Lam Suet

Place of birth:
Tianjin, Hong Kong:
Lam Suet (Chinese: 林雪, born on 8 July 1964) was born in Tianjin, and came to Hong Kong as a youth in 1979 to receive inheritance money left by his grandfather. Soon after all the money had been squandered and Lam had to work various odd jobs to make a living. In the mid-eighties he got employment on movie sets through the help of friends. He has done different roles, from lighting and props to stage manager and set and script supervisor. Lam gradually developed an interest in acting and by his own account, pestered various directors until they relented and gave him tiny roles. There are two pivotal persons in Lam's acting career. The first is Stephen Chow, who befriended him in his early days as a crew member and cast him in movies like The God of Cookery (1996) and Kung Fu Hustle. The second person is director Johnnie To. Lam has been in over 80 films since 1996 and at least 20 of those have been directed or produced by To. Known for his weight and size, his roles are often as a bumbling secondary character providing comic relief from the most intense nature of To's films. He is perhaps most famous for his various supporting roles in To's films, notably as the bumbling taxi driver Yip in the award winning film Breaking News (2004). The most notable To-Lam collaborations include The Mission, which garnered Lam Best Supporting Actor nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Golden Horse Award, and PTU. Lam was nominated for a Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor and took home the Golden Bauhinia Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in PTU. He has also had interesting roles in movies like Wu yen (2001), as the effeminate Prime Minister, and in Diva - Ah Hey (2003), in which he played Charlene Choi's loving and supportive father. Lam has been married for almost a decade. His wife is 10 years his junior and is from the same hometown.


横财局中局 (2019)
娱乐追击 (2019)
素人特工 (2019)
Wo hu qian long (2019)
as Bob
九龍不敗 (2019)
我的宠物是大象 (2019)
恭喜八婆 (2019)
如珠如寶 (2019)
as Rainy Cloud
家和萬事驚 (2019)
as Butcher
幼兒怨 (2018)
低壓槽 (2018)
棟篤特工 (2018)
as Mr Ma
英雄本色 (2018)
as Ha Ge
燦爛這一刻 (2017)
as 余父
常在你左右 (2017)
as Record Owner
黑白迷宮 (2017)
as Slaughter
京城81号II (2017)
as 军阀
临时演员 (2017)
as Li Qingzhao
合約男女 (2017)
情况不妙 (2016)
as Wang Guoliang
三人行 (2016)
as Fatty (Constable)
老笠 (2016)
as Convenience store boss
Good Take! (2016)
樹大招風 (2016)
as Boss Fong
谋杀似水年华 (2016)
as Zhang Hongmin
一念天堂 (2015)
as Brother Long
解救吾先生 (2015)
as Mr. Su
道士下山 (2015)
壹獄壹世界‧高登闊少踎監日記 (2015)
單身男女2 (2014)
as John
一生一世 (2014)
非狐外传 (2014)
冰封俠:重生之門 (2014)
那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN (2014)
as Suet
诡镇 (2014)
不爱不散 (2014)
as Ke Teng
衝鋒戰警 (2013)
as Ah Wai
獵仇者 (2013)
夏日示愛 (2013)
飛虎出征 (2013)
as Robber
李碧華鬼魅系列: 迷離夜 (2013)
as Boss Lee
盲探 (2013)
as Lee Tak Shing
越来越好之村晚 (2013)
毒戰 (2012)
as Fatso
低俗喜劇 (2012)
as Wah-tao
Million Dollar Crocodile (2012)
as Big-Mouth Zhao
追凶 (2012)
as Cheung Fai
疯狂的蠢贼 (2012)
as cha er si
八星抱喜 (2012)
as Construction Worker
Laughing Gor之潛罪犯 (2011)
as Kui Chuen
大魔術師 (2011)
as Li Feng Jen
与时尚同居 (2011)
as Qin Feng
Jian hu nu xia Qiu Jin (2011)
as Gui Fu
白蛇传说 (2011)
as Chicken Devil
五月天追夢3DNA (2011)
熱浪球愛戰 (2011)
as Water-Father
B+偵探 (2011)
單身男女 (2011)
as John
翡翠明珠 (2010)
as Tiger Chan
鎗王之王 (2010)
