Ed Cassidy

Place of birth:
Chicago, Illinois, USA :


Desperadoes' Outpost (1952)
as Deputy Marshal (as Edward Cassidy)
Black Hills Ambush (1952)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Young Man with Ideas (1952)
as Train Conductor (uncredited)
Talk About a Stranger (1952)
as Soloway
Blazing Bullets (1951)
as Chief Marshal
Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas (1951)
as Clint (as Edward Cassidy)
Train To Tombstone (1950)
as George - Conductor
Fence Riders (1950)
as Sheriff Tracy
Desperadoes of Dodge City (1948)
as Gideon (as Edward Cassidy)
The Bold Frontiersman (1948)
as Mort Harris (as Edward Cassidy)
Valley of Fear (1947)
as Les Travers (as Edward Cassidy)
Jesse James Rides Again (1947)
as Grant
Border Feud (1947)
as Sheriff Steele
Oregon Trail Scouts (1947)
as Mr. Bliss (Indian Agent) (as Edward Cassidy)
Buffalo Bill Rides Again (1947)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley (1947)
as Sheriff of Center City (as Edward Cassidy)
Son of Zorro (1947)
as Sheriff Moody
Stagecoach to Denver (1946)
as Land Commissioner Felton (as Edward Cassidy)
Roll on Texas Moon (1946)
as Tom Prescott (as Edward Cassidy)
Prairie Badmen (1946)
as Doc Lattimer
The El Paso Kid (1946)
as Well Fargo Agent Blake
Sun Valley Cyclone (1946)
as Colonel Roosevelt (as Edward Cassidy)
Alias Billy the Kid (1946)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Devil Bat's Daughter (1946)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Swing, Cowboy, Swing (1946)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Ambush Trail (1946)
as Marshal Dawes (as Edward Cassidy)
Days of Buffalo Bill (1946)
as Trail's End sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Six Gun Man (1946)
as John Hager (uncredited)
Navajo Kid (1945)
as Sheriff Roy Landon (as Edward Cassidy)
Sunset in El Dorado (1945)
as U. S. Marshal
Along the Navajo Trail (1945)
as Clem Wagner
Rustlers' Hideout (1945)
as Sheriff
Stagecoach Outlaws (1945)
as Jed Bowen
Three in the Saddle (1945)
as Jim Manning (as Edward Cassidy)
Gangster's Den (1945)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Corpus Christi Bandits (1945)
as Marshal Dan Adams
Manhunt of Mystery Island (1945)
as Paul Melton
Sheriff of Cimarron (1945)
as Sheriff Sam Duncan (as Edward Cassidy)
Marked for Murder (1945)
as Dick Vernon (as Edward Cassidy)
The Whispering Skull (1944)
as Doc Humphrey (as Edward Cassidy)
Youth Aflame (1944)
as Mr. White (as Edward Cassidy)
Trigger Law (1944)
as Johnson
Brand of the Devil (1944)
as Sheriff (Jeff Palin in credits) (as Edward Cassidy)
Fuzzy Settles Down (1944)
as Rancher Weaver
Spook Town (1944)
as Ranger Captain Wyatt (as Edward Cassidy)
Tucson Raiders (1944)
as Sheriff Kirk (as Edward Cassidy)
The Pinto Bandit (1944)
as Doc Garson (as Edward Cassidy)
Wells Fargo Days (1944)
as Lon Carter
Frontier Outlaws (1944)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Cowboy in the Clouds (1943)
as Sheriff Page (as Edward Cassidy)
Boss of Rawhide (1943)
as Henry Colby
Bullets and Saddles (1943)
as Bartender Weber
Raiders of Red Gap (1943)
as Jim Roberts
Cattle Stampede (1943)
as Sam Dawson
Wolves of the Range (1943)
as Banker Dan Brady
The Avenging Rider (1943)
as Sheriff Lewis (as Edward Cassidy)
Sagebrush Law (1943)
as Sheriff (as Edward Cassidy)
Thundering Trails (1943)
as Joe Patterson (as Edward Cassidy)
Ridin' Down the Canyon (1942)
as Butler
Pirates of the Prairie (1942)
as Chief Surveyor Allen (as Edward Cassidy)
Arizona Round-Up (1942)
as Sheriff
The Mad Monster (1942)
as Father (as Edward Cassidy)
House of Errors (1942)
as Policeman
Sunset on the Desert (1942)
as Sheriff
Sea Raiders (1941)
as Guard at Hospital
King of the Texas Rangers (1941)
