John Sheehan

Place of birth:
Oakland, California, USA:


The Lady and the Bandit (1951)
as Huggens
Where Danger Lives (1950)
as Quartz Miner (uncredited)
Alias Nick Beal (1949)
as Reformer
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948)
as Judge
Buck Privates Come Home (1947)
as Drew (INS) (uncredited)
Magnificent Doll (1946)
as Hugo
I've Always Loved You (1946)
as Stagehand 1
The Killers (1946)
as Fight Arena Doctor (uncredited)
The Man in Half Moon Street (1945)
as Expressman
Johnny Come Lately (1943)
as Cop
Bombardier (1943)
as Congressman
It Ain't Hay (1943)
as Storekeeper (uncredited)
Silent Witness (1943)
as Detective Dan Callahan
Mug Town (1942)
as Manager
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1942)
as Theatre Ticket Seller
Night in New Orleans (1942)
as Drunk (Uncredited)
This Gun for Hire (1942)
as Keever (uncredited)
Woman of the Year (1942)
as Red Face
Pacific Blackout (1941)
as Sergeant
Mob Town (1941)
as Mr. Loomis
Honky Tonk (1941)
as Townsman
Flight Command (1940)
as Friendly Mechanic
Tin Pan Alley (1940)
as Announcer
Mexican Spitfire Out West (1940)
as Janitor
Seven Sinners (1940)
as Drunk (uncredited)
Hullabaloo (1940)
as Audition Manager
City for Conquest (1940)
as Man Yelling at Ringside (uncredited)
Men Against the Sky (1940)
as Bartender
Gold Rush Maisie (1940)
as Drunk Greeting 'Pop' (uncredited)
Millionaires in Prison (1940)
as Deputy Taking Keats & Kellogg to Prison
Three Faces West (1940)
as Man Asking When Wedding Will Be
King of the Lumberjacks (1940)
as Bartender
The Marines Fly High (1940)
as Airplane Seller
I Take This Woman (1940)
as Clinic Patient with Good Blood Pressure
Hidden Enemy (1940)
as Marden
Mexican Spitfire (1940)
as Bartender in Mexico
Slightly Honorable (1939)
as Mike Daley
Dust Be My Destiny (1939)
as County Justice of the Peace
Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite (1939)
as Desk Sergeant O'Toole
Wolf Call (1939)
as Grogan
Big Town Czar (1939)
as Ray Norman
They Made Me a Criminal (1939)
as Man in Front of Grandma
Down on the Farm (1938)
as Fire Chief
Youth Takes a Fling (1938)
as Second Communist
Love on a Budget (1938)
as Fire Chief Nelson
Night Club Scandal (1937)
as Duffy
Love Takes Flight (1937)
as Spud Johnson
All Over Town (1937)
as McKee
Island Captives (1937)
as Island Police Commandant
Marked Woman (1937)
as Vincent
Midnight Court (1937)
as 'Clouter' Hoag
Under Southern Stars (1937)
as Number Thirteen
The Great O'Malley (1937)
as Policeman in Radio Car (uncredited)
On the Avenue (1937)
as Stage Manager
Smart Blonde (1937)
as Leon Blyfuss
The Case of the Black Cat (1936)
as Sergeant Holcomb
Here Comes Carter (1936)
as Slugs Dana
Ticket to Paradise (1936)
as Taxi Driver
Three Godfathers (1936)
as Ed
The Goose and the Gander (1935)
as Murphy
The Murder Man (1935)
as Sweeney
The Human Side (1934)
as Gardy (uncredited)
The Circus Clown (1934)
as Moxley
The Personality Kid (1934)
as Prof. Thompson
Little Miss Marker (1934)
as Sun Rise, a Bookie
House of Mystery (1934)
as Harry Smith
The Countess of Monte Cristo (1934)
as Sterner
King for a Night (1933)
as Manny
The Chief (1933)
as Charlie, a Streetcleaner
Bureau of Missing Persons (1933)
as Tom--Morgue Attendant (uncredited)
As the Devil Commands (1933)
as Wilfred Morgan
Arizona to Broadway (1933)
as Flynn's Straightman
The Gay Nighties (1933)
as Mr. Oliver Beezley
The Warrior's Husband (1933)
as Pokus
Lost in Limehouse (1933)
as Sir Marmaduke Rakes
The Keyhole (1933)
as Ship Bartender (uncredited)
State Fair (1933)
as Barker at Aerial Act (Uncredited)
Hard to Handle (1933)
as Ed 'Mac' McGrath (uncredited)
The Past of Mary Holmes (1933)
as Tom Kincaid
Call Her Savage (1932)
as Drunken Tenant (Uncredited)
Hold 'Em Jail (1932)
as Mike Maloney
Too Young to Marry (1931)
Fair Warning (1931)
as Kelduff
The Criminal Code (1930)
as 'Mac' McManus
Kismet (1930)
as Kazim
Swing High (1930)
as Doc May
The Comet's Come-Back (1916)
Pretenses (1915)
as Steve Nolan © 2021

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