Sydney Howard


Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light (1941)
as Mr. Proudfoot
Once a Crook (1941)
as Hallelujah Harry
Shipyard Sally (1939)
as Major Fitzgerald
Chick (1936)
as Chick Beane
Fame (1936)
as Oswald Bertwhistle
Where’s George? (1935)
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (1934)
as Dan Campbell, the Drunk
The Mayor's Nest (1932)
as Joe Pilgrim
Up for the Cup (1931)
as John Willie Entwhistle
Splinters in the Navy (1931)
as Joe Crabbs
Almost a Divorce (1931)
as Mackintosh
Tilly of Bloomsbury (1931)
as Samuel Stillbottle
French Leave (1930)
as Cpl. Sykes
Splinters (1929)
as Doleful Soldier © 2021

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