Jim Farley

Place of birth:
Waldron, Arkansas, USA:


The Phantom Creeps (1949)
as Harbormaster
Time Out Of Mind (1947)
Buck Privates Come Home (1947)
as Bank Guard #2 (uncredited)
The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
as Warden (uncredited)
Leave Her to Heaven (1945)
as Train Conductor (uncredited)
They Were Expendable (1945)
In Old New Mexico (1945)
as Hank
Frontier Law (1943)
as Jed Bates
Hot Foot (1943)
Quiet Please, Murder (1943)
as Detective
Northwest Rangers (1942)
as Miner
You Can't Escape Forever (1942)
as Ticket Seller (uncredited)
The Silver Bullet (1942)
as Sheriff Sam
In Old California (1942)
as Angry Citizen in Lynch Mob
This Gun for Hire (1942)
as Night Watchman (uncredited)
Pacific Blackout (1941)
as Cop
Badlands Of Dakota (1941)
as Councilman
Rawhide Rangers (1941)
as Banker
Riders of Death Valley (1941)
as Graham
In the Navy (1941)
as Policeman (uncredited)
Santa Fe Trail (1940)
as Brewer, Armory Hostage (uncredited)
Trail of the Vigilantes (1940)
as Rancher
Junior G-Men (1940)
as Accusing Pedestrian
Stranger on the Third Floor (1940)
as Policeman at Accident (uncredited)
Boys of the City (1940)
as Police Captain
Sky Bandits (1940)
as Inspector Warner
Winners of the West (1940)
as Greely
Virginia City (1940)
as Southerner (uncredited)
The House Across the Bay (1940)
as Prison Guard
East Side Kids (1940)
as Police Captain Moran
The Green Hornet (1940)
as Police Captain (uncredited)
Reno (1939)
as Bartender
I Stole a Million (1939)
as Doorman (uncredited)
Mutiny on the Blackhawk (1939)
as Ship's Officer
Union Pacific (1939)
as Laborer-Grader (uncredited)
Zenobia (1939)
as Juryman
Dodge City (1939)
as Engineer (uncredited)
The Phantom Creeps (1939)
as Skipper
Exposed (1938)
as Policeman
You Can't Take It with You (1938)
as Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Professor Beware (1938)
as Fire Chief
Flaming Frontiers (1938)
as Hawkins
The Girl of the Golden West (1938)
as Man in Sheriff's Office
Gold Is Where You Find It (1938)
as Miner (uncredited)
Love Is a Headache (1938)
as Plainclothesman (uncredited)
Crashing Hollywood (1938)
as Dining Car Waiter (uncredited)
Quick Money (1937)
as Sheriff Mart (as James Farley)
The Californian (1937)
as Sheriff Stanton
Let Them Live (1937)
as Police
The Man Who Found Himself (1937)
as Railroad Conductor
The Great O'Malley (1937)
as Jones - Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
We Who Are About to Die (1937)
as Police Officer Johnson (uncredited)
Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)
as Detective (uncredited)
Great Guy (1936)
as Police Desk Sergeant (Uncredited)
California Mail (1936)
as Dan Tolliver
Dancing Pirate (1936)
as Sailor (uncredited)
Captain January (1936)
as Deputy Sheriff
Song of the Saddle (1936)
as Tom Coburn
The Petrified Forest (1936)
as Sheriff (uncredited)
Midnight Phantom (1935)
as Chief James A. Sullivan
Diamond Jim (1935)
as Passenger
Westward Ho (1935)
as Lafe Gordon
The Arizonian (1935)
as Posse Member
Carnival (1935)
as Detective
Let's Talk It Over (1934)
as Cop
Two Alone (1934)
as 1st Deputy Sheriff (uncredited)
The Chief (1933)
as Arresting Policeman
Afraid to Talk (1932)
as Police Sergeant
Flaming Gold (1932)
as Board Member
Scandal for Sale (1932)
as Police Lieutenant
The Wet Parade (1932)
as Bar Proprietor (uncredited)
Texas Cyclone (1932)
as Web Oliver
Caught Plastered (1931)
as Clancy - a Policeman
Three Rogues (1931)
as Marshal Dunn
Danger Lights (1930)
as Joe Geraghty
Road To Paradise (1930)
as Police Officer Farley
Lucky Larkin (1930)
as Martin Brierson
The Voice of the City (1929)
as Police Inspector Wilmot
Weary River (1929)
as Plainclothesman with Sergeant (uncredited)
In Old Arizona (1928)
as Townsman (uncredited)
The King of Kings (1927)
as Executioner
The General (1926)
as General Thatcher
The Lodge in the Wilderness (1926)
A Son of His Father (1925)
as Indian Pete
Travelin' On (1922)
as Dandy Dan McGee
The Devil Within (1921)
as Scurlock
The Challenge of the Law (1920)
as Pere Du Barre
The Fourteenth Man (1920)
as Monk Brady
The Girl in the Rain (1920)
Sue of the South (1919)
A Lady's Name (1918)
as Flood
Mad Hour
as Police Inspector

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