Mama Hung

Place of birth:
Shanghai, China:


Cinema Hong Kong: Wu Xia (2003)
as Herself (as Tsi-Ang Chin)
我老婆唔夠秤 (2002)
as Thirteen's grandma
花樣年華 (2000)
as Mah
濟公 (1993)
as Old Woman with Bad Stomach
逃学外传 (1992)
as Chien's grandmother
賭城大亨之新哥傳奇 (1992)
as Chang's mother
跛豪 (1991)
as Md. Wu
The Blue Jean Monster (1991)
as Old woman praying at temple
My Neighbours are Phantoms (1990)
as Old Woman Who Gets Robbed
賭聖 (1990)
as Old woman
鬼媾人 (1989)
as Pinkey's Mother
盡訴心中情 (1988)
as Hua's mother-in-law
心跳一百 (1987)
as (uncredited)
少年蘇乞兒 (1985)
as Party guest
錦衣衛 (1984)
as Street hawker
緣份 (1984)
as Granny in MRT
靈氣迫人 (1984)
as Md Ki
傾城之戀 (1984)
as Pai's family servant
日劫 (1983)
as Princess's maid
男與女 (1983)
as Sun's 4th Aunt
鹿鼎記 (1983)
as Old prostitute
瘋血 (1983)
八十二家房客 (1982)
as Tenant
錢搵錢 (1981)
陸小鳳之決戰前後 (1981)
as Town folk
A Bride's Nightmare (1981)
as Widow
長輩 (1981)
as Boat passenger/Shopper
目無王法 (1980)
as Brothel madam
大師 (1980)
通天小子紅槍客 (1980)
as Shopper
第三類打鬥 (1980)
as Wei Han Ting's Mother
茅山殭屍拳 (1979)
as Mourner
神偷妙探手多多 (1979)
as Inspector's mother-in-law
倫文敘與沙三少 (1978)
as Sha's servant
Tang lang zui hu wu ying jiao (1978)
師父教落 (1978)
as Angry Tenant
十字鎖喉手 (1978)
as Brothel mamasan
明月刀雪夜歼仇 (1977)
as Lady Du
香港奇案之五《姦魔》 (1977)
as Chan Sum's Mother
金玉良緣紅樓夢 (1977)
as Maid
猩猩王 (1977)
as Spectator at pier
三少爺的劍 (1977)
as Brothel worker
老爺車縱火謀殺案 (1977)
as Granny
勾魂降頭 (1976)
as Shi's Maid
香港奇案 (1976)
as Chen Zhong's Maid
屍蠱艷譚 (1975)
as Coconut Seller
陰陽界 (1974)
朱門怨 (1974)
as Maid
Da sha shou (1972)
as Teacher's mother
仙女下凡 (1972)
as Nightclub customer
鳳飛飛 (1971)
火併 (1971)
as Villager watching acrobat show
鍾馗娘子 (1971)
as Chief Wang's mother
Qian mian mo nu (1969)
as Robbed Woman at Boutique
烽火萬里情 (1967)
as Guest at Liang's wedding
女巡按 (1967)
as Wedding guest
藍與黑 (1966)
as Auntie Shen
西厢记 (1965)
as Lady Cui's maid
聊齋誌異 (1965)
as Wedding party guest
魚美人 (1965)
as Festival spectator
江湖奇俠 (1965)
as Captain Li's wife
喬太守亂點鴛鴦譜 (1964)
as Wedding guest
潘金蓮 (1964)
as Neighbor at wake
楊乃武與小白菜 (1963)
as Mourner
花團錦簇 (1963)
as Patient
白蛇傳 (1962)
as Townsperson
楊貴妃 (1962)
as Courtier
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