Jeffrey Sayre

Place of birth:
Chicago, Illinois, USA:


The Strongest Man in the World (1975)
as Crumply Crunch Executive (uncredited)
Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972)
as Budget Meeting Attendee (uncredited)
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)
as Restaurant Chef (uncredited)
The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker (1971)
as Man in the Bar (uncredited)
The Million Dollar Duck (1971)
as Man in Refinery Office (uncredited)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)
as Man Seated in Control Room (uncredited)
Blackbeard's Ghost (1968)
as Croupier
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Any Wednesday (1966)
as Art Gallery Visitor (uncredited)
Fate Is the Hunter (1964)
A House Is Not a Home (1964)
as Party Guest
Man's Favorite Sport? (1964)
as Bar Patron (uncredited)
The Wheeler Dealers (1963)
as Restaurant Patron
Advise & Consent (1962)
as Senate Staff Clerk (uncredited)
Cape Fear (1962)
as Bar Patron (uncredited)
Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)
as Man at Political Rally
Seven Ways from Sundown (1960)
as Barfly (uncredited)
Seven Thieves (1960)
Imitation of Life (1959)
as Audience Member
North by Northwest (1959)
as Hotel Lounge Patron / Man at Mt. Rushmore Cafeteria (uncredited)
The Tunnel of Love (1958)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Home Before Dark (1958)
as New Year's Eve Party Reveller
Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
as Clerk at Old Bailey (uncredited)
Bombers B-52 (1957)
as Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
The Joker Is Wild (1957)
as Elevator Passenger/Slot Machine Player
Slaughter on 10th Avenue (1957)
An Affair to Remember (1957)
as Man in Audience
The Opposite Sex (1956)
as Man Leaving Phone Booth
Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
as Extra (uncredited)
High Society (1956)
as Party Guest
I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955)
as Man in TV Audience
It's Always Fair Weather (1955)
as Party Waiter (uncredited)
The Bad and the Beautiful (1952)
as Waiter
This Woman Is Dangerous (1952)
as Casino Employee (Uncredited)
Woman on the Run (1950)
as Police Detective (uncredited)
Destination Murder (1950)
as Nightclub Patron (Uncredited)
The Good Humor Man (1950)
as Police Detective (uncredited)
Gun Crazy (1950)
as Court Clerk (uncredited)
All the King's Men (1949)
as Party Guest (Uncredited)
White Heat (1949)
as Plant Detective (uncredited)
Cover Up (1949)
as Theatre Patron (Uncredited)
Slightly French (1949)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Mystery in Mexico (1948)
as Airline Passenger
Wallflower (1948)
Out of the Past (1947)
as Man in Nightclub Cloakroom (uncredited)
Monsieur Verdoux (1947)
as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Lured (1947)
as Concertgoer
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
as Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Johnny O'Clock (1947)
as Card Player
The Secret Heart (1946)
as Dance Extra
The Big Sleep (1946)
as Croupier (uncredited)
Notorious (1946)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Devotion (1946)
as Guest at Thornton's Ball
Tomorrow Is Forever (1946)
as Hamilton Employee
Three Strangers (1946)
as Waiter
Adventure (1945)
as Wheel of Fortune (uncredited)
Mildred Pierce (1945)
as Diner Customer (uncredited)
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945)
as Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
The Falcon in San Francisco (1945)
as Nightclub Patron
Mr. Skeffington (1944)
as Nightclub Guest (uncredited)
The Fighting Seabees (1944)
as Lt. Cmdr. Kane (uncredited)
The Hard Way (1943)
as Chorus Boy (Uncredited)
The Big Street (1942)
as Nightclub Patron (Uncredited)
Men of San Quentin (1942)
as Jimmy
Saboteur (1942)
as Ken Mason
Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942)
as Rodeo Spectator (uncredited)
The Fleet's In (1942)
as Sailor
Hold That Ghost (1941)
as Chorus Boy (uncredited)
In the Navy (1941)
as Sailor (uncredited)
Blonde Inspiration (1941)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Knute Rockne All American (1940)
as Jeff - Reporter on Train (uncredited)
On the Spot (1940)
as Hype Innes
'Til We Meet Again (1940)
as Steward (uncredited)
Brother Rat and a Baby (1940)
as El Mecca Club Waiter
A Child Is Born (1939)
as Second Drugstore Clerk (uncredited)
The Roaring Twenties (1939)
as Order-Taker (uncredited)
Mutiny in the Big House (1939)
as Milo
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)
as Man at Landing Gate
Indianapolis Speedway (1939)
as Racetrack Official
Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939)
as A. Dalzell - First Editor (uncredited)
Dark Victory (1939)
as Doctor (uncredited)
The Oklahoma Kid (1939)
as 'Times' Reporter
Secret Service of the Air (1939)
as Road Gang Guard
Gold Diggers in Paris (1938)
as Jimmy - Club Ballé Waiter
Over the Wall (1938)
as Convict
International Settlement (1938)
as Gangster
Talent Scout (1937)
as Story Researcher
Marked Woman (1937)
as Grahams Trial Assistant (uncredited)
Midnight Taxi (1937)
as Buck
Ready, Willing and Able (1937)
as Reporter at Party
General Spanky (1936)
as Man at Bulletin Board
Great Guy (1936)
as Sugar Clerk (Uncredited)
Sworn Enemy (1936)
as Hood at Table
Crash Donovan (1936)
as Headwaiter (uncredited)
36 Hours to Kill (1936)
as Gangster Fritz © 2021

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