William Fawcett

Place of birth:
Sherman Oaks, California, USA:


The Boy Who Stole the Elephant (1970)
as Elmer
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)
as Dietes - College Regent (uncredited)
The Lottery (1969)
as Old Man Warner
Blackbeard's Ghost (1968)
as Mr. Ainsworth
Hostile Guns (1967)
as Ole Jenson
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966)
as Jensen
King Rat (1965)
as Steinmetz
The Quick Gun (1964)
as Bartender Mike
The Music Man (1962)
as Lester Lonnergan
Saintly Sinners (1962)
as Horsefly Brown
The Comancheros (1961)
as Poker Player (uncredited)
Claudelle Inglish (1961)
as Mr. Gunson
The Walking Target (1960)
as Packy
Go, Johnny, Go! (1959)
as Janitor
The Wild and the Innocent (1959)
as Elderly Trapper
No Time for Sergeants (1958)
as Pa Stockdale
The Return of Dracula (1958)
as Station Master
The Storm Rider (1957)
as Cruickshank
Tension at Table Rock (1956)
as Townsman (uncredited)
Gun Brothers (1956)
as Prospector
Canyon River (1956)
as Jergens
Dakota Incident (1956)
as Matthew Barnes
The Proud Ones (1956)
The Kettles in the Ozarks (1956)
as Elderly Man at Dance
Tall Man Riding (1955)
as Andy - Swamper at Pearlo's (uncredited)
Seminole Uprising (1955)
as Cubby Crouch
So You Want to Know Your Relatives (1954)
as Pop McDoakes (uncredited)
The Yellow Mountain (1954)
Riding with Buffalo Bill (1954)
as Rocky Ford
Dawn at Socorro (1954)
as Stagecoach Relay Station Attendant
Alaska Seas (1954)
as The Silversmith
The Neanderthal Man (1953)
as Dr. Fairchild
Run for the Hills (1953)
as Orin Hadley
The Marksman (1953)
as Freight Agent
The Homesteaders (1953)
as Hector
Star of Texas (1953)
as Soapy
Montana Incident (1952)
as Albert Hawkins (as Bill Fawcett)
Barbed Wire (1952)
as John S. 'Uncle John' Copeland
Blackhawk (1952)
as Dr. Rolph [Chs. 4-7]
Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (1952)
as Caretaker (uncredited)
The Lion and the Horse (1952)
as 'Pappy' Cole
Kansas Territory (1952)
as Old Man Weatherbee
Oklahoma Annie (1952)
as Painter
The Longhorn (1951)
as Bartender Ben
Cattle Queen (1951)
as Alkali
The Magic Carpet (1951)
as Ahkmid
Hills of Utah (1951)
as Washoe
Mysterious Island (1951)
as Mr. Jackson
Comin' Round the Mountain (1951)
as Jed
Ace in the Hole (1951)
as Sad-Faced Man (uncredited)
Hollywood Story (1951)
as Actor as Beggar in Commissary (uncredited)
Roar of the Iron Horse (1951)
as Rocky
The Mating Season (1951)
as Mr. Tuttle
Revenue Agent (1950)
as Uster
Last of the Buccaneers (1950)
as Dunwood
State Penitentiary (1950)
as Costello, a Prisoner
Cody of the Pony Express (1950)
as Erza Graham
Tyrant of the Sea (1950)
as Shawn O'Donnell
Chain Gang (1950)
as Zeke (uncredited)
The Adventures of Sir Galahad (1949)
as Merlin, the Magician
Barbary Pirate (1949)
as Ezra Fielding
Roll, Thunder, Roll! (1949)
as Josh Culvert
Batman and Robin (1949)
as Prof. Hammil
Ride, Ryder, Ride! (1949)
as Judge Prescott
Congo Bill (1948)
as Blinky
The Tioga Kid (1948)
as Tennessee (as Bill Fawcett)
Check Your Guns (1948)
as Judge Hammond (as Bill Fawcett)
Black Hills (1947)
as Clerk Tuttle / Bill Fawcett
Ghost Town Renegades (1947)
as Jonas Watson
Pioneer Justice (1947)
as Uncle Bob
Wild Country (1947)
as Lawyer Joe Spindle (as Bill Fawcett)
Driftin' River (1946)
as Tennessee
Tumbleweed Trail (1946)
as Judge Town (as Bill Fawcett)

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