Ballard Berkeley

Place of birth:
Margate, Kent, England, UK:


The BFG (1989)
as Head of the Army (voice)
National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)
as 2nd Motorist
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980)
as Harry Lorradaile
The Wildcats of St. Trinian's (1980)
as Humphry Wills
Queen of the Blues (1979)
as Uncle Fred (as Ballard Barclay)
Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976)
as Lord Snodley
Concerto per pistola solista (1970)
as Peter, the butler
Hostile Witness (1968)
as Clerk of Court
Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles (1968)
as Sir Charles Baskerville
The Night Caller (1965)
as Cmdr. Savage
Impact (1963)
as Bill MacKenzie
A Matter of Choice (1963)
as Charles Grant
Cone of Silence (1960)
as Commissioner
Chain of Events (1958)
as Stockman
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1958)
as Court Clerk (uncredited)
After the Ball (1957)
as Andrews
Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst (1957)
as Lieutenant Colonel Dewar-Curie
The Betrayal (1957)
as Lawson
My Teenage Daughter (1956)
as Magistrate
The Men of Sherwood Forest (1954)
as Walter
Forbidden Cargo (1954)
as Cooper
Dangerous Cargo (1954)
as Findley
The Weak and the Wicked (1954)
as Police Detective
Three Steps to the Gallows (1953)
as Insp. Haley
Operation Diplomat (1953)
as Inspector Austin
The Blue Parrot (1953)
as Supt. Chester
The Lost Hours (1952)
as Doctor
The Frightened Man (1952)
as Inspector Bligh
The Long Dark Hall (1951)
as Supt. Maxey
Stage Fright (1950)
as Sergeant Mellish
They Made Me a Fugitive (1947)
as Rockliffe
Quiet Weekend (1946)
as Jim Brent
In Which We Serve (1942)
as Engineer Commander
The Flying Squad (1940)
as Smuggler in Airplane
The Saint in London (1939)
as Richard Blake
Black Eyes (1939)
as Diner
Jennifer Hale (1937)
as Richard Severn
East Meets West (1936)
as Nazim
The Chinese Bungalow (1930)
as Richard Marquess
London Melody (1930)
as Jan Moor © 2021

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