Stuart Holmes

Place of birth:
Chicago, Illinois, USA:


Jack the Giant Killer (1962)
as Celebration Guest (uncredited)
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)
as Statehood Audience Member (uncredited)
North by Northwest (1959)
as Hotel Lounge Patron (uncredited)
Until They Sail (1957)
as Townsman (uncredited)
Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
as Extra (uncredited)
The Search for Bridey Murphy (1956)
as Guest (Uncredited)
The Cobweb (1955)
as Mr. Wietz
Duffy of San Quentin (1954)
as Judge
Remains to Be Seen (1953)
as Travis Reverecombe (uncredited)
Too Young to Kiss (1951)
as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Rhubarb (1951)
as Golfer (uncredited)
Darling, How Could You! (1951)
as Dancer on Ship (Uncredited)
Where Danger Lives (1950)
as Man (uncredited)
The Furies (1950)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Rocketship X-M (1950)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Father of the Bride (1950)
as Wedding Guest in Dream Sequence (uncredited)
Alias Nick Beal (1949)
as Minister
Street Corner (1948)
as Judge
Romance on the High Seas (1948)
as Ship Passenger (uncredited)
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
as Man Ordered Out of Train Compartment by Captain (uncredited)
Fear in the Night (1947)
as Man with Packages in Elevator (uncredited)
Voice of the Whistler (1945)
as Sinclair Executive (uncredited)
A Song to Remember (1945)
as Concert Attendee (uncredited)
The Missing Juror (1944)
as Juror (Uncredited)
The Climax (1944)
as King's Consul (Uncredited)
Address Unknown (1944)
as Guest at Christening (uncredited)
Mr. Skeffington (1944)
as Man in Skeffington's Office (uncredited)
The White Cliffs of Dover (1944)
as Ball Guest
Main Street Today (1944)
as Citizen at Town Meeting (uncredited)
Find the Blackmailer (1943)
as Rhodes' Butler
Action in the North Atlantic (1943)
as Lieutenant-Commander at Meeting (uncredited)
The Mysterious Doctor (1943)
as Civil Defense Officer
Vaudeville Days (1942)
as Man in Audience (uncredited)
You Can't Escape Forever (1942)
as Dancer at Lonesome Club (uncredited)
Spy Ship (1942)
as Hoffman - Nazi Agent
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)
as Jury Foreman
Bad Men of Missouri (1941)
as Train Conductor
A Dispatch from Reuters (1940)
as Coach Attendant
No Time for Comedy (1940)
as Bartender at Wyler's Party (uncredited)
Flowing Gold (1940)
as Man (uncredited)
Money and the Woman (1940)
as Depositor (uncredited)
The Sea Hawk (1940)
Three Faces West (1940)
as Extra Farmer at Meeting
A Fugitive from Justice (1940)
as Reporter at Train Station (uncredited)
Tear Gas Squad (1940)
as Deputy city clerk Smith
An Angel from Texas (1940)
as Extra on Mayor's Platform
Alex in Wonderland (1940)
as Husband
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940)
as Male Nurse
Castle on the Hudson (1940)
as Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Calling Philo Vance (1940)
as Hertz (uncredited)
British Intelligence (1940)
as Luchow - German Soldier
We Are Not Alone (1939)
as Extra with Cane at Train Station
Kid Nightingale (1939)
as Bartender
The Roaring Twenties (1939)
as Taxi Passenger (uncredited)
On Your Toes (1939)
as Man in Hotel Lobby
The Monroe Doctrine (1939)
as Grover Cleveland
Espionage Agent (1939)
as American Tourist
Slapsie Maxie's (1939)
as Waiter (uncredited)
Dust Be My Destiny (1939)
as Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Angels Wash Their Faces (1939)
as Policeman at Bowling Alley (uncredited)
The Old Maid (1939)
as Man at Train Station (uncredited)
Indianapolis Speedway (1939)
as Extra on Dance Floor
The Cowboy Quarterback (1939)
as Airport Official
Each Dawn I Die (1939)
as Accident Witness (uncredited)
Hell's Kitchen (1939)
as Man in Judge's Hockey Game Box
Daughters Courageous (1939)
as Tourist's Broker (uncredited)
Naughty But Nice (1939)
as Capt. Gregory Waddington-Smith (uncredited)
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter (1939)
as Stationmaster
Juarez (1939)
as Soldier with Letter to Maximilian (uncredited)
Code of the Secret Service (1939)
as Croupier
Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939)
as Mr. James (uncredited)
Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939)
