Brinsley Forde

Place of birth:
Islington, North London, England, UK:
Brinsley Forde MBE is a former child actor and founder member of the reggae band Aswad. His film credits include Diamonds are Forever, Babylon and Goodbye Charlie Bright


When Bob Marley Came to Britain (2020)
as Himself
Goodbye Charlie Bright (2001)
as Floyd
Babylon (1980)
as Blue
Please Sir! (1971)
as Wesley
Leo the Last (1970)
as Bip
Peewee Had a Little Ape (1969)
as Toby
A Lad in the Lamp (1969)
as Toby
The Magician (1969)
as Toby
The Astronoughts (1969)
as Toby
It's Not Cricket (1969)
as Toby
Peewee's Pianola (1968)
Billy the Kid (1968)
Bob a Job (1968)
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