Eamonn Walker

Place of birth:
London, England, UK:
Eamonn Walker (born 12 June 1962) is an English film, television and theatre actor.


17th Precinct (2011)
as Wilder Blanks
A Lonely Place to Die (2011)
as Andy
The Company Men (2010)
as Danny
The Messenger (2009)
as Stuart Dorsett
Blood and Bone (2009)
as James
Cadillac Records (2008)
as Howlin' Wolf
Othello: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (2008)
as Othello
Lord of War (2005)
as Andre Baptiste Sr.
Duma (2005)
as Ripkuna
Tears of the Sun (2003)
as Ellis 'Zee' Pettigrew
Whitewash: The Clarence Brandley Story (2002)
as Jew Don Boney
Othello (2001)
as John Othello
Unbreakable (2000)
as Dr. Mathison
Once in the Life (2000)
as Tony
Homicide: The Movie (2000)
as Eric Thomas James
Shopping (1994)
as Peters
One Foot in the Algarve (1993)
as Hugo
Young Soul Rebels (1991)

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