as Draftsman (uncredited)
Dark Victory (1939)
as Doctor (uncredited)
On Trial (1939)
as Mr. Summers - Juror #6
The Oklahoma Kid (1939)
as President Grover Cleveland
Secret Service of the Air (1939)
as Agent Gowing
Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939)
as Club Member / Party Guest (uncredited)
They Made Me a Criminal (1939)
as Second Fight Timekeeper (uncredited)
King of the Underworld (1939)
as Doorman
Devil's Island (1939)
as Gustav LeBrun
Swingtime in the Movies (1938)
as Studio Lot Extra (uncredited)
Heart of the North (1938)
as Assay Assistant
Torchy Gets Her Man (1938)
as Bettor on #9
Girls on Probation (1938)
as Jury Foreman
Garden of the Moon (1938)
as Night Club Patron (uncredited)
Penrod's Double Trouble (1938)
as Banker Dinner Guest
Racket Busters (1938)
as Vic Thompson (uncredited)
Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938)
as Doorman
My Bill (1938)
as Passerby Who Doesn't Buy a Newspaper
Mystery House (1938)
as Jury Foreman (Uncredited)
Over the Wall (1938)
as Jury Foreman
He Couldn't Say No (1938)
as $1 Bidder
Jezebel (1938)
as Doctor at Duel (uncredited)
Blondes at Work (1938)
as Bailiff (uncredited)
Romance Road (1938)
as Workman (uncredited)
The Patient in Room 18 (1938)
as Man Leaving Hospital (uncredited)
Expensive Husbands (1937)
as Castle Servant at End
The Adventurous Blonde (1937)
as Crowd Control Officer
Wine, Women and Horses (1937)
as Croupier
Prairie Thunder (1937)
as Portland
Varsity Show (1937)
as Professor (uncredited)
Confession (1937)
as Policeman in Court (uncredited)
Public Wedding (1937)
as Man Who Avoids Whale
Blazing Sixes (1937)
as Extra as Dancer
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937)
as Renald's Butler
Melody For Two (1937)
as Green Hill Headwaiter
Land Beyond the Law (1937)
as Bartender
Midnight Court (1937)
as Party Guest
Penrod and Sam (1937)
as Doctor
Her Husband's Secretary (1937)
as Staunton, Kingdon's Butler
Guns of the Pecos (1937)
as Cigar Smoker in Saloon
The Captain's Kid (1936)
as Juror
Trailin' West (1936)
as Elwin H. Stanton
The Case of the Velvet Claws (1936)
as Digley
Earthworm Tractors (1936)
as The Doctor
Murder by an Aristocrat (1936)
as Higby
Bullets or Ballots (1936)
as Doorman (uncredited)
Road Gang (1936)
as Guard at Farm (uncredited)
Broadway Hostess (1935)
as Stage Electrician (uncredited)
Little Big Shot (1935)
as Soda Fountain Customer
Belle of the Nineties (1934)
as Dirk
One More River (1934)
as Barrister (Uncredited)
Parole Girl (1933)
as Nightclub Patron
My Pal, the King (1932)
as Count Kluckstein
War Mamas (1931)
as German General
Show Girl in Hollywood (1930)
as Actor Removing Make-Up in Restaurant
Captain of the Guard (1930)
as Louis XVI
The Man Who Laughs (1928)
as Lord Dirry-Moir
Should Tall Men Marry? (1928)
as Snake-tail Sharkey
Beware of Married Men (1928)
When a Man Loves (1927)
as Louis XV - King of France
My Official Wife (1926)
as Ivan
Broken Hearts of Hollywood (1926)
The Midnight Message (1926)
as 'Red' Fagan
Good and Naughty (1926)
as Thomas Fenton
Dog Shy (1926)
as The Duke
The Hurricane (1926)
Shadow of the Law (1926)
as Linyard
North Star (1925)
as Dick Robbins
Paint and Powder (1925)
The Primrose Path (1925)
as Tom Canfield
The Salvation Hunters (1925)
as The Gentleman
The Siren Of Seville (1924)
On Time (1924)
Three Weeks (1924)
as Petrovich
Tea: With a Kick! (1923)
as Napoleon Dobbings
Temporary Marriage (1923)
Under Two Flags (1922)
The Prisoner of Zenda (1922)
as Grand Duke 'Black' Michael
Paid Back (1922)
Her Husband’s Trademark (1922)
as James Berkeley
All's Fair in Love (1921)
as Rogers
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
as Otto von Hartrott
The Evil Eye (1920)
Lifting Shadows (1920)
The Way of a Woman (1919)
as George Trevor
The New Moon (1919)
as Orel Kosloff
The Poor Rich Man (1918)
The Ghosts of Yesterday (1918)
as Count Pascal de Fondras
The Wild Girl (1917)
The Scarlet Letter (1917)
Love Aflame (1917)
Love and Hate (1916)
as George Howard
Under Two Flags (1916)
East Lynne (1916)
as Captain Levison
The Galley Slave (1915)
The Pursuit of the Smugglers (1913)
as Poole - Head of the Smugglers
The Woman Hater (1910)
as Carrol Morten © 2021

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