David Hayward


Future Lies (2018)
as Lemmy
Raven's Touch (2015)
as Joe
Union Furnace (2015)
as Parts Punk
Falcon Song (2014)
as Slim
View from the Top (2003)
as Pete
Accidental Meeting (1994)
as Jonathan Holtman
A Case for Murder (1993)
as Darren Gaines
Delivering (1993)
as Dad
Eve of Destruction (1991)
as Cal
The Big Picture (1989)
as George
Body of Evidence (1988)
as Jack
Northstar (1986)
as Bill Harlow
Love on the Run (1985)
as Gary Snyder
Slayground (1983)
as Laufman
The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)
as Ranger Collins
The Cherokee Trail (1981)
as Temple Boone
Fallen Angel (1981)
as Dennis
The House Where Death Lives (1981)
as Jeffrey Fraser
The Georgia Peaches (1980)
as Marco
11th Victim (1979)
as Red Brody
Fast Charlie... the Moonbeam Rider (1979)
as Cannonball McCall
Van Nuys Blvd. (1979)
as Leon Barnes 'Chooch'
The Hazing (1977)
as Carl Lewis
Red Alert (1977)
as Larry Cadwell
Eaten Alive (1976)
as The Cowboy
Nashville (1975)
as Kenny Fraiser
Time to Run (1973)

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