Philo McCullough

Place of birth:
San Bernardino, California, USA:
Philo McCullough (born Philo M. McCollough) was an American actor, active in films from 1914 to 1969.


Tarzan The Fearless (1964)
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)
as Fight Spectator (uncredited)
A Lawless Street (1955)
So You Want to Know Your Relatives (1954)
as Good-Doer Club Member (uncredited)
Small Town Girl (1953)
as Party Guest
Gunsmoke (1953)
as Abner Sneed (scenes deleted)
The Redhead from Wyoming (1953)
as Aldrich
Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (1952)
as Mr. Benson (uncredited)
Young Man with Ideas (1952)
as Attorney (uncredited)
The Treasure of Lost Canyon (1952)
as Miner (uncredited)
The Racket (1951)
The Flame and the Arrow (1950)
as Townsman (uncredited)
Father of the Bride (1950)
as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
The Fountainhead (1949)
as Bailiff (uncredited)
The Younger Brothers (1949)
as Deputy
Homicide (1949)
as Hotel Tenant
Always Together (1947)
as Moving Man (uncredited)
The Unfaithful (1947)
as Party Guest
Flame of Barbary Coast (1945)
as Gambler
Mr. Skeffington (1944)
as Stock Broker (uncredited)
No Time for Love (1943)
as Gold Room Patron
They Dare Not Love (1941)
as Second Photographer
Robbers of the Range (1941)
as Juror #3 (uncredited)
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (1940)
as Milton - Chief Plant Guard
Meet the Wildcat (1940)
as Bit
The Ape (1940)
as Henry Mason
Rangers of Fortune (1940)
as Townsman
Destry Rides Again (1939)
as Bartender (uncredited)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
as Senator Albert (uncredited)
Frontier Marshal (1939)
as Tough
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever (1939)
as Man in Audience
Captain Fury (1939)
as Guard
Let Freedom Ring (1939)
as Gagan's Henchman (uncredited)
Opening Day (1938)
as Baseball Fan
On the Great White Trail (1938)
as Henchman Williams
I Met My Love Again (1938)
as Faculty Member at Dance
Texas Trail (1937)
as Jordan
The Man in the Barn (1937)
as Theatre Manager (uncredited)
Blossoms On Broadway (1937)
as Philo McCullough
Captains Courageous (1937)
as Crewman (uncredited)
The Accusing Finger (1936)
as Reporter in Senate Chamber
High Tension (1936)
as Draftsman
The Preview Murder Mystery (1936)
as Policeman (Uncredited)
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell (1936)
as Berger
Captured in Chinatown (1935)
as Raymond
Stranded (1935)
as Immigration Officer (uncredited)
Chinatown Squad (1935)
as Policeman
Gun Smoke (1935)
as Abner Sneed
The Cactus Kid (1935)
as Duncan
Thunder Over Texas (1934)
as Sheriff Tom Collier
Inside Information (1934)
as Durand
Young Eagles (1934)
as Nicholas Condylos
I Hate Women (1934)
as Editor
Twisted Rails (1934)
as Bolivar
Ridin' Thru (1934)
as Winthrop
Wheels of Destiny (1934)
as Rocky
Pirate Treasure (1934)
as Sir John Moreland
Deluge (1933)
as Bellamy / Gang Leader
Tarzan the Fearless (1933)
as Jeff Herbert
Midnight Mary (1933)
as Masher (uncredited)
The Girl in 419 (1933)
as Man at Gaiety Theatre
Heroes of the West (1932)
as Rance Judd
Grand Hotel (1932)
as Hotel Guest / Gambler (uncredited)
The Wet Parade (1932)
as Bar Customer (uncredited)
South of the Rio Grande (1932)
as Clark
The Sunset Trail (1932)
as Banker Joe Weller
The Sky Spider (1931)
as Sam Jeffries
The Road to Reno (1931)
as Jackie's Admirer
The Vanishing Legion (1931)
as Stevens
Defenders of the Law (1931)
as Lawyer
The Phantom of the West (1931)
as Royce Macklin
On the Border (1930)
as Farrell
The Charlatan (1929)
as Walter Paynter
The Apache (1928)
as Mons. Chautard
South Of Panama (1928)
as 'Ace' Carney
The Power of the Press (1928)
as Robert Blake
Lilac Time (1928)
as German Officer (uncredited)
Warming Up (1928)
as McRae
Painted Post (1928)
as Ben Tuttle
The Night Flyer (1928)
Smile, Brother, Smile (1927)
as Harvey Renrod
We're All Gamblers (1927)
as Monty Garside
Easy Pickings (1927)
as Stewart
Ladies at Play (1926)
as Hotel Clerk
The Savage (1926)
as Howard Kipp
Chip of the Flying U (1926)
as Duncan Whittaker
The Calgary Stampede (1925)
as Callahan
Lorraine of the Lions (1925)
as Hartley
Winds of Chance (1925)
as Count Courteau
Faint Perfume (1925)
Dick Turpin (1925)
as Lord Churlton
Trilby (1923)
as Taffy
The First Degree (1923)
Heroes of the Street (1922)
Calvert's Valley (1922)
West of Chicago (1922)
as John Hampton
Seeing's Believing (1922)
The Right That Failed (1922)
The Primal Law (1921)
as Travers
The Scoffer (1920)
Lord and Lady Algy (1919)
as Standage
Daughter Angele (1918)
The Dream Lady (1918)
as Jerrold
A Rich Man's Darling (1918)
Captain Kiddo (1917)
as Jack Laird
The Neglected Wife (1917)
The Grip of Evil (1916)
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