Doreen Lang

Place of birth:
Gisborne, New Zealand:


Almost an Angel (1990)
as Mrs. Garner
Like Normal People (1979)
as Grandma Teresa
Things in Their Season (1974)
as Millie Havemeyer
Death Sentence (1974)
as Mrs. Cottard
Nightmare (1974)
as Louise
Lapin 360 (1972)
Brian's Song (1971)
as Nurse #1
A Death of Innocence (1971)
as Macy Fingerhut
The House That Would Not Die (1970)
as Sylvia Wall
The Borgia Stick (1967)
as Mrs. Hollingsworth
The Group (1966)
as Nurse Swenson
The Birds (1963)
as Hysterical Mother in Diner
The Cabinet of Caligari (1962)
as Vivian
North by Northwest (1959)
as Maggie - Thornhill's Secretary (uncredited)
The Wrong Man (1956)
as Ann James © 2022

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