J.P. Lockney

Place of birth:
Philadelphia - Pennsylvania - USA:


Carnival (1935)
as Small Town Man
The King of the Kongo (1929)
as Father Ricardo
The Flyin' Buckaroo (1928)
as Mr. Mathews
Vultures of the Sea (1928)
as (as John P. Lockney)
The Return of Boston Blackie (1927)
as Rob Nichols
Twisted Triggers (1926)
as Hiram Weston
Double Daring (1926)
as Banker Wells
Sweet Adeline (1926)
as Pa Wilson
Where the Worst Begins (1925)
Thundering Romance (1924)
as Mark Jennings
The Virgin (1924)
as Major-domo
The Empire Builders (1924)
Eyes of the Forest (1923)
as Jaol Fierro
Danger Ahead (1923)
as Todd
The Prisoner (1923)
as Father Bivot
Making a Man (1922)
as Jim Owens
Just Tony (1922)
as Oliver Jordan
While Satan Sleeps (1922)
as Chuckkawalla Bill
His Nibs (1921)
as Old Sour Apples
The Face of the World (1921)
as Dr. Prahl
The Kiss (1921)
as Selistino Vargas
Down Home (1920)
as Barney Shayne, Larry's Father
Below the Surface (1920)
as Dave
What's Your Husband Doing? (1920)
as Tyrus Trotman
Behind the Door (1919)
as Matthew Morse
Hay Foot, Straw Foot (1919)
as Jeff Hanan
Partners Three (1919)
as Hassayampa Hardy (as John P. Lockney)
A Desert Wooing (1918)
as 'Keno' Clark
The Tiger Man (1918)
as Dick Hawkins
The Silent Man (1917)
as 'Grubstake' Higgins
Polly Ann (1917)
as Simpkins
In Slumberland (1917)
as Peter Kennedy
The Girl, Glory (1917)
as Jake Morgan
The Return of Draw Egan (1916)
as Mat Buckton
The Eye of the Night (1916)
as Denby
The Three Musketeers (1916)
as Bonacieux
The Disciple (1915)
as Storekeeper
The Man from Nowhere (1915)
as Jake Frazer

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