Nicholas Phipps

Place of birth:
London, England, UK:
Nicholas Phipps (23 June 1913 - 11 April 1980) was a British actor.


The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970)
as Snaggot
Some Girls Do (1969)
as Lord Dunnberry
Charlie Bubbles (1968)
as Agent
Heavens Above! (1963)
as DG
Summer Holiday (1963)
as Wrightmore
A Pair of Briefs (1962)
as Peter Sutcliffe
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1960)
as Major Hargreaves
Doctor in Love (1960)
as Dr Clive Cardew
Upstairs and Downstairs (1959)
as Harry
Don't Panic Chaps! (1959)
as Mortimer
The Navy Lark (1959)
as Capt. Povey
Rockets Galore (1958)
as Andrew Wishart
The Iron Petticoat (1957)
as Tony Mallard
Who Done It? (1956)
as Scientist
All for Mary (1955)
as Gen. McLintock-White
Mad About Men (1954)
as Col. Barclay Sutton
Forbidden Cargo (1954)
as Royal Navy Information Officer
Doctor in the House (1954)
as Magistrate
The Intruder (1953)
as Regular Officer
The Captain's Paradise (1953)
as The Major
Maytime in Mayfair (1949)
as Sir Henry Hazelrigg
Elizabeth of Ladymead (1948)
as John Beresford in 1854
Spring in Park Lane (1948)
as Marquis of Borechester
The Courtneys of Curzon Street (1947)
as Phipps
Old Bill and Son (1941)
as BBC Reporter
You Will Remember (1941)
as Earl of Potter
Contraband (1940)
as Man in Car © 2021

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