Barry Flatman

Barry Flatman is a Canadian actor. He has appeared in many film and television roles such as Rideau Hall in which he plays a fictional Prime Minister of Canada. His other works include My Name is Tanino, The Company, Saw 3, Just Friends, H2O, and most recently in the 2008 A&E's miniseries The Andromeda Strain as Chuck Beeter. He also appeared in Saw 3 where he played Judge Halden Description above from the Wikipedia article  Barry Flatman, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


Marrying Father Christmas (2018)
as Thomas Reid
Chokeslam (2016)
as Malcolm
Apple Mortgage Cake (2014)
as Josh Kaye
The Returned (2013)
as Dave (Hospital CEO)
The Case for Christmas (2011)
as Braxton Bennett
Daniel's Daughter (2008)
as Stewart Wallach
Some Things That Stay (2007)
as Doctor Gordon
Saw III (2006)
as Judge Halden
Fatal Desire (2006)
Just Friends (2005)
as Mr. Palamino
Child of Mine (2005)
as Alvin
A Killer Upstairs (2005)
as David Jamison
Sea Wolf: The Pirate's Curse (2005)
as The Colonel
Saving Emily (2004)
as Uncle Theo
Love Rules! (2004)
as Michaels Vater
My Name Is Tanino (2002)
as Mr. Garfield
The Circle (2002)
as Mr. Harlow
Crossing the Line (2002)
as Jerry Blackstone
True Blue (2001)
as Kenner
The Sea Wolf (2001)
Cruel Intentions 2 (2000)
as Headmaster Sherman
The Last Debate (2000)
as Ned Cannon
Someone Is Watching (2000)
The Witness Files (1999)
as Frank Sutton
Coming Unglued (1999)
as Gordon Cornell
Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly (1999)
as Joe Kelly
The Wrong Girl (1999)
as Jim Fisher
Random Encounter (1998)
as Blake Preston
Joe Torre: Curveballs Along The Way (1997)
as Mel Stottlemyre
Any Mother's Son (1997)
as Commander Stevens
When Innocence Is Lost (1997)
as David Trask
Terminal Justice (1996)
as Phillips
Prince For a Day (1995)
as Lenny Hollister
When the Dark Man Calls (1995)
as Max Kaiser
The Paperboy (1994)
as Mr. McFarley
The Spider and the Fly (1994)
as Jake Sadoff
The Cutting Edge (1992)
as Rick Tuttle
Falling Over Backwards (1990)
as Arthur
Age-Old Friends (1989)
as Peter
Physical Evidence (1989)
as Brody
Short Circuit 2 (1988)
as Robotic Company CEO
Switching Channels (1988)
as Zaks
Taking Care (1987)
Easy Prey (1986)
as Wells
Reckless Disregard (1986)
Murder in Space (1985)
as Roarke
Spasms (1983)
as Reporter
The Dead Zone (1983)
as Walt © 2021

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