Scott Hylands

Place of birth:
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada:
Scott Hylands is a Canadian stage, film and television actor, best known for playing Detective Kevin 'O. B.' O'Brien on the television police drama series Night Heat from 1985 to 1989. He's a graduate with a BA in Theatre and English from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, in 1964. After moving to the USA, he became one of the original company members of the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, California, appearing in over 20 productions. Over the next 15 years, he accumulated an impressive and long list of credits in Los Angeles based film and television as well as a strong profile in the theatre community, appearing often at the Mark Taper Forum, the Los Angeles Shakespeare Festival, and Theatricum Bottanicum. He returned to Canada in 1981, kept working in theatres across Canada, and appeared in innumerable film and television projects.


Elsewhere (2019)
as Mr. Black
A Ring by Spring (2014)
as Harry
Tom, Dick and Harriet (2013)
as Randall Cafter
The Horses of Mcbride (2012)
as Preston
Becoming Redwood (2012)
as Earl Potter
Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)
as Mercurio Arboria
Ba'al (2008)
as Stanford
Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale (2008)
as Arnie Filmore
Anna's Storm (2007)
as Clint Corbin
Time and Again (2007)
as Sheriff
Cleaverville (2007)
as Ned
Last Chance Cafe (2006)
as Charlie Long
Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage (2006)
as Frank / Carny
The Accidental Witness (2006)
as Detective Bill Malone
The Hamster Cage (2005)
as Stan
Convictions (1997)
as Matt Parker
The Halfback of Notre Dame (1996)
as Coach Les Modeau
Have You Seen My Son (1996)
as Solomon John
Decoy (1995)
as Jenner
Freefall: Flight 174 (1995)
as Maurice Quintal
To Catch a Killer (1992)
as Delta Squad Sergeant Mike Paxton
The Oasis (1984)
as Jake
Death Hunt (1981)
as RCAF Pilot Capt. Hank Tucker
Coming Out Alive (1980)
as Jocko
Jennifer: A Woman’s Story (1979)
The Winds of Kitty Hawk (1978)
as Glenn Curtiss
The Boys in Company C (1978)
as Capt. Collins
Bittersweet Love (1976)
as Michael
The First 36 Hours of Dr. Durant (1975)
as Dr. Chris Durant
The Lady's Not for Burning (1974)
as Humphrey Devize
Earthquake (1974)
as Asst. Caretaker
Terror on the Beach (1973)
as Jerry
Portrait: A Man Whose Name Was John (1973)
as Captain Melech Ben Zvi
Slipstream (1973)
as Terry
The Glass House (1972)
as Ajax
Earth II (1971)
as Jim Capa
Fools (1970)
as David Appleton
Rosolino Paternò, soldato... (1970)
as Reginald Wollington
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1969)
as Kenneth Daly © 2021

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