Walt Whitman

Place of birth:
Lyon, New York, USA:
Walt Whitman _(not to be confused with the poet, 1819-1892, of the same name)_ was an American stage and screen character actor, in films from 1915 to 1924.


Long Live the King (1923)
as The Chancellor
The Grub Stake (1923)
as The Skipper
The Love Letter (1923)
A Question of Honor (1922)
His Nibs (1921)
as The Boy's Father
The Three Musketeers (1921)
as D'Artagnan's Father
The Northern Trail (1921)
The Home Stretch (1921)
as Mr. Warren
The Mark of Zorro (1920)
as Fray Felipe
Darling Mine (1920)
as James McCarthy
Dangerous Hours (1919)
as Dr. King
John Petticoats (1919)
The Heart of Humanity (1918)
as Father Michael
Daughter Angele (1918)
Everywoman's Husband (1918)
The Girl, Glory (1917)
as Jed Wharton
The Desert Man (1917)
as Old Burns
The Boss of the Lazy Y (1917)
as Malcolm Clayton
The Dark Road (1917)
as Sir John Constable
The Last of the Ingrams (1917)
as Israel Spence
Princess of the Dark (1917)
as James Herron
The Three Musketeers (1916)
as Cardinal Richelieu
Tools of Providence (1915)
as Rev. Austin

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