as Sedley
Honky Tonk (1941)
as Townsman
Wide Open Town (1941)
as Brad Jackson
Rawhide Rangers (1941)
as Alec Martin
The Gang's All Here (1941)
as Jack Norton
Robbers of the Range (1941)
as Sheriff
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie (1941)
as Sheriff
Wyoming Wildcat (1941)
as Sheriff #2 (as Edward Cassidy)
Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940)
as Barton
Colorado (1940)
as Andy
The Great McGinty (1940)
as Detective (uncredited)
Deadwood Dick (1940)
as Committeeman Tennison Drew
Winners of the West (1940)
as Marshal Bowers
Adventures of Red Ryder (1940)
as Ira Withers
Gaucho Serenade (1940)
as Customs Officer
Riders of Pasco Basin (1940)
as Sheriff Ed Marlowe
The Green Hornet (1940)
as Election Judge (uncredited)
Cowboys from Texas (1939)
as Jed Tyler
Desperate Trails (1939)
as Marshal Jim Cort
The Arizona Kid (1939)
as Banker Morrison
Dick Tracy's G-Men (1939)
as Yacht Captain
Way Down South (1939)
as Slave Trader
Outlaws' Paradise (1939)
as Banker
Silver on the Sage (1939)
as Pierce
Where the Buffalo Roam (1938)
as Hodge
The Mexicali Kid (1938)
as Sheriff Ed
Starlight Over Texas (1938)
as Captain Brooks
Man from Music Mountain (1938)
as William Brady (as Edward Cassidy)
The Utah Trail (1938)
as Sheriff Clayton
Rollin' Plains (1938)
as Sheriff Tomlin
Flaming Frontiers (1938)
as Joe - Henchman
Outlaw Express (1938)
as Army Captain
Frontier Town (1938)
as Sheriff Jack Walsh of Prairie City
Cassidy of Bar 20 (1938)
as Sheriff Hawley
Border Wolves (1938)
as Valley Falls Sheriff Haight
The Painted Trail (1938)
as U. S. Marshal Jackson
The Purple Vigilantes (1938)
as Sheriff Jim
Clipped Wings (1937)
as Leif Baxter, Dispatcher
Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts (1937)
as Henchman
The Silver Trail (1937)
as Frank Sheridan
Sky Racket (1937)
as FBI Agent Wilks
Roaring Six Guns (1937)
as Land Commissioner
Trailing Trouble (1937)
as Shorty
Boothill Brigade (1937)
as John Porter
Boots of Destiny (1937)
as Jack Harmon
Boots of Destiny (1937)
as Jack Harmon (as Edward Cassidy)
Come on, Cowboys (1937)
as Jefferson 'Jeff' Harris
Lawless Land (1937)
as Sheriff Jim
Hittin' the Trail (1937)
as Sheriff Grey
Hit the Saddle (1937)
as Sheriff Miller
Borderland (1937)
as Henchman
Santa Fe Rides (1937)
as Mr. Allen
Cheyenne Rides Again (1937)
as Ed Gleason
The Singing Buckaroo (1937)
as Fake Deputy
The Roaming Cowboy (1937)
as Second Sheriff
Aces Wild (1936)
as Blacksmith
Vengeance of Rannah (1936)
as Sam, posing as Barlow
Ambush Valley (1936)
as Nesters
Cavalry (1936)
as Bart Haines
Men of the Plains (1936)
as Inspector J.J. Gray
Undercover Man (1936)
as Henchman Slim
Lady Luck (1936)
as William Feldman
Brand of the Outlaws (1936)
as The Sheriff
Santa Fe Bound (1936)
as Henchman Logan
The Crooked Trail (1936)
as Grimby
The Lion's Den (1936)
as Cross Bar X Ranch Hand
Winds of the Wasteland (1936)
as Mr. Dodge
The Riding Avenger (1936)
as Marshal Tom
The Rogues Tavern (1936)
as Mason
Gun Grit (1936)
as Tim Hess (Rancher)
The Speed Reporter (1936)
as Edwards, a Henchman
Feud of the West (1936)
as Greg Walters
Doughnuts and Society (1936)
as Barker (uncredited)
Millionaire Kid (1936)
as Red
Wildcat Saunders (1936)
as Dad Lawson (as Edward Cassidy)
Hair-Trigger Casey (1936)
as Karney
Ridn' On (1936)
as Henchman (uncredited)
Ghost Town (1936)
as Sheriff Blair
Roarin' Guns (1936)
as Sheriff
The Courageous Avenger (1935)
as Mr. Carson
Timber War (1935)
as Logger (uncredited)
Sundown Saunders (1935)
as Taggart
Trails of the Wild (1935)
as Barfly
Toll of the Desert (1935)
as Streeter
Social Error (1935)
as Cafe Owner
The Pecos Kid (1935)
as Doc Evans

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