Victor McLaglen

Place of birth:
Stepney, East London, England, UK:
Victor McLaglen was a British-American film actor. He was known as a character actor, particularly in Westerns, and made seven films with John Ford and John Wayne. McLaglen won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1935 for his role in The Informer.


John Ford : l'homme qui inventa l'Amérique (2019)
as Himself - Actor (archive footage)
Fragments: Surviving Pieces of Lost Films (2011)
as Himself (archive footage)
George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey (1985)
Hollywood Without Make-Up (1963)
Sea Fury (1958)
as Bellew
Gli italiani sono matti (1958)
as Sergente O'Riley
The Abductors (1957)
as Tom Muldoon
Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
as SS Henrietta Helmsman
Lady Godiva of Coventry (1955)
as Grimald
Bengazi (1955)
as Robert Emmett Donovan
City of Shadows (1955)
as Big Tim Channing
Many Rivers to Cross (1955)
as Cadmus Cherne
Trouble in the Glen (1954)
as Parlan
Prince Valiant (1954)
as Boltar
Fair Wind to Java (1953)
as O'Brien
The Quiet Man (1952)
as Squire 'Red' Will Danaher
Rio Grande (1950)
as Sgt. Maj. Timothy Quincannon
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)
as First Sergeant Quincannon
Fort Apache (1948)
as Sgt. Festus Mulcahy
The Foxes of Harrow (1947)
as Mike Farrell
Michigan Kid (1947)
as Curley Davis
Calendar Girl (1947)
as Matthew O'Neill
Whistle Stop (1946)
as Gitlo
Love, Honor and Goodbye (1945)
as Terry O'Farrell
Rough, Tough and Ready (1945)
as Owen McCarey
The Princess and the Pirate (1944)
as Captain Barrett / The Hook
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944)
as Herman "Owl" Banghart
Tampico (1944)
as Fred Adamson
Forever and a Day (1943)
as Archibald Spavin
China Girl (1942)
as Major Bull Weed
Powder Town (1942)
as Jeems O'Shea
Call Out the Marines (1942)
as Sgt. Jimmy McGinnis
Broadway Limited (1941)
as Maurice "Mike" Monaghan
Diamond Frontier (1940)
as Terrence Regan
South of Pago Pago (1940)
as Bucko Larson
Rio (1939)
as Dirk
The Big Guy (1939)
as Warden Bill Whitlock
Full Confession (1939)
as Pat McGinnis
Captain Fury (1939)
as Jerry Black aka Blackie
Ex-Champ (1939)
as Tom 'Gunner' Grey
Let Freedom Ring (1939)
as Chris Mulligan
Gunga Din (1939)
as MacChesney
Pacific Liner (1939)
as Crusher McKay
We're Going to Be Rich (1938)
as "Dobbie" Dobson
The Devil's Party (1938)
as Marty Malone
Battle Of Broadway (1938)
as Big Ben Wheeler
Wee Willie Winkie (1937)
as Sgt. Donald MacDuff
This Is My Affair (1937)
as Jock Ramsay
Nancy Steele Is Missing! (1937)
as Dannie O'Neill
Sea Devils (1937)
as Steve Webb
The Magnificent Brute (1936)
as 'Big Steve' Andrews
Under Two Flags (1936)
as J.C. Doyle
Klondike Annie (1936)
as Bull Brackett
Professional Soldier (1935)
as Colonel Michael Donovan
The Informer (1935)
as Gypo Nolan
The Great Hotel Murder (1935)
as Andrew W. 'Andy' McCabe
Under Pressure (1935)
as Jumbo Smith
The Captain Hates the Sea (1934)
as Junius P. Schulte
Murder at the Vanities (1934)
as Bill Murdock
Wharf Angel (1934)
as Turk
No More Women (1934)
Hollywood on Parade No. B-1 (1934)
The Lost Patrol (1934)
as The Sergeant
Dick Turpin (1933)
as Dick Turpin
Laughing at Life (1933)
as Dennis P. McHale / Burke / Captain Hale
Hot Pepper (1933)
as Jim Flagg
Rackety Rax (1932)
as 'Knucks' McGloin
Guilty as Hell (1932)
as Detective Capt. T.R. McKinley
While Paris Sleeps (1932)
as Jacques Costaud
Wicked (1931)
as Scott Burrows
Three Rogues (1931)
as Bull Stanley
Annabelle's Affairs (1931)
as John Rawson / Hefly Jack
Women of All Nations (1931)
as Captain Jim Flagg
The Stolen Jools (1931)
as Sergeant Flagg
Dishonored (1931)
as Colonel Kranau
A Devil with Women (1930)
as Jerry Maxton
Hot for Paris (1929)
as John Patrick Duke
The Cock-Eyed World (1929)
as Top Sergeant Flagg
Happy Days (1929)
as Minstrel Show Performer
The Black Watch (1929)
as Capt. Donald Gordon King
Strong Boy (1929)
as Strong Boy
The River Pirate (1928)
as Sailor Fritz
Hangman's House (1928)
as Denis Hogan
A Girl in Every Port (1928)
as Spike Madden
Mother Machree (1927)
as The Giant of Kilkenny
The Loves of Carmen (1927)
as Escamillo
What Price Glory (1926)
as Capt. Flagg
Beau Geste (1926)
as Hank
Men of Steel (1926)
The Fighting Heart (1925)
as Soapy Williams
Winds of Chance (1925)
as Poleon Doret
The Unholy Three (1925)
as Hercules
The Passionate Adventure (1924)
as Herb Harris
Women and Diamonds (1924)
as Brian Owen
The Glorious Adventure (1922)
as Bulfinch
A Romance of Old Baghdad (1922)
as Miski
Corinthian Jack (1921)
as Jack Halstead
Carnival (1921)
The Call of the Road (1920)
as Alfred Truscott © 2021

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