Iris Adrian

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Los Angeles, California, USA:
Sugar, Pepper, Pearl, Sunny, Goldie, Bubbles, all those are nicknames borne by petite actress Iris Adrian in several of the 160 movies she made. With such names, don't expect to see her playing Joan of Ark or Electra but it remains that all these pet names reflect her winning femininity, its sweetness, its spiciness, its radiance. What's more their funny overtones are telltale signs of Iris Adrian's own quick witty sense of humor. Sexy yes, but with a sharp tongue. This aspect of her personality helped her to evolve and last, changing from the roles of blonde chorines or waitresses or, on the wilder side, of streetwalkers and other gangsters' molls to colorful bit parts in comedies with Abbott and Costello, Jerry Lewis and Elvis Presley. She ended up playing almost exclusively for Walt Disney productions before retiring at the respectable age of 82. Though she never achieved star status she could easily have if the circumstances had been favorable. For she steals scenes in a lot of movies provided of course her role is fleshed out sufficiently. She was excellent, for instance, in more than one poverty row crime movies. Don't miss her in 'Gold Diggers of 1937', 'Go West' (with the Marx Brothers, 1940), 'Lady of Burlesque' (1943), 'The Paleface'(1948), 'Once a Thief' (1950) and 'The Errand Boy' (with Jerry Lewis, 1961). Date of Death 17 September 1994, Hollywood, California  (aftermath of earthquake)


A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy (1992)
as (archive footage)
Herbie Goes Bananas (1980)
as Loud American Wife
Freaky Friday (1976)
as Bus Passenger
No Deposit, No Return (1976)
as Housewife
The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975)
as Poker Polly
The Love Bug (1968)
as Carhop
The Odd Couple (1968)
as Waitress
That Darn Cat! (1965)
as Landlady
The Errand Boy (1961)
as Anastasia Anastasia, Actress
Blue Hawaii (1961)
as Enid Garvey
The Buccaneer (1958)
as Brown's Blowsy Girlfriend
The Helen Morgan Story (1957)
as Klingman's Secretary
Carnival Rock (1957)
as Celia
The Fast and the Furious (1955)
as Wilma Belding
Highway Dragnet (1954)
as Dolly - Cafe Waitress
Abbott and Costello: The Drugstore (1952)
as Woman Who Slaps Lou
Carson City (1952)
as Saloon Girl in Fight (uncredited)
My Favorite Spy (1951)
as Lola
Varieties on Parade (1951)
G.I. Jane (1951)
as Lt. Adrian
The Scarf (1951)
as Floozy at Level Louie's Place
Stop That Cab (1951)
as Lucy Gugenheimer
Hunt the Man Down (1950)
as Marie (uncredited)
Hi-Jacked (1950)
as Aggie
Once a Thief (1950)
as Pearl
Sideshow (1950)
as Nellie
The Woman on Pier 13 (1950)
as Waitress
Blondie's Hero (1950)
as Mae
There's a Girl in My Heart (1949)
as Lulu Troy
Tough Assignment (1949)
as Gloria (the moll)
Trail of the Yukon (1949)
as Paula
Mighty Joe Young (1949)
as Gloria
The Lovable Cheat (1949)
as Madame Mercadet
Flamingo Road (1949)
as Blanche - Inmate of Women's Prison (uncredited)
Sky Dragon (1949)
as Wanda LaFern
Miss Mink of 1949 (1949)
as Mrs. McKelvey
The Paleface (1948)
as Pepper
Out of the Storm (1948)
as Ginger
Smart Woman (1948)
as Newspaper Columnist
The Trouble with Women (1947)
as Rita La May
Love and Learn (1947)
as New Danceland Hostess
Philo Vance Returns (1947)
as Maggie McCarthy, aka Choo-choo Divine
Fall Guy (1947)
as Mrs. Sindell
Cross My Heart (1946)
as Miss Baggart
Vacation in Reno (1946)
as Bunny Wells
The Bamboo Blonde (1946)
as Montana Jones
The Stork Club (1945)
as Gwen
Road to Alcatraz (1945)
as Louise Rogers
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945)
as Martha
It's a Pleasure (1945)
as Wilma
Alaska (1944)
as Kitty
Bluebeard (1944)
as Mimi
I'm from Arkansas (1944)
as Doris
The Woman in the Window (1944)
as Streetwalker (uncredited)
Swing Hostess (1944)
as Marge O'Day
The Singing Sheriff (1944)
as Lefty
Once Upon a Time (1944)
as Woman Exiting Theatre (uncredited)
Shake Hands with Murder (1944)
as Patsy Brent
Million Dollar Kid (1944)
as Mazie Dunbar
Career Girl (1944)
as Glenda Benton
His Butler's Sister (1943)
as Sunshine Twin
Spotlight Scandals (1943)
as Bernice Quigley
Submarine Base (1943)
as Dorothy
Hers to Hold (1943)
as Arlene
Action in the North Atlantic (1943)
as Jenny O'Hara (uncredited)
Lady of Burlesque (1943)
as Gee Gee Graham
Taxi, Mister (1943)
as Waitress
Ladies' Day (1943)
as Kitty McClouen
Calaboose (1943)
as Gert
The Crystal Ball (1943)
as Mrs. Angela Martin
Highways by Night (1942)
as Blonde Chorine
Broadway (1942)
as Maisie
Fingers at the Window (1942)
as Babe Stanton
Rings on Her Fingers (1942)
Roxie Hart (1942)
as Gertie
I Killed That Man (1941)
as Verne Drake
New York Town (1941)
as Toots O'Day (uncredited)
Hard Guy (1941)
as Goldie Duvall
Sing Another Chorus (1941)
as Francine La Verne
Wild Geese Calling (1941)
as Mazie
Too Many Blondes (1941)
as Hortense Kent
The Lady from Cheyenne (1941)
as Chorus Girl
Road to Zanzibar (1941)
as French soubrette
Horror Island (1941)
as Arleen Grady
Go West (1940)
as Mary Lou
Meet the Wildcat (1940)
as Jail Cell Blonde
Back Door to Heaven (1939)
as Sugar, Burlesque Dancer
...One Third of a Nation... (1939)
as Myrtle
Our Relations (1936)
as Alice
Mister Cinderella (1936)
as Lil, Maizie's Friend
Lady Luck (1936)
as Rita
One Rainy Afternoon (1936)
as Theater Ticket Seller
Murder at Glen Athol (1936)
as Muriel Randel
Stolen Harmony (1935)
as Sunny Verne
Rumba (1935)
as Goldie Allen
Let's Go Native (1930)
as Chorine (uncredited)
Lord Byron of Broadway (1930)
as Lady In The Audience
The Vagabond King (1930)
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