Leoda Richards

Place of birth:
Columbus, Ohio, USA:


American Gigolo (1980)
as Restaurant patron at Perino's
The Main Event (1979)
as Business Party Guest
Fun with Dick and Jane (1977)
as Fashion Show Attendee (uncredited)
Futureworld (1976)
as Woman in TV Show Audience
W.C. Fields and Me (1976)
as Lady in Theatre Audience (uncredited)
Gable and Lombard (1976)
as Movie Premiere Guest
Young Frankenstein (1974)
as Theatre Goer
The Towering Inferno (1974)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Westworld (1973)
as Incoming Guest (uncredited)
Scream Blacula Scream (1973)
as Party Guest
Save the Tiger (1973)
as Woman at Buyers' Show
Skyjacked (1972)
as Passenger
Airport (1970)
as Woman on Dais (uncredited)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)
as Casino Patron (uncredited)
Once You Kiss a Stranger... (1969)
as Patron in Country Club Bar
The Love God? (1969)
as Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Sweet Charity (1969)
as Onlooker at Park (uncredited)
The Impossible Years (1968)
as Party Guest
Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)
as Wedding Guest
Rosie! (1967)
as Lady In Concert Audience
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
as Party Guest
Any Wednesday (1966)
as Art Gallery Visitor (uncredited)
Torn Curtain (1966)
as Woman Backstage (uncredited)
How to Steal a Million (1966)
as Lady in Ritz Hotel Bar (uncredited)
The Silencers (1966)
as Nightclub Patron
The Chase (1966)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
The Ugly Dachshund (1966)
as Woman with Sheepdog (uncredited)
Made in Paris (1966)
as Fashion Show Attendee
The Loved One (1965)
as Lady at Airport (uncredited)
Zebra in the Kitchen (1965)
as Courtroom Spectator
The Sound of Music (1965)
as Party Guest
Send Me No Flowers (1964)
as Woman at Country Club Dance (uncredited)
What a Way to Go! (1964)
as Mrs. Cathcart, Party Guest
The Brass Bottle (1964)
as Pedestrian (uncredited)
The Best Man (1964)
as Convention Attendee (uncredited)
Dead Ringer (1964)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Viva Las Vegas (1964)
as Show Spectator (uncredited)
Move Over, Darling (1963)
as Hotel Bar Patron
The Wheeler Dealers (1963)
as Restaurant Patron
Take Her, She's Mine (1963)
as Woman Exiting Airplane
For Love or Money (1963)
as Wedding Guest
The Thrill of It All (1963)
as Lady Outside Hospital Elevator (uncredited)
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963)
as Restaurant Patron
Days of Wine and Roses (1962)
as Party Guest
Zotz! (1962)
as Party Guest
The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
as Woman at Press Confrence (uncredited)
That Touch of Mink (1962)
as Dress Salon Attendant (uncredited)
Advise & Consent (1962)
as Senator
The Notorious Landlady (1962)
as Trial Spectator (uncredited)
The Children's Hour (1961)
as Parent at Piano Recital (uncredited)
Bachelor in Paradise (1961)
as Coutroom Spectator
The Flight That Disappeared (1961)
as Airline Passenger
The Ladies Man (1961)
as Onstage Faculty at Graduation
The Right Approach (1961)
as Party Guest
Parrish (1961)
as Party Guest
A Fever in the Blood (1961)
as Extra
All in a Night's Work (1961)
as Fur Salon Saleslady
Where the Boys Are (1960)
as Fainting Lady (uncredited)
G.I. Blues (1960)
as Cafe Europa patron (uncredited)
Inherit the Wind (1960)
as Woman Diner (uncredited)
Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960)
as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Seven Thieves (1960)
The Rookie (1959)
as Shipboard party guest
Beloved Infidel (1959)
as Lady at studio screening
Pillow Talk (1959)
as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Auntie Mame (1958)
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Home Before Dark (1958)
as Extra
High School Confidential! (1958)
as Dress Shop Customer
Going Steady (1958)
as Lady Seated on Graduation Ceremony Stage
Cowboy (1958)
as Woman in Hotel Lobby
Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
as Hat Store Sales Clerk (uncredited)
Pal Joey (1957)
as Club Patron (uncredited)
My Man Godfrey (1957)
as Scavanger Hunt Party Guest
The Joker Is Wild (1957)
as Patron at New York's Copacabana
An Affair to Remember (1957)
as Audience Member
Designing Woman (1957)
as Lady in Newspaper Office / Fashion Show Guest (uncredited)
The Garment Jungle (1957)
as Woman in Lobby at Roxton Fashions
Funny Face (1957)
as Fashion Show Spectator
The Girl He Left Behind (1956)
as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956)
as Secretary
Sincerely Yours (1955)
as Guest at Charity Carnival
The View from Pompey's Head (1955)
as Party Guest
It's Always Fair Weather (1955)
as Lady in TV Audience (uncredited)
The Cobweb (1955)
as Concertgoer (Uncredited)
Black Widow (1954)
as Neighbor

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