Intervistatore
In the Cloud (2018)
as Doc Wolff
Lies We Tell (2018)
as Donald
Atlantic Salmon: Lost at Sea (2018)
as Narrator
Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death (2017)
as Himself
Mad to Be Normal (2017)
as Jim
Carrie Pilby (2017)
as Mr. Pilby
No Pay, Nudity (2016)
as Lawrence Rose
Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach (2016)
as Himself
Nadie quiere la noche (2015)
as Bram
The 33 (2015)
as Andre Sougarret
Louder Than Bombs (2015)
as Gene
Vampire Academy (2014)
as Victor Dashkov
Le temps de l'aventure (2013)
as L'homme
All Things To All Men (2013)
as Joseph Corso
Le Capital (2012)
as Dittmar Rigule
John Ford: Dreaming the Quiet Man (2012)
as Narrator
I, Anna (2012)
as D.C.I. Bernie Reid
A Man's Story (2011)
as Himself
The Women of SNL (2010)
as Priest (archive footage)
Perrier's Bounty (2009)
as Voice of the Grim Reaper (voice)
Leningrad (2009)
as Philip Parker
Camelot (2008)
as King Arthur
Emotional Arithmetic (2008)
as Christopher Lewis
Jindabyne (2006)
as Stewart
Played (2006)
as Eddie
Wah-Wah (2005)
as Harry Compton
Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)
as Captain Marcus Duvall
P.S. (2004)
as Peter Harrington
Vanity Fair (2004)
as The Marquess of Steyne
Patrick (2004)
as Patrick
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (2004)
as Brother Juniper
Shade (2003)
as Charlie Miller
Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality (2003)
as Narrator
Spider (2002)
as Bill Cleg
Ghost Ship (2002)
as Captain Sean Murphy
Horses: The Story of Equus (2002)
as Narrator
Pursuing the Suspects (2002)
as Himself
Keyser Soze, Lie or Legend - Featurette (2002)
as Self
Round Up: Deposing 'The Usual Suspects' (2002)
as Self
Virginia's Run (2002)
as Ford Lofton
Emmett's Mark (2002)
as Jack Marlow / Stephen Bracken
Canone inverso (2000)
as il violinista/Jeno Varga adulto
End of Days (1999)
as Satan
Stigmata (1999)
as Father Andrew Kiernan
Enemy of the State (1998)
as "Brill"
Quest for Camelot (1998)
as Lionel (voice)
Pirates (1998)
as Narrator (voice)
The Man in the Iron Mask (1998)
as D'Artagnan
Polish Wedding (1998)
as Bolek
Weapons of Mass Distraction (1997)
as Lionel Powers
This Is the Sea (1997)
as Rohan
The End of Violence (1997)
as Ray Bering
Smilla's Sense of Snow (1997)
as The Mechanic
Somebody Is Waiting (1996)
as Roger Ellis
The Last of the High Kings (1996)
as Jack Griffin
The Brylcreem Boys (1996)
as Commandant O'Brien
Mad Dog Time (1996)
as Ben London
Dead Man (1995)
as Charlie Dickinson
Frankie Starlight (1995)
as Jack Kelly
Irish Cinema: Ourselves Alone? (1995)
as Narrator
The Usual Suspects (1995)
as Dean Keaton
Buffalo Girls (1995)
as Teddy Blue
Little Women (1994)
as Friedrich Bhaer
Trial by Jury (1994)
as Daniel Graham
A Simple Twist of Fate (1994)
as John Newland
Prince of Jutland (1994)
as Fenge
A Dangerous Woman (1993)
as Mackey
Point of No Return (1993)
as Bob
Into the West (1992)
as Papa Reilly
Cool World (1992)
as Jack Deebs
Håkon Håkonsen (1990)
as Lt. John Merrick
Miller's Crossing (1990)
as Tom Reagan
Diamond Skulls (1989)
as Lord Hugo Bruckton
A Soldier's Tale (1988)
as Saul
The Courier (1988)
as Val
Siesta (1987)
as Augustine
Hello Again (1987)
as Kevin Scanlon
Lionheart (1987)
as Black Prince
Giulia e Giulia (1987)
as Paolo
Gothic (1986)
as Byron
Defence of the Realm (1986)
as Nicholas 'Nick' Mullen
Reflections (1984)
as William Masters
The Keep (1983)
as Major Kaempffer
Hanna K. (1983)
as Joshué Herzog
Excalibur (1981)
as Uther Pendragon
The Outsider (1980)
as Man in Street
On a Paving Stone Mounted
Murder At Emigrant Gulch
Hamlet Revenant
A World War II Fairytale: The Making of Michael Mann's 'The Keep'
as Himself (Archive Footage)
Land Without God
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Executive Producer
Tent City, U.S.A
Executive Producer
The Last of the High Kings
Co-Executive Producer
The Last of the High Kings
The Brylcreem Boys
In the Name of the Father
Executive Producer
Into the West
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