Chieko Honda

Place of birth:
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan:
Chieko Honda was a Japanese voice actress. During her career, she was affiliated with Haikyou and Max Mix. At the time of her death in 2013, she was attached to Aoni Production.


少女革命ウテナ アドゥレセンス黙示録 (1999)
as Kozue Kaoru (voice)
人形使い (1996)
as Little Girl (voice)
Kakyuusei (1995)
外道学園 (1994)
as Yumi Mikogami (voice)
砂の薔薇(デザート・ローズ) 「雪の黙示録」 (1993)
as Irene (voice)
Mamono Hunter Yôko Part 2 (1992)
サイレントメビウス2 (1992)
as Nami Yamigumo (voice)
トトイ (1992)
as Francesca (voice)
Moryo Senki Madara (1991)
as (voice)
サイレントメビウス (1991)
as Nami Yamigumo (voice)
Mamono Hantā Yōko (1990)
究極のSEXアドベンチャー カーマスートラ (1990)
as Yukari Tsuji (voice)
Gall Force: Chikyû shô (1989)
as Mitty (voice)
強殖装甲ガイバー (1989)
as Natsuki Taga/ Barcas's Aide (voice)
レア・ガルフォース (1989)
as Mitty (voice)
ライディング・ビーン (1989)
as Chelsea (voice)
冥王計画ゼオライマー (1989)
as Miku Himuro (voice)
ガルフォース3 スターダスト・ウォー (1988)
as Amy (voice)
Ryuu Seiki (1988)
as Rulishia (voice)
きまぐれオレンジ★ロード あの日にかえりたい (1988)
as Kurumi Kasuga (voice)
テンリトルガルフォース (1988)
as Amy (voice)
冥王計画ゼオライマー (1988)
as Miku Himuro (voice)
Shin majin den batoru royaru haisukûru (1987)
as Koyama Megumi (voice)
ガルフォース2 ディストラクション (1987)
as Amy (voice)
デッドヒート (1987)
as Kaori (voice)
Juusenki L-Gaim III: Full Metal Soldier (1987)
as Amu Fannelia (voice)
エルフ・17 (1987)
as Ruu (voice)
赤い光弾ジリオン 歌姫夜曲 (1986)
as Emi (voice) © 2020

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