Yuen Qiu

Place of birth:
Hong Kong, China:
Yuen Qiu (Chinese: 元秋) (born Cheung Cheun-Nam, 1948) is a Chinese actress and martial artist. She is an expert of bothChinese martial arts and Beijing-opera skills, and was apprenticed under the same master, Yu Jim-yuen, as Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo at the Peking Opera School. Yuen Qiu worked as a stuntwoman and as a night club performer from the late 1960s to early 1970s. She had a small role in the international production, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), portraying a student rescuing Roger Moore as James Bond. As there were few opportunities for stuntwomen and barely any prospects for improvement at the time, she got married in 1974 at the age of 24. After being away from the Hong Kong film industry for nearly 20 years, she landed a role in Kung Fu Hustle only by chance. She was only accompanying a junior woman fellow of the China Drama Academy at the audition but the director's eye was on her. Reports show that Stephen Chow gave her the job after unremitting and persistent persuasion. Yuen is also in a movie called Kung Fu Mahjong, with Yuen Wah.


火云邪神之降龙十八掌 (2020)
民间奇异志 (2020)
火云邪神之修罗面具 (2020)
一家大晒 (2018)
我的特工爷爷 (2016)
as Residents commitee chairperson
賭城風雲III (2016)
as Mahjong Queen
迷城 (2015)
as Mona
壹獄壹世界‧高登闊少踎監日記 (2015)
吉星高照2015 (2015)
as Ms Hung
Delete愛人 (2014)
as So Fa
李碧華鬼魅系列: 迷離夜 (2013)
as Restaurant owner
笑詠春 (2011)
as Aunt Chun
功夫·咏春 (2010)
as Leung's mother
越光宝盒 (2010)
as Landlady
Xun zhao Cheng Long (2009)
as Lixia's aunt
桃花运 (2008)
as Gao Ya Juan
Dai sei hei (2008)
as Sophie, Fat's 1st wife
Mei nui sik sung (2007)
as Lady Green / Lin Ching-Hsia
雀聖3自摸三百番 (2007)
as Auntie Toni
得閒飲茶 (2006)
as Manny's mother
野蛮密笈 (2006)
as Dolina
雀聖2自摸天后 (2005)
as Auntie Fei
雀聖 (2005)
as Auntie Fei
功夫 (2004)
as Landlady
1:99 電影行動 (2003)
as 5)
霹靂十傑 (1985)
as Li Xiao Huan
Di zi ye feng kuang (1985)
as Sai Yuk's Mother
游俠情 (1984)
as Chang Tian Yi
新飛狐外傳 (1984)
as Wu's pregnant wife
天蠶變 (1983)
as Rain
용문파계제자 (1982)
as Wai's daughter
勇立忍者 (1981)
as Xue Hua
勇者无惧 (1981)
as White Tiger's wife
五爪十八翻 (1979)
as Li Hua
오대 제자 (1978)
as Good 'Brother'
洪拳大師 (1978)
龍爭虎鬥精武魂 / The Black Dragon's Revenge (1975)
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
as Nara - Hip's Niece #1 (as Cheung Chuen Nam)
女警察 (1973)
as Agent Ho Mai-Wa
顶天立地 (1973)
as Rickshaw man's granddaughter

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