Leo White

Place of birth:
Graudenz, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire [now Grudziadz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland]:
Leo White (born Leo Weiss) grew up in England and began his stage career there. In 1910 he came to the United States and the following year started working in Silent films. Typically cast as a dapper continental villain or a nobleman, White frequently played uncredited bit parts and as a character actor in many Charlie Chaplin productions. Multiple online sites indicate that he was born in 1882. However his grave marker clearly presents birth year as having been 1873.


A Burlesque on the Opera Carmen (1951)
The Fountainhead (1949)
as Pedestrian Onlooker (uncredited)
Homicide (1949)
as Hotel Tenant
So You Want to Be a Gambler (1948)
as Drug Store Manager (uncredited)
Always Together (1947)
as Interior Decorator (uncredited)
Hollywood Wonderland (1947)
as Sketch Artist Taking Tour / Gypsy (the latter a clip from "Gypsy Sweetheart", 1935) (uncredited)
The Unfaithful (1947)
as Spectator Arriving at Courtroom
So You Want to Be in Pictures (1947)
as Waiter at Brown Derby (uncredited)
So You're Going to Be a Father (1947)
as Psychiatric Ward Doctor (uncredited)
The Verdict (1946)
as Cabbie
So You Want to Play the Horses (1946)
as Cigar Store Bookmaker (uncredited)
Devotion (1946)
as Waiter
Movieland Magic (1946)
Three Strangers (1946)
as News Hawker
The Great American Mug (1945)
as Rival Barber (uncredited)
The Big Show-Off (1945)
as Picasso Putschnik
Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
as Man in Phone Booth (uncredited)
Mr. Skeffington (1944)
as Henri's Assistant (uncredited)
Charlie's Triple trouble (1944)
Background to Danger (1943)
as Whispering Agent
The Mysterious Doctor (1943)
as Headless Man
The Hard Way (1943)
as Graduation Photographer (Uncredited)
Happy Times and Jolly Moments (1943)
as (archive footage)
Vaudeville Days (1942)
as Stage Manager (uncredited)
Casablanca (1942)
as Emile - Waiter (uncredited)
Gentleman Jim (1942)
as Headwaiter (uncredited)
Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner (1942)
as Piano Player (uncredited)
Spy Ship (1942)
as Waiter
Bullet Scars (1942)
as Her Husband
Dangerously They Live (1941)
as Sidewalk Onlooker (uncredited)
Highway West (1941)
as The Barber (uncredited)
Here Comes Happiness (1941)
as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
The Letter (1940)
as Man at Trial (uncredited)
The Great Dictator (1940)
as Hynkel's Barber (uncredited)
Just a Cute Kid (1940)
as First Man in Derby
City for Conquest (1940)
as Dance Contest Observer (uncredited)
No Time for Comedy (1940)
as Actor in Show (uncredited)
The Sea Hawk (1940)
A Fugitive from Justice (1940)
as Man in Saloon (uncredited)
Torrid Zone (1940)
as Smiling Man to Whom Lee Sings
An Angel from Texas (1940)
as Stagehand
Alex in Wonderland (1940)
as Pie Hurling Chef
Four Wives (1939)
as Guest at Wedding Reception (uncredited)
Private Detective (1939)
as Extra Leaving Courtroom
Kid Nightingale (1939)
as Creditor with Mustache / Fight Crowd Extra
The Roaring Twenties (1939)
as Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Smashing the Money Ring (1939)
as Convict in Cell 363 (uncredited)
On Your Toes (1939)
as Member of Ballet Troupe
Slapsie Maxie's (1939)
as Headwaiter (uncredited)
Blackmail (1939)
as Prisoner (uncredited)
Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite (1939)
as Wrestling Match Spectator
Each Dawn I Die (1939)
as Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Quiet, Please (1939)
