Stanley B. Herman


This Is Our Christmas (2018)
as Herb
mother! (2017)
as Fornicator
The Passenger (2015)
as Pete
Limbus (2015)
as Cult Leader
Mr. Jones (2013)
as The Old Journalist
Blue Dream (2013)
as Detective Addy
Player (2012)
as Bill
Silver Case (2012)
as Abraham
Black Swan (2010)
as Uncle Hank
Zodiac (2007)
as Staff Editor
Promised Land (2004)
as Snitch
Until the Night (2004)
as Dr Meyers
Caution to the Wind (2004)
as Preacher
Going Down (2003)
as Detective Herman
Periphery, Texas (2002)
as Highwayman
Requiem for a Dream (2000)
as Uncle Hank
Pups (1999)
as Studio Reporter #3
Pi (1998)
as Moustacheless Man
Bang (1995)
as Landlord
Fortune Cookie (1991)
as Pervert © 2021

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