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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cyril Ring (December 5, 1892 – July 17, 1967) was an American film actor. He began his career in silent films in 1921. By the time of his final performance in 1951, he had appeared in over 350 films, almost all in small and/or uncredited parts. He is probably best remembered today for his role as Harvey Yates, a con artist captured and hand-cuffed to fellow con artist Penelope, played by Kay Francis at the very end of the Marx Brothers first film The Cocoanuts (1929).


Body and Soul (1947)
as Victor - Butler (uncredited)
Do or Diet (1947)
as Trainer
Nobody Lives Forever (1946)
as Blond's Escort (uncredited)
Senorita from the West (1945)
as Bystander (uncredited)
Beware of Redheads (1945)
as Ed Brooks
Swingin' on a Rainbow (1945)
as Bit Part (uncredited)
Incendiary Blonde (1945)
as New Year's Eve Patron (uncredited)
On Stage Everybody (1945)
as Horseshoe Player (uncredited)
The Affairs of Susan (1945)
as Mr. Hughes (Uncredited)
The Naughty Nineties (1945)
as Man in Water Gag (uncredited)
The Man in Half Moon Street (1945)
as Plainclothesman
Laura (1944)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
In Society (1944)
as Sir Walter Raleigh at Party (uncredited)
Secret Command (1944)
as Parrish (uncredited)
Mr. Skeffington (1944)
as Perry Lanks (uncredited)
The Texas Kid (1943)
as Atwood
The Mad Ghoul (1943)
as Man in Audience (uncredited)
The Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943)
as Barksdale
Swing Fever (1943)
as Man Entering Club (uncredited)
The Kansan (1943)
as Court Clerk
The Seventh Victim (1943)
as Devil Worshipper (Uncredited)
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
as Man Watching Radio Interview
Batman (1943)
as Restaurant Patron
Mr. Lucky (1943)
as Gambler (uncredited)
The Constant Nymph (1943)
as Party Guest
Bombardier (1943)
as Captain Randall
Slightly Dangerous (1943)
as Man outside newspaper office (uncredited)
Dixie Dugan (1943)
as (uncredited)
Margin for Error (1943)
as Drugstore Clerk
Reveille with Beverly (1943)
as Radio Technician (uncredited)
The Hard Way (1943)
as Nightclub Patron (Uncredited)
Undercover: How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines (1943)
as Enemy Agent X
A Night to Remember (1942)
as Restaurant Patron
Silver Queen (1942)
as Gambler
I Married a Witch (1942)
as Country Club Extra
Lucky Legs (1942)
as Yacht Salesman
Sabotage Squad (1942)
as ? - [script name: Jefferson]
My Favorite Spy (1942)
as Nightclub Patron
My Gal Sal (1942)
as Loud Customer's Friend
Saboteur (1942)
as Party Guest
This Gun for Hire (1942)
as Neptune Club Waiter (uncredited)
Hello, Annapolis (1942)
as Reporter
Fingers at the Window (1942)
as Psychiatrist at Lecture
Woman of the Year (1942)
as Mr. Harding's Chauffeur
Brooklyn Orchid (1942)
as Party Guest
Over My Dead Body (1942)
as Court Clerk
Blue, White, and Perfect (1942)
as Court Clerk
Keep 'Em Flying (1941)
as Nightclub Extra (uncredited)
I Wake Up Screaming (1941)
as Reporter
New York Town (1941)
as Spectator (uncredited)
Three Girls About Town (1941)
as Extra at Labor Meeting
Harmon of Michigan (1941)
as Carter
Our Wife (1941)
as Shipboard Passenger (uncredited)
Ice-Capades (1941)
as Photographer
Citizen Kane (1941)
as Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited)
The Great Lie (1941)
as Harry Anderson
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (1941)
as Hotel Manager
The Lady Eve (1941)
as Husband on Ship (uncredited)
No, No, Nanette (1940)
as Desk Clerk
Michael Shayne: Private Detective (1940)
as Reporter
Little Nellie Kelly (1940)
as Man Bumped by Dennis (uncredited)
One Night in the Tropics (1940)
as Club Roscoe Maitre d' (uncredited)
Christmas in July (1940)
as Coworker (uncredited)
The Great Dictator (1940)
as Officer Extra (uncredited)
North West Mounted Police (1940)
as Mountie
Third Finger, Left Hand (1940)
as Man at Railroad Station
Sky Murder (1940)
as Party Guest
No Time for Comedy (1940)
as Backstage Man (uncredited)
Hired Wife (1940)
as Office Worker
Rhythm on the River (1940)
as Party Guest
The Golden Fleecing (1940)
as Cameraman
The Boys from Syracuse (1940)
as Guard
My Love Came Back (1940)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Sporting Blood (1940)
as Man at Race Track
Girl in 313 (1940)
as Bartender
Edison, the Man (1940)
as Reporter
Beyond Tomorrow (1940)
as Man Reporting No Hope for Crash Victims (Uncredited)
Irene (1940)
as Charity Ball Guest (uncredited)
Johnny Apollo (1940)
as Cashier (uncredited)