as Make-Up Man (uncredited)
Daughters Courageous (1939)
as Peanut Vendor (uncredited)
Naughty But Nice (1939)
as Extra in Courtroom (uncredited)
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter (1939)
as Man in Sheriff's Office
Code of the Secret Service (1939)
as Extra Watching Casino Fight
Women in the Wind (1939)
as Mechanic / Cleveland Spectator (uncredited)
Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939)
as Newspaper Office Worker (uncredited)
Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939)
as Waiter (uncredited)
Going Places (1938)
as Store Customer / Steeplechase Observer
Comet Over Broadway (1938)
as Man in Restaurant (uncredited)
Smashing the Rackets (1938)
as Juror
Gold Diggers in Paris (1938)
as Padrinsky's Pianist (uncredited)
Torchy Blane in Panama (1938)
as Proprietor (uncredited)
He Couldn't Say No (1938)
as Man Commenting at Ambulance
The Daredevil Drivers (1938)
as Burnell Office Worker Stealing Cigars (uncredited)
Tovarich (1937)
as Assistant Hairdresser
She Loved a Fireman (1937)
as Tony Bronson - Barber
The Devil's Saddle Legion (1937)
as Hotel Bystander
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air (1937)
as Violinist (uncredited)
Talent Scout (1937)
as Extra in Studio Lunchroom
Blazing Sixes (1937)
as Extra as Dancer
The Go-Getter (1937)
as Man in streetcar reading newspaper (uncredited)
Marked Woman (1937)
as Waiter (uncredited)
Men In Exile (1937)
as Flamingo Waiter
Ready, Willing and Able (1937)
as Tenant
Midnight Court (1937)
as Harvey - Shanley's Butler
Penrod and Sam (1937)
as Mediator
Her Husband's Secretary (1937)
as Jewelry Clerk
Espionage (1937)
as Barber
The Great O'Malley (1937)
as Ben - The Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)
Guns of the Pecos (1937)
as Poker Player
The Captain's Kid (1936)
as Juror
Here Comes Carter (1936)
as Extra Walking in Hallway at KLA
Trailin' West (1936)
as Card Dealer
Jailbreak (1936)
as Convict in Cell
Satan Met a Lady (1936)
as Room Service Waiter
Bullets or Ballots (1936)
as Waiter (uncredited)
The Singing Kid (1936)
as Man Wearing Top Hat (uncredited)
Road Gang (1936)
as Convict at Farm (uncredited)
The Walking Dead (1936)
as Man in Courtroom (uncredited)
I Married a Doctor (1936)
as Party Guest
Broadway Hostess (1935)
as Henri - Beauty Salon Owner (uncredited)
Stars Over Broadway (1935)
as Man at Bar in Dempsey's
Personal Maid's Secret (1935)
as Waiter
Dr. Socrates (1935)
as Tailor
Keystone Hotel (1935)
as Frenchman
Broadway Gondolier (1935)
as de Vinci's Friend
Don't Bet on Blondes (1935)
as Greeter in Owen's Insurance Office (Uncredited)
Front Page Woman (1935)
as Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Stranded (1935)
as Haines, a Drunken Worker (uncredited)
A Night at the Ritz (1935)
as Clothes Salesman
Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935)
as Clerk Selling Perfume (uncredited)
Gentlemen Are Born (1934)
as Waiter
Done in Oil (1934)
as 2nd French Art Expert
The Personality Kid (1934)
as Fight Fan
Fog Over Frisco (1934)
as Waiter (Uncredited)
The Thin Man (1934)
as Leo - Waiter (uncredited)
Jail Birds of Paradise (1934)
as Tailor
Only Yesterday (1933)
as New Year's Eve Reveler (Uncredited)
The Kennel Murder Case (1933)
as Chicago Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Meet the Baron (1933)
as A Chef (uncredited)
My Woman (1933)
as Card Player (Uncredited)
Stage Mother (1933)
as Percy, Audition Manager
Broadway to Hollywood (1933)
as Joe Weber
Lady for a Day (1933)
as Pierre (uncredited)
