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​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Douglas Fowley (May 30, 1911 – May 21, 1998) was an American movie and television actor. Fowley was born Daniel Vincent Fowley in The Bronx, New York. The 5'11" actor is probably best remembered for his role as the movie director Roscoe Dexter in Singing in the Rain (1952). The actor appeared in over 240 films and later in dozens of television programs. Fowley's films include Twenty Mule Team, Mighty Joe Young, Battleground, Armored Car Robbery, Chick Carter, Detective, The Naked Jungle, The High and the Mighty and Walking Tall. Fowley began acting while attending St. Francis Xavier Military Academy. After nightclub performing and stage work, Fowley appeared in his first film alongside Spencer Tracy in The Mad Game in 1933. Early in his acting career he was usually cast as movie heavies or gangsters in B-movies including Charlie Chan and Laurel and Hardy features. Fowley, with then-wife contract actress Shelby Payne, is the father of 1960s record producer Kim Fowley. In the 1950s, he appeared on NBC's The Donald O'Connor Show as himself, as a con man in two episodes of the NBC sitcom It's a Great Life, in Reed Hadley's legal drama, The Public Defender, on the ABC situation comedy The Pride of the Family, and on two Rod Cameron series, the syndicated City Detective and the western-themed State Trooper. The World War II veteran grew a long beard in the 1960s to play Gabby Hayes-like roles on television which was a contrast to his well-groomed looks in the 1940s and 1950s. He appeared in the syndicated 1959-1960 western Pony Express in the episode "Showdown at "Thirty Mile Ridge". Miracle of the White Stallions (1963). Fowley was usually typecast as a villain; when not playing an actual criminal, he often portrayed an argumentative trouble-maker. Portraying a member of Tyrone Power's orchestra in Alexander's Ragtime Band, in the early scenes of the film Fowley's character quarrels with his bandmates, but this is not developed in the film's later scenes. From 1966-1967, Fowley was a regular cast member in Pistols 'n' Petticoats, a CBS sitcom parodying the Old West, somewhat like Forrest Tucker's F Troop on ABC. Fowley played the elderly patriarch in a family of gun-toting women who needed no male assistance. His co-stars were Ruth McDevitt as his wife; Ann Sheridan as his daughter (who died in real life two months before the series ended), and Gary Vinson as Sheriff Harold Sikes. Fowley continued to act into the 1970s and was frequently billed as "Douglas V. Fowley". One of his last roles was as Delaney Rafferty (opposite Patsy Kelly) in Disney's The North Avenue Irregulars, in which he dressed in drag. Fowley died nine days prior to his 87th birthday. Description above from the Wikipedia article Douglas Fowley, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


Gene Kelly: Anatomy of a Dancer (2002)
as Himself (archive footage)
Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone (1994)
as Doc Holliday / Doc Fabrique (flashback sequences) (archive footage)
The North Avenue Irregulars (1979)
as Delaney
Sunshine Christmas (1977)
as Stanley
The White Buffalo (1977)
as Amos Bixby (Train Conductor / narrator)
Black Oak Conspiracy (1977)
as Bryan Hancock (as Douglas V. Fowley)
From Noon Till Three (1976)
as Buck Bowers
Homebodies (1974)
as Mr. Crawford
Walking Tall (1973)
as Judge R.W. Clarke
Run, Cougar, Run (1972)
as Joe Bickley
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969)
as Grundy
Guns of Diablo (1965)
as Mr. Knudsen
7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964)
as Toothless Cowboy
Barabbas (1961)
as Vasasio
Buffalo Gun (1961)
as Sheriff
Desire in the Dust (1960)
as Zuba Wilson
Raiders of Old California (1957)
as Sheriff
Bayou (1957)
as Emil Hebert
The Badge of Marshal Brennan (1957)
as Marshal Brennan