Two Girls on Broadway (1940)
as Bartell's Second Assistant (uncredited)
The Man with Nine Lives (1940)
as Doctor Spectator
Road to Singapore (1940)
as Ship's Officer (uncredited)
The House Across the Bay (1940)
as Dancer
Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940)
as Show Backer at Rehearsal / Nightclub Headwaiter (uncredited)
I Take This Woman (1940)
as Night Club Extra
Mexican Spitfire (1940)
as Man at Bachelor Party
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1940)
as Reporter
The Light That Failed (1939)
as War Correspondent
Slightly Honorable (1939)
as Nightclub Patron (Uncredited)
Remember? (1939)
as Man at Bronson's Parties
Private Detective (1939)
as Man Buying Newspaper
Day-time Wife (1939)
as Nightclub Patron
The Roaring Twenties (1939)
as Charlie (uncredited)
Hollywood Cavalcade (1939)
as Audience Member
Babes in Arms (1939)
as Vaudevilian Celebrant (uncredited)
Espionage Agent (1939)
as Spectator at Dart Throwing
Blackmail (1939)
as Ramey's Butler (uncredited)
Golden Boy (1939)
as Extra in Moody's New Office
Our Leading Citizen (1939)
as Delegate
Miracles for Sale (1939)
as Numbers' Man
Winter Carnival (1939)
as Reporter at Terminal
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939)
as Museum Exhibit Attendee
Second Fiddle (1939)
as Florist
Good Girls Go to Paris (1939)
as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Invitation to Happiness (1939)
as Reporter at Fight (uncredited)
Mandrake the Magician (1939)
as Magic Mart Henchman
Union Pacific (1939)
as Surveyor (uncredited)
Lucky Night (1939)
as Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Rose of Washington Square (1939)
as Master of Ceremonies at Cast Party (uncredited)
Zenobia (1939)
as Townsman
Mystery Plane (1939)
as Henchman
Let Freedom Ring (1939)
as Rancher (uncredited)
Made for Each Other (1939)
as Office Worker
They Made Me a Criminal (1939)
as First Fight Ringsider (uncredited)
Kentucky (1938)
as Dancer
Trade Winds (1938)
as Party Guest (Uncredited)
The Shining Hour (1938)
as Candid Cameraman (uncredited)
Young Dr. Kildare (1938)
as Intern
One Wild Night (1938)
as Bank Employee (uncredited)
Hold That Kiss (1938)
as Dog Show Attendee
Joy of Living (1938)
as Man in Margaret's Dressing Room (Uncredited)
The First Hundred Years (1938)
as Night club patron (uncredited)
Dangerous to Know (1938)
as Guest at Party
Love Is a Headache (1938)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Wells Fargo (1937)
as Minor Role
Nothing Sacred (1937)
as Pilot (uncredited)
Blossoms On Broadway (1937)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Navy Blue and Gold (1937)
as Naval Officer at Football Game
There Goes the Groom (1937)
as Class Reunion Greeter (uncredited)
It Happened in Hollywood (1937)
as Rudy - Cameraman
One Hundred Men and a Girl (1937)
as Concert Attendee
The Life of the Party (1937)
as Night Club Extra
Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)
as Guest in Vogard Hotel Lobby (uncredited)
Melody For Two (1937)
as Nightclub Table Extra
Time Out for Romance (1937)
as Reporter
College Holiday (1936)
as Customer
Go West Young Man (1936)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Palm Springs (1936)
as Reception Clerk
Colleen (1936)
as Client (uncredited)
Music Is Magic (1935)
as Cafe Patron (uncredited)
It's in the Air (1935)
as Drake's Assistant (uncredited)
Two-Fisted (1935)
as Companion to Briggs
Page Miss Glory (1935)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Diamond Jim (1935)
as Fireman
Shanghai (1935)
as Reporter from 'Free Press'
Don't Bet on Blondes (1935)
as Man with $30,000 Bettor (Uncredited)
Goin' to Town (1935)
as Stage Manager
The Payoff (1935)
as Reporter
Hollywood Mystery (1934)
as Duke - Tony's Assistant
Dark Hazard (1934)
as Extra at Third Roulette Table
Meet the Baron (1933)
as Mayor's 'Yes' Man (uncredited)
Too Much Harmony (1933)
as Stage Manager
Quiet Please! (1933)
as Man in Custody
The Barber Shop (1933)
as Escaped Bank Robber
Murders in the Zoo (1933)
as Banquet Guest (Uncredited)
The Dark Horse (1932)
as Airport Clerk
Business and Pleasure (1932)
as Arthur Jones
Union Depot (1932)
as Track 4 Ticket Taker (uncredited)
Monkey Business (1931)
as Party Guest
The Bad Sister (1931)
as Doctor (uncredited)
Millie (1931)
as Bailey (uncredited)
Top Speed (1930)
as Vincent Colgate
The Social Lion (1930)
as Ralph Williams
The Cocoanuts (1929)
as Harvey Yates
Pied Piper Malone (1924)
as Charles Crosby Jr.
Homeward Bound (1923)
as Rufus Brent Jr.
The Exciters (1923)
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