The Devil's in Love (1933)
as Rena's Club Dance Director
The Keyhole (1933)
as Porter in Cuba (uncredited)
Maids a la Mode (1933)
as Andre (uncredited)
Rasputin and the Empress (1932)
as Reveler at Party (uncredited)
New Morals for Old (1932)
as Art Student (uncredited)
Grand Hotel (1932)
as Hotel Porter (uncredited)
Huddle (1932)
as Waiter (uncredited)
Beauty and the Boss (1932)
as Man in Elevator (uncredited)
Arsène Lupin (1932)
as Jeweller
This Modern Age (1931)
as Party Guest (Uncredited)
Sweepstakes (1931)
as Thin Cook
Die Maske fällt (1931)
Anna Christie (1930)
as Man at Bar (uncredited)
Along Came Youth (1930)
as Señor Cortés
Way for a Sailor (1930)
as Seaman
Call of the Flesh (1930)
as Impressario's Assistant (uncredited)
The Florodora Girl (1930)
as Mr. Crownshield (uncredited)
Roaring Ranch (1930)
The Woman Racket (1930)
as Oscar - the Chef
Born to the Saddle (1929)
as Clyde Montmorency Wilpenny
Taking the Count (1929)
Campus Knights (1929)
Here Comes a Sailor (1928)
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927)
as Barber (uncredited)
On the Front Page (1926)
as Beauty Expert
The Truthful Sex (1926)
The Blonde Saint (1926)
as Tito
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925)
as Sanballat
American Pluck (1925)
The Lady Who Lied (1925)
as Valet
Paths to Paradise (1925)
as Gang Member (uncredited)
The Lost World (1925)
as Percy Potts
Wolves of the North (1924)
as Sir Percival Pembroke
The Goldfish (1924)
as Casmir
Sporting Youth (1924)
as The Souse
A Lady of Quality (1924)
as Sir Humphrey Ware
Forbidden Paradise (1924)
as Driver (uncredited)
The Marriage Maker (1923)
as Morris
Why Worry? (1923)
as Herculeo
The Rustle of Silk (1923)
Blood and Sand (1922)
as Antonio
Married to Order (1920)
as The Milkman
The Devil's Passkey (1920)
Don't Park Here (1920)
as Member of the Auto Thief's Gang
The Isle of Love (1920)
as Prince Halbere
The Flirts (1919)
as Monsieur Coco
Rolling Stone (1919)
as Bolsheviki Leader
He's In Again (1918)
as The Prize Fighter
The Brazen Beauty (1918)
Triple Trouble (1918)
as Count
The Love Swindle (1918)
Bright and Early (1918)
as An Honest Crook
Chase Me Charlie (1918)
The Scholar (1918)
as The Tough Kid
Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (1918)
as Manicurist (uncredited)
The Stranger (1918)
as The Greaser
The Pest (1917)
as The Count
The Hobo (1917)
as Mr. Fox
The Candy Kid (1917)
as Rival Propreitor
The Chief Cook (1917)
as Ham
The Villain (1917)
as Unknown role
Cupid's Rival (1917)
as Rich Artist
Easy Street (1917)
as Policeman (uncredited)
Behind the Screen (1916)
as Stagehand (uncredited)
The Count (1916)
as Count Broko
The Vagabond (1916)
as Old Jew / Gypsy Woman (uncredited)
The Fireman (1916)
as Owner of Burning House
Police (1916)
as Fruitseller / Flop House Manager / Policeman
The Floorwalker (1916)
as Elegant Customer
A Burlesque on Carmen (1915)
as A Civil Guard
A Night in the Show (1915)
as Frenchman / Negro in Balcony
Shanghaied (1915)
as Third Shanghaied Seaman
The Bank (1915)
as Clerk
A Woman (1915)
as Idler in the Park
Work (1915)
as The Secret Lover
The Tramp (1915)
as First Thief
A Jitney Elopement (1915)
as Count Chloride de Lime, Edna's Suitor
In the Park (1915)
as The Count, Elegant Masher
The Champion (1915)
as Crooked gambler
A Night Out (1915)
as 'French' Dandy / Desk clerk
His New Job (1915)
as Actor, Hussar Officer
Leading Lizzie Astray (1914)
as Cafe Patron (uncredited)
The Laundress (1914)
Sweedie Learns to Swim (1914)
as Mr. Rich

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