as Mr Fong
葉問前傳 (2010)
as Deputy mayor Cheung Ho-Tin
美麗密令 (2010)
as Fatty
惡胎 (2010)
as Kwok Lok
花田囍事2010 (2010)
as His Excellency Wu Fa Da
滅門 (2010)
as Peter Wong
風雲II (2009)
as Piggy King
意外 (2009)
as Fatty
機動部隊─伙伴 (2009)
as Sarge
復仇 (2009)
as Tsui
新宿事件 (2009)
as Old Ghost
機動部隊 - 同袍 (2009)
as Fat Lo
狼牙 (2008)
as Fat Wing
機動部隊─人性 (2008)
as Fat Tong / Sgt Lam Tong
文雀 (2008)
as Lung
一半海水一半火焰 (2008)
as Stick
機動部隊─絕路 (2008)
as Sarge
機動部隊─警例 (2008)
as Tong
一個好爸爸 (2008)
as Big Mouth
奪帥 (2008)
as Wong Shu Chor / Fat Ball
蝴蝶飞 (2008)
as Yan's Roomate
Prisoner 701: Sasori (2008)
as Warden
神探 (2007)
as Fatso - Ko's Inner Personality
兄弟 (2007)
鐵三角 (2007)
as Fat Bo (as Lam Suet)
七擒七纵七色狼 (2007)
as Sonny
跟蹤 (2007)
as Ng Tung / Fatman
戲王之王 (2007)
as Brother Pang
降頭 (2007)
as Officer 'Brother' Sum (as Lam Suet)
醒狮 (2007)
as shopkeeper
森冤 (2007)
as Commissioner Wong
一樓一鬼 (2007)
as Fatty Chow
生日快乐 (2007)
as Orderly [cameo]
男兒本色 (2007)
as Loan Shark Cheng
黑拳 (2006)
as Soo
放‧逐 (2006)
as Fat (as Lam Suet)
狗咬狗 (2006)
as Fat Lam
戀愛初歌 (2006)
as Lam Yu
黑社會以和為貴 (2006)
as Big Head
得閒飲茶 (2006)
as Manny's father
野蛮密笈 (2006)
as Brother Wai
天生一對 (2006)
as Police Officer
怪物 (2005)
as Lo Wai
再説一次我愛你 (2005)
as Paramedic
黑社會 (2005)
as Big Head
非常青春期 (2005)
2 Young (2005)
黑白戰場 (2005)
神經俠侶 (2005)
as Milk powder shoplifter
三岔口 (2005)
as Mou Wai-Bun
2004新紮師兄 (2004)
as Fat Seven
Infernal Mission (2004)
大事件 (2004)
as Yip
江湖 (2004)
as Fat policeman outside toilet
旺角黑夜 (2004)
as Liu
天作之盒 (2004)
as UPS Delivery Man
這個阿爸真爆炸 (2004)
as Inspector Lee
功夫 (2004)
as Axe Gang Vice General
花好月圓 (2004)
as Big Fish
情陷掌門人 (2004)
Chek ji kuen wong (2004)
as Uncle Keun
爆裂都市 (2004)
as Mendosa
1:99 電影行動 (2003)
as 1)
地下鐵 (2003)
as Hoi Yeuk's father
大丈夫 (2003)
as Sgt. Chan
向左走.向右走 (2003)
as Restaurant Owner
我的婆婆黃飛鴻 (2003)
as Internet Cafe Boss
殭屍大時代 (2003)
as Kung
Yi wu liang huo (2003)
PTU (2003)
as Sgt. Lo Sa
奇逢敵手 (2003)
as Bobby Chan
下一站…天后 (2003)
as Kam Hing Cheung
戀上你的床 (2003)
as Judge Chow
愛在陽光下 (2003)
as Himself
新紮師妹2 - 美麗任務 (2003)
as Cheung Man Po
百年好合 (2003)
as Fatty (as Lam Suet)
Jin shi pei yu, xiang gang qing ye (2002)
反收數特遣隊 (2002)
每天嚇你八小時 (2002)
as Knife Lam
奪魄勾魂 (2002)
as Reverend Henry Yeung
变脸迷情 (2002)
as Kwan
非常凶姐 (2002)
as Fatty
怪獸學園 (2002)
as Skinny
我左眼見到鬼 (2002)
as May's Father (as Lam Suet)
暗戰 2 (2001)
as Ken (as Lam Suet)
一个烂赌的传说 (2001)
as Landlord
七號差館 (2001)
as Sai Keung
買兇拍人 (2001)
as Fei Si
全職殺手 (2001)
as Fat Ice
瘦身男女 (2001)
as Bun Man
Hero of City (2001)
as Sing Wah Chyun
Gam yuk fung wan: Ye cau (2001)
情迷大話王 (2001)
as Mr. Wu
老夫子2001 (2001)
as Robber
知法犯法 (2001)
as Ho
鍾無艷 (2001)
as Prime Minister
情迷個半月 (2001)
as Mr. Wong
九龍冰室 (2001)
as Kong
行規 (2000)
辣手回春 (2000)
as Dr. Andy
孤男寡女 (2000)
as Martin (as Lam Suet)
Gui tong ni wan (2000)
as Snow Yung
殺人渡假屋 (2000)
as Joey
茱麗葉與梁山伯 (2000)
as Fat Pang
賭聖3無名小子 (2000)
鎗火 (1999)
as James
化骨龍與千年蟲 (1999)
as Fatty King
暗戰 (1999)
as Suet
再见阿郎 (1999)
as Karl
失業皇帝 (1999)
as Ser's Thug
偉哥的故事 (1998)
真心英雄 (1998)
非常突然 (1998)
行運一條龍 (1998)
as Tall Wai's man
暗花 (1998)
as Cafe Owner's Assistant
恐怖雞 (1997)
as Cleaning river entrance
兩個只能活一個 (1997)
as Mah jong heavy
對不起,多謝你 (1997)
as Tourist with family photographed by Cheo
十萬火急 (1997)
as Arsonist
食神 (1996)
as Pudgy Triad Member
無味神探 (1995)
破壞之王 (1994)
力王 (1991)
as Boss
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