Kelly and Me (1957)
as Dave Gans
Rock, Pretty Baby (1956)
as Pop Wright
Man from Del Rio (1956)
as Doc Adams
Bandido! (1956)
as McGhee
The Broken Star (1956)
as Thornton W. Wills
Texas Lady (1955)
as Clay Ballard (Clarion owner)
The Girl Rush (1955)
as Charlie - Stickman
The Lonesome Trail (1955)
as Crazy Charley Bonesteel
Deep in My Heart (1954)
as Harold Butterfield
The High and the Mighty (1954)
as Alsop
The Lone Gun (1954)
as Bartender
Casanova's Big Night (1954)
as Second Prisoner
Southwest Passage (1954)
as Toad Ellis
Untamed Heiress (1954)
as Pal
The Naked Jungle (1954)
as Medicine Man
Red River Shore (1953)
as Case Lockwood
Cat-Women of the Moon (1953)
as Walter 'Walt' Walters
The Band Wagon (1953)
as Auctioneer (uncredited)
Cruisin' Down the River (1953)
as Humphrey Hepburn
A Slight Case of Larceny (1953)
as Mr. White
Kansas Pacific (1953)
as Max Janus
The Man Behind The Gun (1953)
as Buckley Saloon Manager
Singin' in the Rain (1952)
as Roscoe Dexter
Just This Once (1952)
as Frank Pirosh
This Woman Is Dangerous (1952)
as Saunders
Finders Keepers (1952)
as Franke Simmons
Callaway Went Thataway (1951)
as Gaffer (uncredited)
Angels in the Outfield (1951)
as Cab Driver (uncredited)
South of Caliente (1951)
as Dave Norris
Across the Wide Missouri (1951)
as Tin Cup Owens (uncredited)
Criminal Lawyer (1951)
as Harry Cheney
Tarzan's Peril (1951)
as Herbert Trask
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (1950)
as Steve Kepplar
Stage to Tucson (1950)
as Ira Prentiss
Rio Grande Patrol (1950)
as Bragg Orcutt
Bunco Squad (1950)
as Det. Sgt. Mack McManus
Edge of Doom (1950)
as Detective #2
Armored Car Robbery (1950)
as Benjamin 'Benny' McBride
Rider from Tucson (1950)
as Bob Rankin
So You Think You're Not Guilty (1950)
as Convict (uncredited)
Killer Shark (1950)
as Louie Bracado
He's a Cockeyed Wonder (1950)
as 'Crabs' Freeley
Renegades of the Sage (1949)
as Sloper
Battleground (1949)
as 'Kipp' Kippton
Satan's Cradle (1949)
as Steve Gentry
Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch (1949)
as Thurston
Mighty Joe Young (1949)
as Jones
Massacre River (1949)
as Simms
Arson, Inc. (1949)
as Frederick P. 'Fred' Fender
Susanna Pass (1949)
as Roberts aka Walter P. Johnson
Search for Danger (1949)
as The Inspector
Flaxy Martin (1949)
as Max, Detective
Gun Smugglers (1948)
as Steve Reeves
The Denver Kid (1948)
as Henchman Slip
Joe Palooka in Winner Take All (1948)
as Reporter
Behind Locked Doors (1948)
as Larson
Coroner Creek (1948)
as Stew Shallis
Waterfront at Midnight (1948)
as Joe Sargus
The Dude Goes West (1948)
as Beetle
Charlie Chan in Docks of New Orleans (1948)
as Grock
If You Knew Susie (1948)
as Marty
Roses Are Red (1947)
as Ace Oliver (as Doug Fowley)
Merton of the Movies (1947)
as Phil
Ridin' Down the Trail (1947)
as Mark Butler
The Gas House Kids in Hollywood (1947)
as Mitch Gordon
Jungle Flight (1947)
as Tom Hammond
The Hucksters (1947)
as Georgie Gaver
The Trespasser (1947)
as Bill Monroe
Desperate (1947)
as Pete Lavitch, Private Eye
Fun on a Weekend (1947)
as Gambling House Owner
Three on a Ticket (1947)
as Mace Morgan
Yankee Fakir (1947)
as Murgatroyd Bartholomew Davis
Fall Guy (1947)
as Inspector Shannon
Backlash (1947)
as Red Bailey
Undercover Maisie (1947)
as Daniels
Scared to Death (1947)
as Terry Lee
Wild Country (1947)
as Clark Varney
North of the Border (1946)
as Nails Nelson
'Neath Canadian Skies (1946)
as Ned Thompson
High School Hero (1946)
as Coach Carter
Chick Carter, Detective (1946)
as Rusty Farrell
In Fast Company (1946)
as Steve Trent
Larceny in Her Heart (1946)
as Doc H. C. Patterson
The Glass Alibi (1946)
as Joe Eykner
Blonde Alibi (1946)
as Henchman Willie (uncredited)
Drifting Along (1946)
as Jack Dailey
Life with Blondie (1945)
as Blackie Leonard
Don't Fence Me In (1945)
as Jack Gordon
Along the Navajo Trail (1945)
as J. Richard Bentley
One Body Too Many (1944)
as Henry Rutherford
Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1944)
as Rudy (uncredited)
The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944)
as Bit Part (uncredited)
Detective Kitty O'Day (1944)
as Harry Downs
And the Angels Sing (1944)
as N.Y. Cafe Manager (uncredited)
Shake Hands with Murder (1944)
as Steve Morgan
Rationing (1944)
as Dixie Samson
See Here, Private Hargrove (1944)
as Capt. R.S. Manville
Lady in the Death House (1944)
as Dr. Dwight 'Brad' Bradford
The Racket Man (1944)
as Toby Sykes
Riding High (1943)
as Brown
Minesweeper (1943)
as Cutter Lieutenant Wells
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943)
as Nails Blanton (uncredited)
Bar 20 (1943)
as Henchman Slash
The Kansan (1943)
as Ben Nash
Colt Comrades (1943)
as Joe Brass
Jitterbugs (1943)
as Malcolm Bennett
Gildersleeve's Bad Day (1943)
as Louie Barton
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943)
as Wallace
Stand by for Action (1942)
as Ensign Martin
Lost Canyon (1942)
as Jeff Burton
The Devil with Hitler (1942)
as Walter Beeter
For the Common Defense! (1942)
as Dutch Mullner
I Live on Danger (1942)
as Joey Farr
Mississippi Gambler (1942)
as Chet Matthews
So's Your Aunt Emma! (1942)
as Gus Hammond
Sunset on the Desert (1942)
as Ramsay McCall
Mr. Wise Guy (1942)
as Bill Collins
Hay Foot (1942)
as Captain Rossmead
Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case (1941)
as Vincent Mackay
Secrets of the Wastelands (1941)
as Slade Salters
Doctors Don't Tell (1941)
as Joe Grant
Dangerous Lady (1941)
as Police Sgt. Brent
Tanks a Million (1941)
as Capt. Rossmead
The Parson of Panamint (1941)
as Chappie Ellerton
Ellery Queen, Master Detective (1940)
as Rocky Taylor
East of the River (1940)
as Cy Turner
Cherokee Strip (1940)
as Alf Barrett
The Leather Pushers (1940)
as Slick Connolly
Pier 13 (1940)
as Johnnie Hale
Wagons Westward (1940)
as Bill Marsden
20 Mule Team (1940)
as Stag Roper
Cafe Hostess (1940)
as Eddie Morgan
Slightly Honorable (1939)
as Madder
Henry Goes Arizona (1939)
as Ricky Dole
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)
as Peter Lewis
It Could Happen to You (1939)
as Freddie Barlow
Boy Friend (1939)
as Ed Boyd
Lucky Night (1939)
as George
Dodge City (1939)
as Munger
Inside Story (1939)
as Gus Brawley
The Arizona Wildcat (1939)
as Rufe Galloway
Submarine Patrol (1938)
as Seaman Pinky Brett
Time Out for Murder (1938)
as J.E. 'Dutch' Moran
Keep Smiling (1938)
as Cedric Hunt
Passport Husband (1938)
as Tiger Martin
Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938)
as Snapper
Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)
as Nick Crowder
Walking Down Broadway (1938)
as Ace Wagner
City Girl (1938)
as Ritchie
Love and Hisses (1937)
as Webster
Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937)
as Johnny Burke
Wake Up and Live (1937)
as Herman
One Mile From Heaven (1937)
as Jim Tabor
She Had to Eat (1937)
as Duke Stacey
Fifty Roads to Town (1937)
as Dutch Nelson
This Is My Affair (1937)
as Alec
On the Avenue (1937)
as Eddie Eads
Time Out for Romance (1937)
as Roy Webster
Woman-Wise (1937)
as Stevens
15 Maiden Lane (1936)
as Nick Shelby
Sing, Baby, Sing (1936)
as Mac
Crash Donovan (1936)
as Harris
36 Hours to Kill (1936)
as Duke Benson
Navy Born (1936)
as Lt. Steve Bassett
Small Town Girl (1936)
as Chick Page (uncredited)
Big Brown Eyes (1936)
as Benny Battle
Ring Around the Moon (1936)
as Ted Curlew
Two for Tonight (1935)
as Pooch Donahue
Old Man Rhythm (1935)
as Oyster
Princess O'Hara (1935)
as Emcee (uncredited)
Transient Lady (1935)
as Matt Baxter
Night Life of the Gods (1935)
as Cyril Sparks
Student Tour (1934)
as Mushy
The Girl from Missouri (1934)
as New Bellboy with Vase (uncredited)
Let's Talk It Over (1934)
as Sailor Jones
The Thin Man (1934)
as Taxi Driver (uncredited)
I Hate Women (1934)
as Nelson
Sleepers East (1934)
as Gangster (uncredited)
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